Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Roundup and Thoughts

March 9, 2016

After playing with the new Amuse Bouche Lipsticks from Bite Beauty for several weeks now, I have a roundup post with some final thoughts and a list of my top picks. I’ve been a fan of the other lipstick formulas I’ve tried from Bite Beauty and I think the new lipstick formula definitely is the best product they’ve launched to date. Long-time readers know I like colors with shine and some transparency versus the rich pigment full coverage kind of colors since they often look flat, emphasize fine lines and are a nightmare for any dry patches. There have been some exceptions in the last year including the Louboutin Lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Cremes (to name a few) all of which have somehow managed to launch full coverage lipsticks that look luminous and have depth on the lips. In a world filled with thousands of lipstick options I’m always impressed when a brand manages to create a new and improved formula because at this point it seems like it’s all been done before (but somehow they manage to surprise us). I have been thoroughly impressed with the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick formula. To sum it up in a few words, all I can say is that it is a really good one. At the time of this post there are already over 1,700 reviews on Sephora.com and they are overwhelmingly positive which I think is huge.

Thoughts on the formula: I have full semi-sensitive lips that usually are prone to dryness with lipsticks. Some of my favorite lipsticks suck out the moisture from my lips and leave them dry and peeling by the second day (ie MAC). When I swatch batches of lipsticks I often have to split up the swatching process because the swiping, wiping, cleaning and reapplying process usually kills my lips. With the Bite Beauty formula, I did swatches over the course of 4 days and my lips were fully intact without any peeling issues. I personally feel this is a good indication that the formula isn’t drying and is indeed hydrating like it’s described. If you have dry lips or any flakes the lipstick will emphasize lines due to the rich pigment and texture – I’d recommend prepping the lips with a primer or balm first. That being said in my experience, these are hydrating but still manage to feel weightless.

Thoughts on the lasting power: I wasn’t able to test all 34 shades for a full day of wear to see how long they lasted. I did test about 7 shades for the lasting power test. I found each color lasted extremely well. All of them lasted remarkably long through several cups of coffee, tea and snacks. The darker shades do seem to have a slightly longer lasting power – the colors give the lips a slight stain so the color lingers longer.
A few other thoughts and tips on how to wear these: I found all the colors to be one-swipe wonders with no pencil needed to tweak colors. However if you find you have lips that can’t really handle full coverage lipsticks well you might want to consider a primer or balm. The only issue with lip balms is they have a lot of slip. Sometimes the emollient texture is good to treat the lips, but when you add color on top it’s prone to sliding off or weakens the lasting power in general. Two products I like to use as primers include the MAC Prep + Prime Lips and Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. Both will smooth the lip surface and help lipstick apply on the lips more smoothly. I’ve repurchased both a few times now and have no intention of switching to anything else when it comes to lip primers (although if you have any recs I’m open to trying something new but will probably still call these two my all time favorites).

Thoughts on the colors: I think the color selection is really quite good. 34 shades makes for a lot of options to choose from and Bite covered a lot of categories with this launch. All the shades are creams, so there’s no shimmer in any of the options. I think it would be interesting if they did add some pearl finish colors in the future – I’d definitely check them out, but as far as I can remember, I don’t think I recall any of their lipsticks or pencils having any shimmer. All but two of the colors have extremely good application with a smooth streak-free finish. The only two I had slight issues with include Liquorice (it was prone to smudging around the edges for me) and Black Truffle (the sharp contrast made for a slightly patchy application with one swipe, but it was easy to fix but swiping 3-4 times).

Links to the swatches and other posts:

  • All colors arm swatched here
  • Sorbet feature here
  • Neutrals Souffle, Sugarcane, Honeycomb, Meringue, Sake, Pepper and Rhubarb here
  • Cool-Toned Pinks Gin Fizz, Cotton Candy, Dragonfruit, Kimchi, Radish and Sangria here
  • Peach and Browns Verbena, Sorbet, Fig, Chai, Molasses and Nori here
  • Warm Reds and Corals Pickled Ginger, Gazpacho, Persimmon, Cayenne, Gingersnap, Sweet Cream and Maple here
  • Cool-Toned Purples and Plums Spritzer, Eggplant, Jam, Beetroot, Liquorice, Tannin, Sour Cherry and Black Truffle here
There are so many good colors, but if I were pressed to pick my favorites Honeycomb, Meringue, Sake, Pepper, Fig, Sweet Cream are the winners for me. If you’ve picked up any of the colors let me know what you ended up with! If you’re passing on these what’s your favorite lipstick formula or color of the moment?

You can find all 34 shades of Amuse Bouche exclusively at Sephora. I have yet to spot all the colors in store yet – if you’ve seen them please share in the comments! These are permanent so there’s no rush to order colors before they sell out. You will have plenty of time to research reviews or find a store to test these.

The Amuse Bouche Lipsticks were provided courtesy of Bite Beauty for review consideration. Many thanks to the team for kindly sending them to me to play with, I don’t think I’ve had this much fun playing with lipstick in a long time.

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  • I've heard so many good things about these lippies – 34 shades is A LOT. I hope I can find them to swatch them. They look beautiful!

    Elese | elesedowden.com

    • They should all be arriving at select Sephora stores soon!

  • Picking up verbena, sweetcream, and maple. Your swatches are invaluable for narrowing down such a wide selection. Can't wait to try these. Does the Mac prep and prime negate the use of a lip pencil? I'd prefer not to have the additional step, but want the color to last without feathering or wearing unevenly.

    • Oooh great picks!!! So glad the swatches helped. I think for neutral to medium shades the MAC Prep + Prime can help you skip lipliner. For me personally I cannot for the life of me apply dark lipstick evenly (I think it's just in my head) so I need some kind of lipliner as a guide.

      But to answer your question – it does help with feathering and lasting power.

  • I have a mini of Radish on the way. Radish, Sake, Pickled Ginger as well most of the plums/reds/pinks are on my to buy list. If they mini Radish lives up to my expectations, then I will buy the others I know will work blind and the rest I'll need to test in store.

    • Ahhh the mini ones are sooo cute!

  • WOW so many lipsticks!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • your lipstick collection is so huge and amazing x

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do all these swatches!!! You and Temptalia are my go-to blogs when I need to narrow down huge selections like this as you both do such in depth swatches!

    I've already picked up Verbena (LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVE this shade! So unique in my collection!) and will be picking up about 10 more (Sour Cherry, Maple and Sweet Cream being the first I will grab). You're so, so right about the texture and how comfortable they are!

    • Thanks Michelle – I was really grateful Bite sent all the colors for me to review. I totally get the time it takes to narrow down the picks! They're permanent though which makes it nice to be able to take your time picking out the right ones πŸ™‚

  • I picked up Sweet Cream and Fig plus the mini Radish point perk last week. I'll definitely be going back for Pepper eventually. I absolutely love the formula – – I usually have major issues with lipsticks causing my lips to peel, but these are totally fine! I do have to apply balm underneath, but blotting keeps them from sliding around and ups the lasting power.

    My Sephora only had 7 or 8 shades out on release day, but the rest were in the back so that's how I was able to purchase them. I haven't gone back since the 4th, but hopefully they're on display by now.

    • I agree – the formula is incredible! I think Bite may have had a bit of a delay launching these in store. I've seen some snapshots of full displays in store over the past week. You might want to call to see if they received all the colors before making another trip back.

  • I bought Chai but will probably exchange it for a lighter color. Can't wait to go test in store! Thanks for your in depth review and swatches. It was majorly helpful.

    • Glad the swatches helped!

  • Such pretty pics Sabrina.. Eye candy for sure!

  • Thank you so much for this amazing detailed review, and, most importantly, the swatches!! As I'm ordering Bite online it's really difficult to pick colors based on all the Instagram photos. And Temptalia always gives swatches in yellowish light and on top of some primer which really changes the actual color, so yours was my to-go guide. I've got Sake ans Rhubarb – both gorgeous, had some bleeding issues but seems to be all good now. Next goal – Sweet Cream and Sorbet for the summery look!:)

    • So happy the swatches help! Sometimes it can be hard to tell depending on different monitors.

      Love your first 2 picks!!

  • Thank you for your detailed review of the Amuse Bouche colours. I picked up Fig and Honeycomb and love them. Your swatches really helped select the colours in-store.