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Tom Ford Beauty Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF15 Swatches

August 1, 2014

Tom Ford Beauty has released some exciting releases this fall. The first installment includes a new foundation called Traceless Perfecting Foundation ($80 for 1 fl oz, 15 shades) and a cover up Concealing Pen ($52 each, 6 shades). I met up earlier this week with the lovely Beauty Professor for lunch and some beauty shopping. We were thrilled to find both the Perfecting Foundation and Concealer Pens had arrived at the counters and immediately started playing with the new product (be sure to check her comprehensive swatches and descriptions here.)

Having both fallen in love with many things Tom Ford, our first question was, “are the shades of the new Traceless Perfecting the same as the Traceless and Traceless Stick?” I’ve been matched to both Bisque 4 and Natural 5 for the Traceless Stick and currently match Bisque 4 best. I’ve tried the original Traceless Foundation and while it gives a beautiful flawless coverage (especially with the Cream Foundation Brush which is amazing), and while it’s a lovely lightweight smooth finish foundation with beautiful coverage, I always found it slightly too dewy for my taste.

With the new Traceless Perfecting Foundation, I found myself torn between Bisque 4 and Natural 5. I tested both colors, one on each side of my face along the jawline. The artist and I felt I could go either way. I purchased Bisque 4 since Natural 5 pulled a bit more yellow and olive on my skin (but I got a sample of it just to test at home).

I’ve been testing both shades for a couple days. I’ll have a more detailed review with comparison swatches to other foundations I own but I have swatches of all the shades to share. These were taken with my iPhone and it was very bright yet a bit cloudy outside giving a slighty yellow/warm cast to the swatches. The best shot were the ones in the shade.

Set One includes Cream 1, Ivory 2, Fawn 3, Bisque 4, Natural 5, Sable 6, Rosewood 6.5 and Tawny 7. All of these are yellow/olive with the exception of Rosewood 6.5 which is pink.

Set Two includes Caramel 8, Sienna 9, Warm Almond 11, Chestnut 12, Buff 13, Linen 14 and Bare Beige 15. I added Bisque 4 as well since some of the higher numbers don’t correspond with darker shades like you might expect. Buff/Linen and Bare Beige have more pinkish tones compared to Ivory/Fawn and Bisque.

I’m overall really pleased with this new foundation. I had been contemplating the Traceless for quite some time due to the perfect coverage it gives but I’m glad I waited. The new Traceless Perfecting Foundation has a bit more coverage but still looks very natural. It has smooth coverage and evens out the skin tone and lasts quite well through warm humid weather, although Southern California is probably considered very mild compared to other areas.

More thoughts to come soon with a full detailed review, but after testing both Bisque and Natural, I’m happy I went with the Bisque (for Chanel I usually use the 30 foundations). Natural also is good match but leans just slightly olive and is a hair darker. Based on my sample that I’ve been testing I can say I really could have gone with either shade. The $80 price tag is very steep and I am relieved to report that I do love this foundation enough to justify the price.

For a quick comparison on textures of the different Tom Ford Foundations and the two shades I tested, here are the Bisque 4 and Natural 5 lined up with the Traceless Perfecting (new one), Traceless, and Traceless Stick. I think this shows the slightly dewy texture of the Traceless.

Note the liquids in Bisque 4 are lighter than the liquids in Natural 5. However, the stick in Bisque 4 is darker than the stick in Natural 5 (more swatches/review here).

The Traceless Perfecting Foundation comes with SPF15 and retails at $80 (this is the most I’ve ever spent on foundation, when I purchased the sticks they were priced at $78 and I think the prices just went up). The Traceless Perfecting Foundation comes in 15 shades, I’m glad to see a diverse range of colors and those with pink undertones will be happy to see some options that aren’t yellow-based.
You can find the Tom Ford Perfecting Foundation now at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • Anything Tom Ford is usually amazing and super expensive! These sound like an amazing foundation..


  • ame

    Amazing…And now I must order. Between your swatches and hers…I think Linen…I now need swatches and words about the concealer.

    • I believe BeautyProfessor swatched the concealers, I did not – I was swatched out after this! They looked interesting, they come in a twist up pen form, but I thought the sponge tip applicator looked prone to getting dirty.

    • ame

      I used to use the Maybelline version that was like that, and I wasn't concerned about hygenics unless it touched anything besides my hands or face. If I dropped it with the cap off, it was thrown away immediately. That's the only concern I have with this one. The Maybelline ones are what, $8, this is $52. I am not going to be rushing out and replacing this one if I drop it, which is something that concerns me.

  • I purchased the Traceless Foundation Stick and Cream Foundation Brush based on your reviews, and I have found my holy grail foundation and brush. I'm interested to try this new liquid foundation. I don't have a TF counter in my state, unfortunately, so I rely on these lovely posts. Thanks for your helpful reviews and beautiful photos, as always. I love your blog and have been a faithful reader for years.

    • I'm glad you found some holy grails! I don't have a Tom Ford counter near me yet either, the closest one is a 1.5 hour drive away. I do think they are expanding counter locations though which is exciting for me.

  • Anonymous

    Which shade would you say is the lightest–cream or buff?


    • I believe cream is the lightest one.

  • Tatiana

    Thanks for posting swatches of these. The original Traceless in Alabaster is too dark and too yellow for my skin. I am hoping I can find a color match in this to try. It sounds like a wonderful foundation.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great pics! Between this and the new YSL foundations, I'm really excited to test myself. Looking forward to your detailed review. – Zeynep

  • Really looking forward to your detailed review on this! Before I splurge on an $80 foundation. better be sure it's gonna work ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I have both the original Traceless and the Stick in Pale Dune. After looking at all your swatches, I think I'll need to make the trip into Beverly Hills to swatch before I buy. I love TF's foundations, and since I have dry mature skin, dewy is not a problem for me. For evening and those times when I want a perfectly polished look, I reach for the Stick; when just going about my daily business, I wear Traceless. They're both wonderful foundations and so I'm very much looking forward to trying Traceless Perfecting. And, although the new foundation has SPF 15, I was so pleased that it does not use a chemical sunscreen. That's always problematic for me. I'm really looking forward to your review ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 100% with Eileen on these comments. I find these wonderful foundations for post menopausal skin. The Stick in particular is so easy to apply, beautifully dewy and stays put for hours whatever the weather. Thanks for swatches. They really help with the bizarre numbering.

  • These look amazing, a little pricey for someone who doesn't usually wear a base, but beautiful none the less. I would love to see it on the face.

  • sai

    hello Sabrina, thanks for your wonderful swatch. Your swatches are always helpful. I actually have a pretty similar skin tone as you, so i wouldnt go wrong if i go for the shade that suits u. I personally like your swatches more.

    • Hi Sai, I'm doing some more testing – want to be thorough but I'll be sure to discuss which shade I like best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ellen

    For some reason Beauty Professor does notl load on my AOL account. So I get the Emails and the temptation, but cannot access the site unless I close out my Emails and go thru another browser. Not so convenient when I barely have time to check my rapidly pilling up Emails. If you have any ideas about that, being a blogger and knowing much more about the internet than I, please let me know. Anyway, I love Tom Ford back when he designed a summer line for Estee Lauder. I still have the bronzer and the lipsitck from that collection (I bought them out!) But there is not counter around here yet. Which color of the new liquid foundation would be closest to a MAC NW15-20, 15 in the new mineralize liquid foundation — which is a good, sheer moisturizing foudnation.

    • Hi Ellen, sorry I don't have any insight into this issue. Perhaps send her a quick email to see if she knows?

  • Thanks for the interesting blog!!!

    I saw your picture in Beauty Professor's blog, you are so nice!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thx for the swatches Sabrina!! How does natural compare to sable in the new foundation? They look very similar in the swatches. Based on your experience do you think this foundation oxidizes at all?

    • It doesn't oxidize on my skin. Sable is darker than Natural. You might want to check out Beauty Professor's swatches in different lighting, it may show the difference between the 2 shades better. Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

    Which shade would be equivalent to MAC NC20?

    • Anonymous

      You should try Fawn or Bare Beige 15 ( i think this is slightly darker)..

  • Anonymous

    i am currently using the tom ford stick in alabaster which shade would i use in the new tom ford foundation since they dont offer alabaster i am very fairskinned

  • Hi Sabrina,
    I became interested in the Edward Bess Foundation because of your blog post, and now I can't decide whether to buy the Edward Bess one or the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation. Do you think you can do a post comparing you favorite foundations? Or a piece of advice for fall/winter foundation is also helpful. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Hi Jennie, thanks for this request! I will do a foundations in rotation post. I'm testing a few right now that I've really fallen in love with, so I'll probably publish it the first or second week of December. In terms of comparing the TF vs EB, tough pick! Right now I've been reaching more for Tom Ford and By Terry mainly because I'm still unpacking and those are what I have out on my counter.

  • Anonymous

    Hi which shade should be equivalent to Dior forever or Dior Star 020?