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February 28, 2017

Tom Ford Soleil Sneak Peek | The Beauty Look Book

Hello from sunny Florida! Just wanted to give you a quick update as I’ve been MIA and haven’t posted in a while. We drove over 2,000 miles from the west coast to the east coast in a moving truck and a trailer to tow our car. Since we have 3 furry pets to transport we decided to move everything ourselves, as we’d have to drive anyways. Our pets aren’t the type that would do well in an airplane. We made the trip in 5 days and only had one incident. On the highway in Las Cruces New Mexico one of the wheel bearings on the trailer broke. Luckily we didn’t get into any accidents and were able to get it replaced at a nearby repair shop. This put us back about 4 hours but our pets were so well behaved the entire trip it was a smooth move. We did come across high winds and some rough roads along the way which was pretty scary – driving across country in a moving truck isn’t something either of us plan to do again. Main places we stopped for the nights included Tucson, Arizona, El Paso, Texas, Houston, Texas, Pensacola, Florida and finally arrived in Tampa on Day 5.

I have a quick sneak peek at Tom Ford Soleil above. I was able to attend a preview event at Violet Grey the morning before I moved and everything is just beyond gorgeous. The pieces just launched online at Sephora and Tom Ford and should arrive at counters in the next week or so. Shown above is a new Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflect Gilt, a new Sheer Cheek Duo in Paradise Lust, and Clutch-Sized Lip Balms.

In addition there is a new bronzer formula that is for the Large Size bronzers only. It has an embossed texture and soft luminous glow. Small bronzer formulas are the same. I just ordered two of the new Cream and Powder Eye Colors in Sun Worship and Young Adonis and am waiting for those to arrive in the mail so I can photograph everything together before I start swatching. Review to follow soon!

Also a quick note that I’ve been experiencing some issues with my host/server so you may have had trouble accessing my site over the past week. I’m working with a developer to move everything to a new host which will take a few days so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see new posts over the next week.

Just wanted to let you know all is well here! We arrived in Florida safe and sound. We’re unpacking and settling in. Fur kids are adjusting quickly and love the sunshine. Thanks to everyone who sent warm wishes via Tweets and Instagram Messages via @beautylookbook. I can’t wait to get back to blogging, I have some exciting launches I can’t wait to share with you. Also I finally splurged on my dream scent Creed Virgin Island Water and with this 80+ degree weather I’m experiencing in Tampa it’s just perfect. In the meantime follow me on Instagram – I’ll be posting things as time allows 🙂

Currently catching up on e-mails and messages!

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  • Christina

    Such an exciting time for you! So glad you made it safe and sound to your new home, and I loved all your instagram updates.

  • Casey

    Yaaaay, so glad you, your hubby; and the *kids* arrived safely. New adventures, HOW EXCITING!

  • Luka

    Is this a permanent move? I loved your loft in San Diego!

  • TheCafeMakeup .

    I’m so excited for you!!!! Enjoy your lovely new home! 🙂

  • Stephy

    Awe that’s wonderful to hear Sabrina! Glad you and the family made it safely. I was just in Tampa about two weeks ago and the weather was perfect! So much better then Chicago right now haha
    Looking forward to that Tom Ford collection!

  • Ra

    Yay you guys arrived safely!
    Looking forward to more posts from sunny Florida!

  • Sarah

    Did you take advantage of the Neiman’s sale for your fragrance? I just snagged a big bottle of Creed Fleurissimo, saving $50. It’s unheard of!

    • I did not, but I should have! Awesome score on your end though!

      • Sarah

        Fun fact I just learned- Kohl’s sells your Creed Fragrance (Virgin Island water) in the small bottle and it a legit retailer. You can use their coupon codes on it, as well as Kohl’s cash. I’ve been debating grabbing a bottle with a 30% coupon code I have.

    • Sunnykm

      Sabrina, so happy you all made to Florida safely!

      Sarah, please tell me more about the sale at NM’s!

      • Sarah

        The sale/coupon code expired, but it was a good one! It was $50 off a $200+ purchase or $100 off a $400+ purchase, and it could be used on beauty and fragrance. That with my ebates, I saved almost 20%!

  • Ahh I’m making a half-cross country move next month (Houston, TX to New Jersey) and also have two golden retrievers, so I’m dreading it because we’re also DIYing it for the doggies. Any recommendations on where you stayed in the Pensacola area that was pet friendly? We were thinking that may be our first pit stop/overnighter area. Congrats on arriving safely <3

    • I’d recommend checking https://www.bringfido.com/lodging/ – they’ll list pet friendly hotels and price per pet. Also a good filter with Hotels.com will show you pet friendly ones. In Pensacola we were limited on where we could stay because everything was booked for Mardi Gras (we stayed at a Red Roof Inn and although I’ve had good experiences in the past, the one we picked was awful).

  • Lisa Adams

    Welcome to sunny Florida. I arrived here in October and I cannot magine why it tok me so long to get here! I’m loving it. It’s beautiful!

  • Eileen

    That drive from one sunshine state to another sounds like quite an adventure. I’m so glad you all made it to your new home safe and sound. Good luck unpacking, settling in, and figuring out where to put everything 🙂

  • Swingtime

    Isn’t moving across country fun and glamorous? 😛 My husband and I have done it a couple of times with fur babies. It’s not fun, but I’m so glad you arrived safely, and I can’t believe you found time to post! Thank you!

    Enjoy your new place and getting settled (despite all the work, it’s exciting). I’ll be looking forward to new posts when you find the time! All the best to you and your relocated family!

  • SJ Sellers

    All the best to you and yours as you settle in to your new home and surroundings. Happy to hear the fur children are taking to the new spot like “ducks to water”. 🙂

  • Lisa Adams

    I just saw that you are in Tampa, that is where I landed too!. Now we can both lament the lack of easy beauty shopping in town! So many of my favorites I have to buy site unseen now!

  • Chrissy Do

    Definitely cannot wait to see swatches! I have been very intrigued with the Tom Ford line for awhile and I am definitely most excited with their new summer collection! Thank you for addressing the website issue because I was not able to fully read your blog on my phone.

    • Hi Chrissy – can you tell me if the issue is still happening for you? If so what kind of phone do you have and what browser do you use? Thx! Should be fixed now!

      • Chrissy Do

        The issue is still happening with my Galaxy S7 and I use the Chrome. I still can visit your site on my laptop using Chrome. Maybe it could be my phone.

  • Winthrop44

    Glad you all arrived safe & sound. Looking forward to those TF reviews!

  • SoSuSam

    Kudos on making it through the long trip eastward! I hope it feels great to be in your new home town. And thanks for mentioning the website issues–I was wondering what was going on–couldn’t stand not having easy access to your wonderful blog. 🙂

  • All the best with the move and the new place! Sun sounds divine! Cant wait for the TF reviews!

  • Stephanie Nicholson

    Welcome to Tampa! So glad to have you here. It would be fun to do a meet and greet at Oxford Exchange if you are up for it once you are all settled in with your followers from Tampa. Would love to welcome you and tell you where the best shopping is, restaurants, beaches, entertainment, etc.

    • Thanks Stephanie! I’ve never done a meet and greet before, but I’ll definitely think about it!

  • Debra Ostrander

    Welcome to Tampa! Looks like you have quite a few followers in the area 🙂 We also moved with 3 fur babies in tow from Chicago. It’s been 5 years now and we love it! Hope you’ll love it too!

    • Thanks Debra! OMG you moved with 3 fur kids too … heart melting!