Hello October & Checking In

October 3, 2022

Hello October

Checking in to say hi and let you know we are well and safe! We’ve had an eventful week with a roller coaster of emotions with the Hurricane. We are thankful that our area in Tampa Bay is ok with minimal damage but heartbroken about the destruction and damage that has occurred in other areas of Florida.

We experienced a lot of wind and rain however we did not have to evacuate based on our area and zone. My in-laws evacuated as they are very close to the water so they packed up essentials and spent a few days with us until it was safe for them to return to their home.

We lost power as expected for several days but there were so many power trucks throughout Florida to help we were out of power for only 3 days.

Devastated to see the damage from Hurricane Ian in other parts of Florida. We were in Fort Myers a few months ago and it is heart breaking to see the entire area has been destroyed. They are a little over 2 hours south from where we are. We are making donations to the Florida Disaster Fund. Seeing the damage it will most likely take them years to rebuild.

Ollie and Kitty

Ollie September 2022

Ollie and Kitty

Ollie and Kitty are both doing well. Ollie is now 8 months old and we think he is nearly full grown at 17.4 pounds! They both bring us so much happiness.

Thank you for all of you who messaged me to check in. Feeling blessed and lucky.

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