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Paris Shopping Guide: Beauty

June 28, 2015

Shopping in Paris was quite an experience. I was thoroughly impressed by the excellent customer service. We observed tourists shopping from a number of different countries – I was impressed by the fact that many associates were fluent in multiple languages including English, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and more. Beauty shopping in Paris is unlike anything else – almost all the stores we stopped by had associates that were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and very patient.

Before I left the US for Europe, I made a list of stores I wanted to visit and mapped them out. The city of Paris is divided into twenty districts called arrondissements. Mapping out all the monuments, shops, restaurants and hotels of interest helped us plan our days in Paris. In the time we were in Paris – we spent most of our time sight-seeing and enjoying the parks and cafes. I didn’t get to see all the shopping places on my list – I could have spent an entire week just window shopping or browsing and still not have made a dent in seeing what the city has to offer.

The beauty places I shopped, browsed and stopped by, sorted by arrondissment:

French Pharmacies
Location: all over the city

I was thrilled to visit several French Pharmacies around Paris. Quite a few of my friends here in the US who have been to France and studied French in college said the pharmacies are like CVS and Rite Aid in the US – they are on almost every corner and stock items locals aren’t really excited about. I didn’t know what to expect but was really impressed by the selection. Stores were stocked with Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Phyto, Caudalie, Nuxe and more. Some had an entire wall of Nuxe or Phyto. I only made a few small purchases since most of what I was interested in were liquids – I wouldn’t have been able to fit them in my quart-sized carry on. I went inside about a dozen – most stock similar items. Some have more variety compared to others. I was really impressed with the reps in each store. The vast majority seemed to wear white lab coats, they were very knowledgeable in all the lines and options. They were really helpful too. I was able to snap few quick photos inside a couple with my iPhone. I was really impressed by the selection of sunscreens available – had I planned our itinerary better, I would have shifted our Paris week to the end of the trip and filled a suitcase with liquids (skincare, body care, jams, jellies, tea and all the things you can’t carry on). Bioderma minis were plentiful and cheap – usually around 2-3 € or sometimes in packs.

Printemps Louvre
Location: 99 Rue de Rivoli, 1st Arrondissment

There is a small Printemps store underneath the Louvre in the Carrousel Shops. The upside of shopping here is there are a lot of stores in one place and most are opened on Sunday. The beauty section in Printemps Louvre was the only store in Paris I wasn’t thrilled with. The store was extremely packed and busy the first time I visited (although it was on a weekend). Associates weren’t as friendly as other stores I had visited. There was a beautiful Louboutin display of all the nail colors along with shoes, clutches and wallets. I stopped by a second time on our trip back to the US to buy one of the new Scarabée colors – however all the associates were visibly upset with all the shoppers touching and moving the Louboutin nail polishes. They stood guard and kept moving them back into place – understandable if they wanted to keep the display pristine, however if there was a look but don’t touch rule, they should have sectioned it off or put up a sigh. I made sure not to touch any since I didn’t want to make them upset. I wanted to purchase a few but they were so rude I left without buying anything. (I ordered the three new ones from Nordstrom and they were waiting for me at my house when I returned to the US, I hope to swatch soon – they are gorgeous!)

Diptyque Paris
Location: 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 5th Arrondissment

Being the die-hard Diptyque fan that I am, visiting the store on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain was at the top of my list. The store is exquisite in a quaint and inviting kind of way. I wish I could have transported the store and put it inside my home – the decorations and displays were beautiful. The store associate was very friendly – we chatted about the boutiques that had opened up in California (San Francisco, Beverly Hills, South Coast Plaza and Larchmont). The store offerings were almost identical to those in the US with the exception of the room sprays. When I go back to Paris I hope to buy more of the room sprays. I left buying one, Feuille de Lavande which is incredible (similar but stronger than the candle version). For me this was heaven.

Cire Trudon
Location: 78 Rue de Seine, 6th Arrondissment

I wasn’t able to make it into the Cire Trudon store. We stopped by it on the way to dinner but they had already closed and I never made it back. I hope to visit on my next trip to Paris. The displays in the store looked beautiful – the photos I took were too dark but I did get one snapshot of the outside.

Sephora Champs-Élysées
Location: 70-72 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 8th Arrondissment

The Sephora store on the Champs-Élysées was unreal. It was the ultimate beauty shopping store. I’ve never seen such a large store and it was amazing. The entrance had a large red carpet with kiosks along the side with beautiful Dior displays. The entire wall was covered with Dior. Also inside included brands you don’t see in Sephora stores in the US: MAC, Serge Lutens, a beauty bar for makeup application, a nail bar where women were getting nail touch ups, By Terry, Chanel and so much more. I could have spent an entire day inside – but I limited myself to the Dior and travel section so I wouldn’t do too much damage.

Guerlain Champs-Élysées
Location: 68 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 8th Arrondissment

I only briefly walked through this beautiful boutique. It was filled with so many different perfumes I think it would take me weeks to learn about all the options. I only use a couple items from Guerlain so I didn’t purchase anything from the store. If I could describe it in one word though it would be “magical.” There is at least one more Guerlain store in Paris, but this one was recommended as the best to me.

Chanel Beauté
Location: 382 Rue Saint Honoré, 8th Arrondissment

Chanel is easy to find in Paris. The Rue Cambon Boutique has a beauty section in the store but it was very busy. Around the corner there is a little beauty store on Rue Saint Honoré which is dedicated to beauty, skincare and fragrance. The store itself is extremely small. There were 5 other customers inside, myself and 3-4 associates roaming around helping people and we barely had room to navigate. It’s very cute inside and minimalist. The associate who helped me was very nice – I asked to test a few powders and she showed me some of the new Sublimage skincare that had just launched. They have the Exclusifs line – the bottles lined up on the wall looked so beautiful.

Printemps Haussmann
Location: 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th Arrondissment

This was my favorite store out of all the shops I visited. So many brands within one store, beauty floors on multiple levels. They have a special Diptyque candle called Primavera to celebrate the 150th anniversary. I think pictures are worth a thousand words – so I’ll let the pictures do the talking here even though they don’t do the store justice. Here are some snapshots I took with my iPhone. It’s a beauty addict’s makeup heaven.

Galeries Lafayette
Location: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th Arrondissment

Galeries Lafayette is one of the most famous department stores in Paris. The inside of the store is beautiful from every angle. The ceiling is exquisite. They carry a diverse range of luxury beauty and fashion items – Hermes, Goyard, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and so much more. Since this store carries a lot of brands under one house, it is extremely packed and very busy. I made a few fashion purchases here but wasn’t able to go to any of the counters. There were simply too many people although I did venture in on a Saturday – probably not the best time to shop.

A few thoughts on beauty shopping in Paris:

Take note, most stores and shops are closed on Sunday,
although some in major tourist areas are open on Sundays (i.e. those on
the Champs-Elysees). Visiting individual brand boutiques can be really fun to see each line in their independent settings – how each brand displays the products and the presentation of collections is a sight to behold and really quite stunning. This however can be a bit time consuming so if your shopping time is limited, you can find most items at the larger department stores. My personal favorite was Printemps Haussmann (many readers commented this was the best department store to shop in Paris and I agree!) – the associates at Diptyque, Chanel and L’Artisan were so helpful and threw in so many samples my jaw dropped.
Many international travelers already know this, but if you reside outside of the European Union, are 16 years +, have a passport and spend €175+ in the same store on the same day in Paris, you can be eligible for a 12% tax refund. There are several ways to claim it – by mailed check, ACH back to your credit card, or cash back upfront at certain department stores. Some have automatic kiosks to process your receipts that are easy to use but often have lines. I used a kiosk at one of the stores and accidentally pushed the button for cash refund – in total we waited about 35 minutes in the line. Each store may have a slightly different policy for what you can or can’t combine if it’s a department store – any associate can help explain how it works. To process your refund, you need to have it validated by customs within 3 months of purchase date at the airport, train station or border. Galeries Lafayette has a comprehensive overview of the tax refund process here.

When in doubt, ask for assistance – I was impressed by the French men and women who worked at the beauty shops and counters. Many of my readers and other bloggers have mentioned they learn something new every time they venture into Paris for shopping. This was my first time to Paris and I was really impressed by the level of customer service, professionalism and friendliness. The French take shopping to a new level. A few personal observations:
  • The stores in Paris are well stocked with inventory where in the US often times stores like J.Crew or even Nordstrom (these days) don’t carry as much inventory compared to online. In the US I am fed the phrase “we can order it for you online” more and more in physical stores these days. It’s a nice service to have – but time is precious and the more I find things sold out in stores (and not even limited-edition items) the more I feel like just shopping online to save time. Shopping in person is better to see things in person whether it’s clothes, makeup, items for the house or really anything. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find in-store inventory decreases more and more even though the number of physical stores sometimes increases.
  • Department stores and retailers like Sephora France carry a wide range of brands making one-stop-shopping truly possible. Printemps for example has multiple beauty floors – I found this a bit confusing as we moved from one floor to the next seeing multiple Dior or Chanel booths. But it did make it nice to navigate and see different setups. In the US, if I want to see all the beauty brands I have on a list, I often have to visit 3-4 distinct stores to purchase to Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Diptyque, Caudalie, Fresh and Hourglass (as an example).
  • Parisian beauty counters and shops seem very generous with samples and not just any flimsy sample packets, actual good ones! The Chanel Beauty boutique on Rue Saint Honore gifted a deluxe mini of the exclusifs bottle of Gardenia along with skincare and foundation packets (although I did spend a substantial amount there). Printemps Chanel threw in minis and a deluxe-sized mini of Bleu de Chanel for my husband. For Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain threw in so many skincare packets and some fragrance minis although I have to say the Diptyque store at South Coast Plaza in the US is also very generous to loyal customers.
Have you shopped for beauty in Paris before? What was your experience? Did you have any favorite stores or amazing beauty finds? I hope to go back in the near future. There is so much to explore!

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  • gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! thank you for sharing these amazing photos Sabrina!!! xo

  • These photos are great and would love to go paris

  • These are such lovely photos! I love a good pharmacy in Paris, pretty sure I've been to the Le Clerc one that you've pictured and the Sephora on Champs-Élysées is like the mothership! A Parisian shop I'd really recommend visiting is Durance – they have a lovely selection of scented candles and body lotions. I like to think of it as a cheaper version of Diptyque 🙂 x

    Charlotte's Road // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • I loved this post especially the pics. They're so vivid! Takes me back to my time in Paris.

    I adore Galeries Lafayette especially during the holidays and I learned about the Printemps Louvre from you just now! I can't believe I never ran into it!

    My favorites were Le Bon Marche and just getting lost in all of the little chic boutiques in St Germain des Pres.

    • I had Le Bon Marche on my list! Did not make it 🙁 Hope to go back soon!

    • Louisa

      Across from Le Bon Marche is the best food market! You'll have to check it out next time.

    • Louisa

      Just remembered the name — Le Grande Epicerie — a very upscale market with chocolates, pastries, gourmet gifts, charcuterie, etc. It's across from Le Bon Marche in the 7th.

    • OMG YES Le Grande Epicerie is EVERYTHING.

  • Anonymous

    I like that you shared some beautiful pics and experience with us and did not sound like a brag fest which I despise on Facebook entry. Very pretty pics. If you have others other than beauty, please share. Thank you.

  • One question: were you able to still fit all your haul into one carry-on? Thanks for sharing, Sabrina!

  • Gorgeous photos as always! So awesome that the Sephora sells MAC, Chanel and more… it's truly a one-stop shop!

  • Sara

    Paris is really lovely! I've been there at least 5 times by now, and it's always a pleasure. My parents are going in a couple of weeks, and I'm planning to make them purchase some Tom Ford as it isn't available in Denmark. Do you know where it's available in Paris?

    • I'm pretty sure Printemps has Tom Ford Beauty. There is also a Tom Ford store around Rue Cambon I think.

    • Sara – went thru my pics again and yes, Printemps Haussmann for sure carries Tom Ford Beauty – added the photo above.

    • Sara

      Thank you so much! I don't think I can live without nude dip ?

  • This post was extremely helpful! Thank you, Sabrina! I can't wait to visit these stores in Paris 🙂

  • Anonymous

    beautiful! i'd love to see a pic of your beauty haul + minis + samples!

  • Ahh this is such a fabulous post! I am planning a trip to Paris the latter part of this year and your post has really helped me in deciding what I want to do a see shopping wise whilst I am there. Book marked 😀

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


    • Hi Sophia, glad this helped! I missed out on Ave Montaigne which looks incredible from photos. You might want to add it to your list too 🙂

  • I love Paris, amazing post about my best places in the city!

    Della Classe

    • I adore Paris. I wish I had discovered it in person sooner!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! I visited Paris once but only for 2 days, and so I did not get to see everything that a beauty fiend might want to see… but I did go to the Make Up For Ever boutique. Please share more pictures and thoughts so we know where to go on our next grand Euro vacation.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for following along 🙂

  • Loved your post. We lived in the UK for a few years, I've been to several of the places you mentioned in Paris. In fact, we are going back to the London for our anniversary. As you met your husband over there, was wondering if you had some favorite shopping stops for me to check out while we are visiting. Would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

    • Glad you liked the post! I met my husband back in 2001 in London and unfortunately haven't been back. I can't remember that far back about the shopping – Liberty and Selfridges stick out, I think!

  • How on earth did you restrain yourself from making millions of purchases? Thank you so much for this guide.

  • Great post! I super enjoyed reading this post of yours. It made me want to visit Paris. Now I know what to do when I get there someday.

  • Your photos are dreamy! I want to go to Paris so much 🙂

    Just Little Things xo

    • Thank you Gemma, I think Paris is a must!

  • I love reading shopping posts! It makes me feel like I've done the shopping myself 😀 Since we don't have many big cosmetics stores here in Bulgaria it's a good think we can at least read about how things are done in the civilized countries 😀 Thanks!

    • Glad you liked the posts! I feel like shopping in the US cannot compare to shopping in France. They really know how to do it the right way.

  • Thank you for sharing all those great pictures of your shopping adventures. It was especially nice to get some glimpses of you working your iPhone picture magic 🙂 You're great with a camera and so, like Anonymous@10:47, I'd love to see some of your non-beauty related pictures as well. We're so intrusive, aren't we? LOL

    • Thank you Eileen 🙂 Sorry I'm so late to respond, I've added a few more posts now.

  • When I was in Paris back in '07, I was on a strict budget so I couldn't shop much. I have been to that Sephora and it is truly magnificent! Now I really need to go back just for shopping!

  • OH my GOSH! I just died!! I'm planning a Paris trip for the end of this year. (never been) Thank you so much for this post. I can tell I'm going to be overwhelmed, but in the best possible way. Can we also hear about your recommendations for cafés and non-beauty stores? Your previous post mentioned all the adorable ballet flats that the European women wear. Did you pick up any?
    Just wondering where the best clothes/shoe shopping is. Galeries Lafayette maybe?

    • Hi Soni – sorry for the delay in responding. When it comes to flats, I'm at a loss for what's good or not. So many women were wearing flats. A lot of them looked like they could be Repetto which has their own boutique (there are a couple around the city). I do know Galeris Lafayette had a repetto section but the selection wasn't as big as the full repetto store. APC also carries a few styles, but they seemed very pricey and the color selection was limited to like 3 colors.

      I think definitely check Zara too. They will probably have seasonal releases for flats later in the year when it's not summer.

  • The best pharmacy is La Pharma on Rue de Four in St Germain. The prices are so much cheaper than other pharmacies.

  • OMG I need to go to Paris this looks absolutely stunning. The Diptyque store looks amazing and that department store…wow xx

    • Yes, the department store = wow. Took the words right out of my mouth 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures and I'm happy you had a pleasant experience. For your next visit I'd like to recommend:
    – Le Bon Marché is definitely the most high end department store in Paris. And as mentioned above Le Grand Epicerie is a nice to see grocery store that also belongs to the department store. If you're already in that area (Saint-Germain-des-Prés), I highly recommend having a walk around. So many beautiful nice stores but also sightseeing like e.g. the church Saint Sulpice.
    – The best view over the hole city is from (the only skyscraper) Tour Montparnasse. It has a restaurant on the 56th floor. I highly recommend making a reservation for dinner shortly before sunset (good weather being a prerequisite).
    – The stores on Champs Elysée target nearly only tourists. You can find better ones all over the city (except maybe for this specific branch of Guerlain).
    – One of the nicest neighborhoods is definitely the Marais with many small boutiques that are open on Sundays as well as cute little parks. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more crowded since many tourists have discovered it too. For shopping I'd recommend starting at the beautiful Place des Vosges and then moving down Rue des Francs Bourgeois but not to miss out many nice and small side streets.
    Hope that helps a little bit. 🙂
    Best, Jennifer

    • Jennifer – thanks for all the recommendations!! Taking note 🙂

  • Well I'm definitely bookmarking this one and fingers crossed I'll make it back to Paris in the near future! Thank you so much for all the information and so glad you had such a lovely time!

    • Thank you Ash! I hope you'll make it back soon too – Paris is so amazing!

  • Nice pictures and vacation!!! Been to France twice and never shop! both time I was a university student so sight seeing was the only I did.

  • Great post! Thank you very much for the information. Very useful!

  • My boyfriend is in Paris for business this weekend. What 3 things should I ask him to bring back from a French pharmacy?