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Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette

July 14, 2017

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette | The Beauty Look Book

For the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale the Beauty Exclusive for Hourglass this year is the Ambient Diffused Light Palette ($62 for .34 oz/9.7 g, made in Italy). I’ve been a fan of the Ambient Lighting line since it launched in 2013 and to date I haven’t missed any of the limited-edition palettes except for one of them. They’re great for travel and if you’re new to the line it’s a nice more affordable way to try multiple colors rather than buying individual ones separately. The Ambient Diffused Light Palette has existing shades:

  • Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light – light pale yellow with fine shimmer
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat – poppy with the Diffused Light Powder swirled in to the color (full review here)
  • Ambient Lighting Bronze in Diffused Bronze Light – soft warm bronze swirled with the Diffused Light Powder (full review here)

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette | The Beauty Look Book

These performed true to Hourglass style – they’re soft and luminous without any harsh frost. In terms of a highlighter or hybrid kind of product these give the prettiest soft glow to the complexion to mimic the way light hits the face naturally. Pigment is medium but can be sheered out or layered for more impact. On me they are easy to apply and never look frosty. If you’re like me you most likely already have all the colors individually – I usually still get the palettes anyways because they are super convenient for travel or to carry around for touch ups. I rarely calculate the prize per oz of palettes vs individual items but for those curious, individually the Powder is $46 for .35 oz ($182.35/oz), the Blush is $38 for .15 oz ($253.33/oz) and Bronzer is $50 for .39 oz ($128.21), Palette is $62 for .34 oz ($182.35/oz).

In this palette for some reason when I saw it in store, Diffused Heat looked pink rather than poppy in color. I compared them when I got home and the difference is slight but still noticeable. The individual Diffused Heat is clearly more red while the palette version is a bit more pink. On the face however the difference is slight. Comparisons below. I threw in Luminous Flush as well for comparison. Since these are hand swirled no two powders will look the same.

Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette swatches vs individuals | The Beauty Look Book

Palette swatched next to the individual colors. You can see the Diffused Heat in the palette is a bit more pink than the Diffused Heat in the individual version. Let me know if you see the same in yours (I checked about 4-5 compacts in store and they all looked consistently the same).

Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette swatches vs individuals | The Beauty Look Book

Left photo is just with a base, right photo is with the palette. For those curious on what I used to prep:

On the right, I’m wearing all three shades from the Ambient Diffused Light Palette on the cheeks.

Hourglass Ambient Diffused Heat Palette Look

Since so many of you ask what brushes I recommend, really any blush brush will do. My favorites coming soon in an updated post. For now here are some of my smaller-sized favorites. Left to right is the Wayne Goss #02 (mine is from The Collection Set, Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt, Wayne Goss Air Brush, Chanel Blush Brush, Wayne Goss #14 (from The Face Set) and Hourglass Brush #2. Picking one will depend on what kind of pigment/coverage you like. The Hourglass brush is a good all around blush and powder brush. Loose fluffy ones like the Wayne Goss #14 will give a more sheer wash.

Favorite Cheek Brushes | The Beauty Look Book

One last look, it also comes with a tiny sample pack of their Mineral Veil Primer (not shown):

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line pretty and very wearable. Perfect for travel or if you’re just getting into Hourglass. If you’re like me and have been collecting for years this is a pretty redundant option. If you already own these, unless you travel a lot or want something for on the go that’s easy to touch up, you might want to explore other options. For me it was worth purchasing even though I already have the colors.

You can find the Ambient Diffused Heat Palette exclusively at Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale. Don’t forget to check out the Gift With Purchase page – there’s a gift with $75+ beauty purchase going on from multiple brands, you do need to enter a code (site has different options). Is this one on your wishlist?

Press samples featured include the Dior skincare and Wayne Goss brushes. All others purchased by me.

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  • DB_Boston

    Hourglass is one of those brands that I keep returning to but never find anything that I love. Whenever I swatch the Ambient palettes, it looks as though a glitter bomb exploded on my face. I’m assuming that due to the marbling, every time the product is manufactured, the colors will be slightly different?

    I am dying to get my greedy hands on those sexy HG’s Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipsticks.

    • Awww so sorry to hear that! The marbling is hand mixed as I understand so yes each one will be different.

  • Honestly personally speaking I can never go wrong with any of the Hourglass finishing powders. I love how seamless the powders buff into the skin to achieve that almost photoshopped sheen to the face! Diffused heat really makes your cheeks glow but in saying that, totally understand that the colour choices of this palette isn’t anything extremely remarkable.

    xx Ashley


  • Denisa Capsunica

    From what brand is your top?

  • Laura Schmaltz

    Ouch – that price. But it’s so pretty and convenient! You make it look like it’s worth every dollar. 🙂 Decisions, decisions…

    • Thanks Laura, I think it’s worth it – especially if you don’t have any of the colors yet. Although during the holiday season they usually launch a palette (last year they did 2). So if these aren’t 100% your colors I’d recommend waiting for holiday 🙂

  • Anne Capitant

    I cracked and bought this and am glad I did. I’ve had all three shades on my wishlist and haven’t bought any of them yet so that kicks all three off my wishlist for good measure. Yes, it’s a smaller amount of powder, but how often do we really use up powders? And if we do use them up then that’s pretty telling and makes sense to then go buy the individual shade.

    Also one of my favorite brushes to use with the Hourglass palettes is also the CT Powder and Sculpt one!

  • Eileen

    I didn’t purchase this for myself (for some odd reason these powders completely disappear on me within an hour 😟 or so), but they always look so lovely on other women which led me to confidently picking up a couple for my dear nieces. I figured they could keep them at home, toss them in a travel bag, etc. and take a bit of summer wherever they go. Then I saw your picture, Sabrina! How gorgeous! I can hardly wait now to give these to my girls.

  • You know ive never tried these before it just never shouted out at me that i would need it i think because i hate buying palettes knowing ill only use one or 2 colours its pretty good they have then individually though


    • Yeah – if you don’t love all the colors then it’s best to pass!

  • Carolina Pereira

    Love love love! One day have to have one palette from Hourglass!