NARS Pro Palettes

September 28, 2015

Earlier this month, NARS finally launched their first customizable palettes with inserts for eye and cheek products. They are called the NARS Pro Palettes and the palette themselves come in two sizes, Small ($14) and Large ($18). A select number of their colors are available for purchase as inserts in blush, highlighter, bronzer, contour duos, and eyeshadows (prices range from $18 to 30). I’ve been a long-time NARS fan and I’ve depotted some of my powders to put into other palettes. The rubberized casing sometimes gets ruined and sticky over time so the only way for me to keep using them is to depot. I’ve tried a number of methods and about half of the products became ruined (cracked, dented, burned, etc.) I am so so happy that NARS finally has launched these palettes. I have the small one to share today. Prices and options are as follows:

Both palettes come in a magnetic black case (not rubberized like the full-size packaging). The small one measures a little over 7 inches wide and a bit over 5.5 inches tall, depth is about 1/2 an inch.

Each insert comes in a clear sturdy plastic case:

Products are labeled on the back in case you mix them up, you will still be able to see what colors you use if you look on the back:

The base of the pan is magnetized so the pans adhere to the bottom. I tried several variations and found that there is plenty room around the pans which makes it easy to insert or remove without touching the edges. Since everything is magnetic – once they are set in the pan, the pans stay put.

A few variations I tried to show what fits where and in what combinations. Online at on the Build Your Own Pro Palette Section of you can customize your own palette by playing with the different colors to see what fits. The small one fits the powder blushes perfectly. The other items have a lot more room around them which I don’t mind – it makes it easy to interchange the colors or move them around.

Swatches of the shades featured above: Miss Liberty, Angelika, Desire, Orgasm, Deep Throat, Torrid, Luster, Lovejoy and Laguna Bronzer

Eyeshadow duos in: All About Eve, Alhambra, Sugarland, Cordura, Kalahari

Here’s a quick size comparison of the NARS Pro Palette in Small to that of a couple MAC Pro Palettes (Blush x6 customized by me and Nordstrom’s Finest x15):

I’m overall beyond thrilled that NARS has released these palettes. Since they are designed for makeup artists, they’re currently exclusive to NARS boutiques and The shade selection is limited but I really hope they will expand the color offerings soon. In the meantime I’m going to be ordering a few more base palettes and attempt to depot some of my current compacts as carefully as I can.

As a quick update, there was a mess-up with one of my NARS orders so I ended up with a few duplicates. Instead of returning them, I’ve decided to give them away! Entry details below in the widget (must be 18 years or older, USA or Canada residents only). I’m giving away 1 small palette with Orgasm, Torrid, Deep Throat, All About Eve, Kalahari, Alhambra and Cordura (all brand new), entries must be made via the widget below. Good luck!

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Have you looked into the NARS Pro Palettes yet? Or do you already depot your current compacts?

The NARS Pro Palette was provided courtesy of NARS for review consideration.

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  • Hi Sabrina! What are the pro palettes made of? They look like paper – is it flimsy at all?

    • It's pretty sturdy! Hard to tell what it's made of exactly, but it's covered with a black woven material. I suspect the top is a very thick cardboard covered in the black adhesive, it's a bit flexible. Base is very solid with a magnetic empty pan. HTH!

  • This is amazing! I need to start one of these x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Jennifer

    hi sabrina, can you advise on how you de-pot your exisiting palettes? I have a few duos and singles from NARS and would love to get advice on how to get them into this new palette.

    • Hi Jennifer – I'm not the best at it, more than 1/2 the time mine are ruined by trying to depot. Some have glue that isn't so strong so it's easy to remove with an exacto blade, otherwise I wouldn't risk it.

  • I'm so excited about this as some of my black rubberized cases are all sticky and gross. I was wondering if you could share your favorite depotting method? Thanks so much!

    • I've tried baking them (to loosen the glue underneath) and also prying them with an exacto knife – I don't recommend either. I've ruined so many powders this way. There are some compacts where the glue isn't as strong so it's easy to pry out with an exacto blade.

  • Thank you so much for swatches!

  • I drool over every Nars products when I go to Sephora, but I don't know what to start with. This palette is kick-ass!

    Nereydaβ”‚ This Girl Is Obsessed

  • How do you clean your NARS cases? I agree they do get sticky and gross fast. I find that a little coconut oil helps to give it back some sheen. Any suggestions ladies?

    • I've never found a good way – I've read rubbing alcohol but I tried it and it didn't work so well πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    My heart broke in a million little pieces when I saw this…my wallet is going to get a major beating. I started to play with this online and I just could not get myself to leave an empty space!! I'm so glad consumers now have the option to do this. Packing is so expensive and the Nars products at these price points are much easier to handle! Cheers, Cherie

  • I'm a big NARS fan, the collections lately seem hit or miss but the hits are always a rave review from me. Kalahari looks amazing on your skin.

  • Just quick enquiry as whether NARS has international release dates. Im desperate to depot and free up some space. Thank you οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½

  • I love this, I have my Zoeva palette stocked up already and I find it so practical, so my next palette will for sure be NARS cause it's so chic and their products are great!


  • Love this palette option – great way to carry away some of your favorites all in one place!