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Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors

August 3, 2015


Clarins launched a new tinted lip balm formula earlier this past spring called the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector ($24 each for 1.8 g / 0.06 oz). There are six shades in total – all of which are pretty sheer but still have enough color to show up on the lips. Each of the lip balms have a very tiny amount of shimmer that’s only visible if you look at them up close in direct sunlight. Otherwise they act more like sheer creams and on my lips are essentially shimmer-free. These lip balms are designed to moisturize, plump and illuminate the lips with subtle, natural-looking color and shine and they do just that. They come in a sleek and slim twist up tube:



Testing by Clarins indicates lasting power should be 4 hours long. I experienced about the same and found these lasted between 3 to 4 hours if the lips are not touched by coffee cups, tea cups, soda or snacks. They have Wild Mango extract, shea butter, Vitamin E and a plant-extract from rice bran oil. I found these to be the most pleasant-feeling tinted lip balms I’ve tried. There is a slight sweet vanilla scent but it’s very subtle and not overpowering.


I’ve been really obsessed with the formula – they are sheer, glossy and add the perfect amount of color to the lips. They feel really amazing on my sensitive lips and leave them feeling smooth and well hydrated.



The only downside to these balms is the amount of product in each tube so the price per gram or oz is pretty high. These have 1.8 g and by comparison Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments have 4.3 g and L’Occitane Peony Tinted Lip Balms have 4 g of product. I know many will want a comparison to other tinted lip balms – I would say the concept is similar but the texture is completely different. Fresh is thicker and softer in texture. Some of the brighter colors will give much more pigment and color payoff on the lips. L’Occitane’s lip balms have a harder texture and have more slip to them – they glide on and look more like a velvety stain. The Clarins by comparison is a lot more glossy and feels more hydrating on the lips.


Swatches and close ups of all six shades. #03 My Pink is a self-adjusting shade adapts to the pH of lips – on me it turns into a rosy healthy pink. Note that the swatches on the arm for #03 is a light pink but on the lips it will adjust/brighten depending on your pH.




Lip swatches below. For skintone reference I’m wearing Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation in Beige 40 with Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Medium Light Warm.




Bottom line: the formula of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors is a winner in my beauty book. They feel hydrating on the lips and there is enough color in these balms for them to show up on my pigmented lips. A closeup look at the colors show there is a tiny bit of shimmer in them but on the lips they look shimmer-free. Just naturally glossy and shiny. If you want something with similar shine and feel but with more color I would suggest looking into YSL Rouge VoluptΓ© Shines or Chanel Rouge Coco Shines – however those aren’t as hydrating as these Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors. If you can get over the small product size (or the price per ounce) then these are ones I know I’ll use up entirely (where some lip balms take me forever to use). They are nice to throw in the purse for quick shine and touch ups and feel super nice on the lips. I recommend checking out at least one. There’s nothing else I’ve tried that makes the lips look as healthy and naturally plump as these. I’ve been testing these for a couple months now (sorry it took so long to post this review) and I’m already almost finished with Rosewood and Coral.


The Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors retail for $24 each. You can find them at all Clarins retailers, online at, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrod’s and Selfridges.


The Clarins Lip Balms were provided for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own.


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  • Wow, they are all gorgeous on you. My Pink makes your lips look even fuller! And I'm a bit in love with Rosewood and Red.

    • Yes My Pink does make the lips look full!

  • You should totally try instant light natural lip perfector in 06 – it's amazing MLBB color. Very similar to this one in 06 but of course more gloss

    • Will definitely try it πŸ™‚

  • I love the Rosewood shade! I normally like more opaque lip products, but these sound really great for lazy days. xx

    • Yes – they are great for lazy days!

  • These are a product I have been lusting after since their release and Australia are only just getting them in the next week or so (I believe), which is such a shame! They are even pricier here so these are definitely something I'm waiting out for until I go to Europe, where I expect they will be much more reasonably priced – especially in duty free! x

  • Ooh, I think I am mostly drawn to Rosewood but I would definitely give Rose or Red a try!

  • These look so pretty, love Rose, Rosewood and Red

  • I've been obsessed with mine in Rosewood since getting it at the beginning of summer, can't wait to try some more of the shades! Love the swatches, thank you! xx

  • great post. I have to say I really enjoy the layout of your blog. Everything is so detailed and photo quality is amazing. I love that you add comparisons from other brands. This blog hurts the wallet but its a must read for me.

    • Glad you find the comparisons helpful!

  • Some gorgeous shades! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • They very nice but I feel like the colour isn't very strong? I do love Clarins though.

    • Correct – since they are balms, the color is pretty sheer but still has enough pigment to show up.

  • Anonymous

    I have the rose shade, and I love it! It's my favorite lip product that I've bought all year.

  • I love your posts! Always so detailed and the photography is gorgeous πŸ™‚
    From these balms I only have one, and I love it! I find it to be the best lip balm for keeping in my makeup bag for quick hydration on days I don't wear lipstick.
    Your lip swatches are really making me want to get Rosewood now…

  • These are really nice, I expected to love Rosewood (it's just my kind of colour), but really like Coral as well. And wouldn't mind owning the rest, to be honest.

  • I bought Rosewood just the other day and absolutely love it. It's the type of thing I like when the weather is hot or I'm in super-casual mode. At times I just want something that is swipe and go, that is hydrating, that enhances my lip color without making a strong color statement, and that is gentle on my super sensitive lips. Rosewood does all that and is esthetically pleasing so I don't really mind the price point.

    By the way, Sabrina, do you have the first and third pictures of the top line of lip swatches reversed? Or, perhaps it is the lighting? The first one on the left is labeled 01 Rose but actually looks more like 03 My Pink. When I swathed these at the counter, Rose was definitely darker than My Pink.

    • Thanks Eileen – My Pink 03 looks light in the tube and swatched it is almost clear, but it's an adjusting shade that will react to the pH of your lips kinda like Dior Lip Glows. On the arm it is indeed clear but once on the lips – it turns my lips into a bright rosy pink (if you look on retailer sites like Clarins or Macy's, there's an asterisk * next to My Pink 3 with an indicator that it's an adjusting shade).

      Thanks for double checking though!

    • Thanks for the info, Sabrina. These old eyes ain't what they used to be! LOL

  • I really like the look of 'My Pink', but all are equally as gorgeous x

    Lucy |

  • All of these colours look great but I really think Red suits you! Formula looks very moisturising, excellent for the summer months.

    Mercedes (

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I'm going to have to give these a spin on my dehydrated lips. I especially like how the red turned out – beautiful! Cheers! Cherie.

  • I adore these and my Rosewood one is almost done!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Ana

    Oh my!!! They are so pretty. Loving that orange and rosewood. I will do check on those.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much! Amazing and detailed post!