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Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Almond / Amande

August 5, 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté has two new additions to their shade lineup for the Concealer ($70 for 5 g/.17 oz, made in Japan) in Almond (Amande) and Mocha (Moka). The Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Beige has been a long-time staple for me (original review here). It’s the only concealer I use, it blends out perfectly and covers imperfections like no other, evens out dark areas under the eyes and doesn’t cake on my skin. Beige can pull bit too light for me when I have a tan but it still works. The next shade up in Ochre has tempted me for a long time but I’ve found it pulls a bit ashy on my skin because it has so much olive. I was thrilled that Almond has been released because it is the perfect match for me. It’s almost as dark as Ochre but is warmer with a slight honey tone.

For those new to Clé de Peau Beauté concealers, they come in a navy twist up tube. It’s quite small but a little bit goes a long way. My Beige concealer lasted a little over two years before I had to replace it with a new tube after using it up. The tube is very sturdy.

On the nails, Chanel Secret

Here is Almond vs Beige:

Swatched side by side:

Here is the full concealer line up of current shades from Clé de Peau Beauté, taken during a shopping trip with the Beauty Professor. These were taken with an iPhone and it was really warm and cloudy outside making everything look yellowish.
Ivory, Beige, Almond, Ochre, Mocha and Honey

Indoor counter lighting:

Outdoor lighting:

For better comparisons I pulled a few foundations I’ve been matched to and swatched them side by side. I’m usually a Chanel 30 Beige, but depending on how light or tan I am I have been matched to both 20 and 40 Beige (I tan really easily). Left to right:

The Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer is one of my holy grail concealers and even though it has a super steep price tag I do think it’s worth every penny because it works. I’ve tried a number of other brands at makeovers and from gift with purchase mini samples and for me nothing compares to the Clé de Peau. Finding a good concealer that doesn’t cake or slide has always been a challenge for me. Even those that have a good color match end up disappearing after I blend it out. (I’ve tried MAC, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and old NARS ones.) For this one I prefer to either apply straight from the tube and pat blend or apply from the tube to my fingers to warm it up and then dab it on the face.

You can find the new shades of Clé de Peau Beauté concealer now at counters. Clé de Peau Beauté is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.

Do you have a holy grail concealer?

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  • I don't have a holy grail concealer. I have been using either Laura Mercier or Edward Bess. Today I used LM with Hourglass Illusion foundation. I had a few spots I covered up this morning. I just looked in the mirror. I don't think I've been touching my face, but yeah, the spots are now visible. Might be time to try this one. I don't have time for touch ups during th day.

    • The summer heat kinda makes it hard to have makeup last all day long. I'm not a fan of powder or concealer touch ups either. Since the CdP is the only concealer I use I can't compare it to other brands in depth, but it does last pretty well under the eye area.

  • Anonymous

    This is my favorite also. The best concealer. I don't think I will use anything else. Great review as always!

    • Glad to find another CdP concealer fan! I'm so excited they expanded their shade selection and now I have a better match.

  • Anonymous

    Love this concealer a lot too. I use it in the shade Ivory with CdP foundation in I10. I just wish they will release it in a shade lighter for winter time. It does looks a little orangey on me sometimes. Thank you for great review.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! I was so excited when I heard they extended the colors, but they are all darker than Ivory, which is too dark for me! I don't understand because this is an Asian company (owned by Shiseido) and many Asians have very fair skin.

    • I wish they had more colors too. It doesn't make sense that the color selection is so limited for such a popular product and one that is so good too. I hope they continue expanding the color options.

  • When I did a lot of research into concealers this was the one that was mentioned most, but I'm never usually a fan of the stick format. I wish they had a Clé de Peau stockist near me so I could try it out in person.

  • Christine

    I find the only thing that brightens my under eye area is the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. The salmon-y beige concealer has the right consistency and makes the dark circles disappear. I've been wanting to try Cle de Peau but for me I kind of need a corrector more than a concealer. I do want to try the new shades tho.

  • I've been using the Marc Jacobs concealer, which I really liked… but it would be gone from my face by the end of the day. I purchased CDP Beige and Ocher recently and have used them for about a week, but I was also not exactly either color. I think the new Almond shade might be a winner. Thanks for the review!

  • It's the best, really creamy.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    What a great find! Almond looks like a much needed shade in the CdP lineup — a little warmer than Beige, while staying a little lighter than Ochre!

  • I used up a tube of this in Ivory last year and was totally blown away- the best concealer I've tried! Covers everything, yet looks so skin-like. Wish the price tag wasn't so insane!

  • Anonymous

    Almond is your perfect match! As a women of color, I am happy to report that the shade ranges will expand even further to include deeper skin tones. I can then finally join the CDP club 🙂

  • So exciting that they have new shades now. Ill probably be buying it in Honey soon!!

  • Ester

    A really nice review. I have been meaning to purchase one of those,
    but unfortunately there are no stockist near me.
    Which shade would you recommend for someone with
    fair-medium skin with yellow undertones?
    Just to at least get an idea.

    Thank you 🙂

  • That moka shade is almost mockingly light. I know very high end brands rarely carry shades for brown women, but they could have given that shade a different name.

  • Hi! what nail colour shade are you wearing and brand? please reply!!!

  • Thanks so much for the review, specially the side by side comparisons of concealer with foundation – that really helps to put the colour into perspective, and I am so glad you did that, because I have the exact same foundation types+brands in the exact same shades!!! (Minus the TF stick one).
    I was deciding between the beige and almond concealer and neded to see the colours side by side witht the foundations.

    How did the almond colour go? Is it too dark with the foundations?