L’Occitane Holiday L’OcciBox

December 1, 2014

I have exciting news to share with you from L’Occitane. Today they are launching a new sampling program called L’OcciBox (pronounced “lox-ee-box”). There will be one new box launched each season this upcoming year with travel-sized samples of the brand’s classic items and newest offerings. Each box will retail at $15 in stores and online (limit one per customer, use code DISCOVER at checkout). It’s the perfect way to way to experience items from the line, find travel or purse-sized beauty items, or gift a box to a friend.

In addition, each quarter, L’Occitane will select a special partner to collaborate with for something extra in each box. The first partner is ELLE Magazine which chose a special illustrator to design special packaging for four classic hand creams, a nail file, all encased in a custom-made zip pouch. As a fun addition, 100 boxes selected at random will have a free year subscription to ELLE Magazine hidden inside as a bonus.

The boxes are compact but very sturdy and packaged beautifully. The first L’OcciBox has a festive print and a pink bow on top, it’s too cute for words:

The contents are valued at over $50. Here is a peek at what you get inside L’Occitane’s first L’OcciBox for the holiday season:
  1. Orange Zip ELLE Magazine Pouch
  2. ELLE + L’Occitane Nail File
  3. Cherry Blossom ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz
  4. Shea ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz
  5. Almond ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz
  6. Verbena ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz 
  7. Immortelle Sample Divine Cream 0.05 .oz x2 
  8. Shea Butter Body Milk 1.7 .oz 
  9. Almond Supple Skin Oil 0.5 fl.oz
  10. Precious Cleansing Foam 1.7 fl.oz 
  11. ArlΓ©sienne Hand Cream 0.3 .oz
The Elle Pouch and Hand Creams are adorable. On the back of the pouch it says “so cute” in ten different languages. Each of the hand creams are illustrated with French sayings and an English translation below as well.

One last shot of the entire box contents lined up side by side. It really surprised me how much was able to fit inside the tiny little container:
I discovered L’Occitane when I was 17 when I was gifted a small Shea Butter tin by a family friend to help my super dry hands and cuticles (I was part of the swim team and always in the pool and sun). She also brought me one of the small Shea Butter hand creams and ever since then I’ve been hooked. The formulas are gentle, non-irritating, effective and good for sensitive skin. I especially like that skin and body line’s have subtle scent options aren’t overpowering. Sampling programs didn’t exist like they do today, I am happy to see more brands offer sampler sets like these as an introduction to their brand. In case you’re unsure of how to pronounce the brand’s name, L’Occitane is pronounced “lox-ee-tan”.
The L’OcciBox is available for purchase at L’Occitane Boutiques nationwide right now (while supplies last). If you want to avoid the holiday crowds, you can also purchase online here (be sure to use code DISCOVER at checkout to have the price adjusted to $15). These are limited-edition with a limit of one per customer.

9:52 AM PST – the online glitch is fixed, you should be able to add the item to your cart, I confirmed with L’Occitane that this set is for both new and existing customers.
December 2nd 8:05 PM PST update – per a few reader requests, I’ve reached out to L’Occitane for some clarification on the L’OcciBox availability and in store purchasing. It looks like it sold out online, but per L’Occitane it hasn’t yet.
  1. The L’OcciBox will be back online on December 4th, there has been a temporary glitch on their website, check back on the 4th to purchase online, although they do want me to let you know quantities are limited. They’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response so far and it has been selling quickly. UPDATE 12/8 back in stock online!
  2. You should be able to purchase in store without any coupon or issues. I’ve been told my readers can simply give the same “DISCOVER” code to the store associate when you check out or even just mention the box, they apologize for any issues and inconvenience to those who were not able to purchase in store.
To stay up to date with the latest, be sure to follow L’Occitane on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
This post was sponsored by L’Occitane, as always, all opinions are my own. For more info, please refer to my Disclosures page.

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  • I can't get this to add to my cart. Is is available now? Thanks

    • Hi, I'm waiting on a response from L'Occitane and will update, I was unable to add to my cart as well.

    • The Beauty Bug, the glitch is fixed, you should be able to add to the cart now πŸ™‚

  • What a great deal! But this isn't working for me. I try to add it to my shopping bag (online) and it won't.

    • I'm checking on this with L'Occitane to see why it's not working sorry about this! They said it would go live today.

    • I called and bought it that way. And I can add it to my cart now.

    • Megan, L'Occitane just fixed the website, it should work now!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I am so going to purchase for myself. Thanks xo

  • Such a beautiful box, and with a lot of goodies πŸ™‚ Christmas Wishlist

    Nikoleta, xoxo


  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this post, unfortunately L'Occi Box is only available to new customers. After twenty minutes on hold with L'Occitane because I was unable to add this product to my cart after multiple tries, I was informed that I was not eligible to receive the box because I merely signed up to receive their newsletters in 2012, I've never actually ordered anything from them online or shopped in their stores. Very disappointing, especially for what I thought to be such a wonderful company.

    • Anonymous, I'm so sorry for the hassle. I was not aware that it was for new customers only, I am waiting on an e-mail back from L'Occitane to see why, there were no restrictions in the press material that they sent.

    • I just made the order with the coupon for L'occi box . I am not a new customer.

    • Anonymous, I just received confirmation from L'Occitane that the set is available for both new and existing customers. They apologize for the miscommunication and are updating the CS web team. They also have fixed the online glitch and everyone should be able to add the item to their carts now.

      I'm so sorry about the hassle!

  • I am really excited about this, does anyone know if you can order multiplies? I'd like to get this for my mom and sister as well. Also does L'occitane ever partner up with Flashbuz to get feedback on it's products? Thanks!

    • I was told it is one per customer online and in store. Perhaps see if you can place separate orders for multiples online? You might want to call your local store to see if they will let you buy more than one.

  • What a great idea! Will this be available in European countries as well?

  • Amy

    Awesome, and thanks especially for the clarification on the pronunciation!

  • That box and the pouch are so cute!

  • JDV

    Thank you! I've been wanting to try their products, this deal was too good to pass up!

  • Anonymous

    I order from them all the time and I was able to get it, keep trying!

  • How did they fit that much stuff in such a small box? It's really cool though! I'd totally pay 15 bucks for this. Don't think we're getting it here, or at least I haven't heard about it. Would be so cool if we are though!

  • It is not often that L'Occitane offers a deal like this. Their products are great, but often so expensive.

  • Is this like a subscription box? Will I get one each quarter or will we buy them separately (when you let us know, of course!)? For $15 this is such a good deal and adorable packaging.

    PS <3 your blog. It's one of the best!

  • Anonymous

    I went to the store to buy it and the guy said I needed to present a coupon that was sent in the mail (which I do not have) πŸ™

  • LEH

    Just ordered it-thanks for the heads up, this is a great deal, especially with the free shipping! πŸ™‚

  • OMG!!! This box is so amazing! I want to have this too! Its def a great deal that we should not miss!

  • Sold out! ?

  • the illustrations are all so cute!!

    β™₯ Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  • Wow, I love L'Occitane's products, especially their hand creams! I can't wait to get this!

  • Anonymous

    Sold out online but purchased one today with the discount in one of their stores in Manhattan. It is adorable!

  • emilyinsf

    This box looks great! I'm excited to receive my order.
    L'Occitane also has a great 500 point perk at Sephora right now.

  • Lauren

    I placed an order the other day and today I received a refund through Paypal but no email from L'Occitane. When I called I was told that they were cancelling all the orders and I'd have to try and order it again tomorrow. πŸ™

    • I'm sorry to hear this, I'm not sure why some have issues while others don't. This sounds very odd that they would cancel orders.

  • I found their customer service exceptionally poor. I placed my order with no coupon stacking. I didn't find out it was being canceled until I heard some rumors of it from others. I finally call them Wednesday morning and spoke to a representative who said they ran out of inventory due to a glitch. I asked why it let me order the box if there was no inventory and she said it was a glitch with the system and they had a lot of sales on Cyber Monday. I asked if the box would be available again. She said she didn't know. No apologies at all for canceling it out of the blue. I didn't even receive notification or an explanation from L'Occitane, just a message from PayPal saying it was refunded. Now I'm reading everywhere that not only did plenty of people get shipment of the box they ordered on Monday (along with plenty of coupon-stacked orders) but the box will be available again on Thursday. Why was my order canceled? If they were going to have more inventory a few days later they could have delayed shipping. Instead they honor some of the orders and not the others. They are behaving like a completely incompetent company.

    • Lauren

      I just called again to complain after reading your comment and they let me place an order over the phone even though I couldn't find the box on the website. This was after the CSR hung up on me twice. πŸ˜‰

    • Amanda and Lauren, I'm sorry about this mess! I don't have any answers for your questions on why they cancelled your orders but I am truly sorry about your experience.

  • michelle

    This is truly adorable and such a bargain. I went a bit out of the way to grab this from a store front. Darling!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sabrina, I have made only two small purchases on Cyber Monday, both because I was tempted by your posts and using your links. The first one was a small candle from Diptyque, my very first. It was one of my best online shopping experiences. Diptyque made me feel like a king! Everything – communication, packaging, delivery, every little detail was perfect! I will truly look forward to ordering more from Diptyque.
    My second purchase was the L'OcciBox. One of my worst shopping experiences online or in store. Awful. Incompetence and rudeness combined. I do not think they respect their customers. I am not a L'Occitane user (tried in a few hotels, didn't wow me, never purchased) but I thought this box might be a playful introduction/second chance to the brand – especially since I read so many positive reviews, including yours. Well, thank you , but no thank you. I don't need to pay to buy frustration. There are many wonderful companies (e.g. Diptyque) which deserve my money, L'Occitane is not one of them.

  • Anonymous

    I must agree with anon above. I spoke with two different L'Occitane CS reps via phone over this L'OcciBox mega-fail, and both were rude, impatient and gave me the impression they could not wait to get off the phone with me. And both told me they THOUGHT my order was cancelled, they couldn't be sure…but THOUGHT it was. Seriously? Oh, and I got two different reasons why it was cancelled-out of stock and tech glitch. NEVER ordering online from them again. They failed to email me a reply to my pm and email after they promised they would, and I never did receive the email they sent out yesterday regarding the L'OcciBox debacle. Who did they decide gets the email? My order was cancelled, but I do not qualify to get the email?

    OTOH, I called my local L'Occitane store and they had the boxes in stock. I spoke to the manager, who was as friendly and nice as she could be and, as we chatted, told me they had plenty and come in whenever I was in the area (about a 30 min drive in a neighboring city). I did not give her my number, as I had no reason to do so. Imagine my shock when several hours later she called me!! She said she had been trying to get a hold of me since we had talked, but had been misdialing. She took the time and effort to contact me, a total stranger, to tell me she was mistaken and only had 4 L'OcciBoxes left, had put one away for me with her name on it and to be sure to come in next week and get it on a day she was at the store so she could meet me personally.
    That is some amazing customer service.

    I agree about Diptyque too!! Just got my first order (hand cream and candles) and am beyond thrilled.

  • Just adding my experience, which was good! I ordered this box, and then added a travel sized body lotion to get up to $26 for free shipping. However, the site still charged me $4.95 shipping. I called, and the CS rep was extremely helpful – she stayed on while I completed my order, removed the shipping and added a gift for my trouble. Very polite – guess it depends on who answers the phone…or how they are spoken to. My brother and his partner always complain about how they are treated…but it's how they talk to people that gets them poor results…never an excuse for bad CS, but that's the reason for their experience!

  • i

    I bought my box in store and i lOVEE it! πŸ™‚ I also bought one for my boyfriend's mother πŸ™‚

    xox Ingrid of Style Prosciutto