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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and Magic Complexion Brush Review

February 24, 2016

There are a number of new foundation launches this year and I’ve been working my way through testing several different formulas and brands. One of the formulas that I’ve been most excited about is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation ($44 for 30 ml/1.0 fl oz, made in Italy). This is described as a long-lasting foundation with flawless poreless coverage. It does indeed minimize the look of pores, covers dark circles and gives the skin a more brightened look. There is a new brush that launched called the Magic Complexion Foundation Brush ($55) which I’ve also been playing with. Thoughts on this one in this post as well.

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation comes in 15 shades and has an SPF 15. It’s packaged in a glass bottle with a plastic pump dispenser. I find two pumps sufficient to cover the entire face. There are a number of glowy foundation formulas on the market this season – I’m all about the glow, but for foundations I prefer a finish that isn’t too dewy because I have normal combination skin. What I like the best about the new foundation from Charlotte Tilbury is the formula brightens my skin, has enough coverage to covers imperfections and dark spots, and has a natural luminous look without being too dewy. I still need to set with powder, I’ve been using either the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder or the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Powder #2. With either one I get long-lasting wear, it lasts all day long well into the afternoon with minimal touch ups needed (just a tiny blot on the nose for me).

It’s recommended that you use the new foundation in conjunction with the other
Charlotte Tilbury face products such as the Magic Cream, Mini Miracle Eye Wand and Magic Complexion Foundation Brush for the best looking
skin, but I find you can use it over a wide range of moisturizers or
combine it with other concealers. It’s a pretty versatile formula that
offers medium to full coverage. It evens out the skin and offers smooth
flawless coverage.

In terms of color and formula, many know that I had a hard time finding a good match in the Light Wonder Foundation Formula. My closest match winter match was either 4 or 5, but I found I had to mix colors. During the summer I got a lot darker and found 7 to be my best match. Right now for the Magic Foundation formula, I can get away with either 5 or 6. The color adjusts and warms up slightly on the skin after it sets. It doesn’t oxidize too much which is good, but it will warm up a tiny bit.

Some swatch comparisons below. The corresponding shades for the Light Wonder vs Magic are pretty similar. I find the Magic Foundation 5 to be slightly less pink than the Light Wonder 5.

Next up are some thoughts on the new Magic Complexion Foundation Brush.

I had high expectations for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Foundation Brush as it seemed very similar to the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush but priced at a much more affordable price. When I opened the box I was disappointed to see loose hairs flying everywhere. It shed like crazy however after I washed it, the shedding stopped. The ends of the brush look like they have been machine cut. Comparing this to the Tom Ford, the Tom Ford Brush is significantly softer, better made, and seems to be of better quality overall. That being said, the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion brush does perform just as well as the Tom Ford. It buffs the foundation into the skin for a streak-free flawless finish. If you’re looking for a foundation brush that’s soft and will buff in product to a smooth finish, I think it’s something worth looking into. The one from Charlotte Tilbury has a looser fluffier feel that isn’t quite as dense which I find makes it easier to smooth over the larger areas of the face in a circular motion. Here’s a look at both after they’ve both been washed and dried.
In terms of how to apply the Magic Foundation, I think you can use fingers, a beautyblender sponge, or any foundation brush. In the week I’ve been testing this formula, I’ve been using the new Magic Complexion Brush and it’s been working well (that is once I washed it).

Overall I give the new Magic Foundation formula a huge thumbs up. For me I don’t detect any noticeable scent which is a plus. It has sunscreen but doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin. It has enough coverage to even out the skin and cover my under eye area so I don’t need concealer (but I still use it). Lasting power is good. Finish is more on the natural matte side and looks like your skin but better. I really love the formula of the Magic Foundation – even more so than the Light Wonder and as someone who likes decent coverage but want something that still looks like skin, I’m thrilled with this one. The Magic Complexion Foundation Brush is nice to have, but for me it’s not a must. I do really like the way it performs and I was relieved that the shedding stopped once I washed it. You can use the tools in your current beauty kit to get similar results.
You can find both the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation ($44) and Magic Complexion Brush ($55) online at Charlotte Tilbury now (expected to launch at other retailers soon). Right now Charlotte Tilbury’s website has an exclusive set called the Magic Foundation Kit ($110) which has the brush, foundation of your choice and a mini magic cream.

Have you tried either of these new launches yet? If yes, what did you think? I’d be curious to know what color you’re matched to if you have!

Both the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundations and Magic Complexion Brush were sent courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury for review consideration.

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