Clarisonic Aria – The Beauty Look Book 6 Week Update

July 23, 2014

I’ve been using the Clarisonic Aria for about 6 weeks now (first thoughts at 3 week mark here) and I am happy to report that it really works. In six weeks time with regular use my skin has visibly improved. I’ve been using it every other day one time per day in the evenings
although these are designed with brushes gentle enough for 2x per day
usage. Improvements I’ve seen:
  • Deep recurring pimples along the temple area and chin have disappeared
  • Acne scars have started to fade (they are still visible but I’m hopeful with the results so far)
  • Overall skin texture has improved, with smoother skin
  • Tiny bumps along the face that aren’t acne, red or pimples, but those small bumps that are clogged pores have started to disappear
I’ve tested with a variety of different cleansers. The Clarisonic cleanser minis I’ve tested proved to be too strong for my skin. After several days of consecutive use I started to develop tiny allergic bumps all over the face. I immediately stopped use and switched back to my go-to’s SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser and Dior Purifying Foam Cleanser (the Dior is the only one my husband likes).

After evaluating all the different Clarisonic options (comparison chart) and using the Aria for several weeks I’m really happy with my decision. There are three speeds with the Aria. I started with the slowest speed but have been alternating between the default speed 2 and slower speed 1 (you can control the speed with the arrow buttons). I alternate depending on how sensitive my skin feels. There is a battery indicator that changes color to let you know when you need to recharge. I just recharged at the end of the 5 week mark (the light was red).
I like that it’s super easy to use, just wet the brush with warm water, apply cleanser straight to the brush and then start using it on the face.

I’m really thrilled with the way this has cleared up my skin. Last week though I made the big mistake of working out a couple times without taking my makeup off before hand so I have several break outs on spots that are healing. The skin isn’t broken so I can still use my Clarisonic without having it tear the skin or aggravate sensitive/tender areas. I’ve still been using the Sensitive Brush that this comes with and find it gentle enough for my sensitive skin. You can definitely feel the bristles though and while they are soft, they aren’t super soft. I suspect those with super sensitive skin will need a softer brush. My husband has tested the Clarisonic and really likes it. In a couple weeks I’m going to try a different brush. Based on recommendations from my original post, I want to try either the Deep Pore Brush Heads or Luxury Brush Heads.

Some overall thoughts based on my experience:

  • Even though this is a cleansing tool, you do need to start with makeup-free skin, if you use this with makeup on, you’ll get the brush dirty and it will be spreading your makeup around, start your routine by either removing makeup with a Cleansing Water (I like Caudalie or Koh Gen Do) or Cleansing Oil (I like MAC or Tatcha)
  • As with any skincare routine, if you have sensitive skin you shouldn’t do anything drastic, for this tool I was super nervous about how it would work with my skin, I eased into it by using it only a few times first and then increased usage according to my comfort level, I also started using it with my go-to cleansers
  • It will take time to see a difference, for the first 2 weeks I felt an improvement in texture but didn’t see any visible results, by Week 3 and now Week 6, I’ve seen a visible improvement, but depending on your skin conditions, it might take longer
  • Don’t use this on broken, raw or tender skin areas, I like that you can spot clean if you have specific areas you want to avoid
I purchased mine from Nordstrom for $199 (now in a new Radiance Brightening Solutions Set for $249). Also at Sephora, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Net-a-Porter and Selfridges.
I’ll mark my calendar for a 3 month update. Have you tried Clarisonic? Which ones? Do you have any favorite brush heads or cleansers?

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  • I wonder if you'll ever try the Foreo Luna and compare those two? I plumped for the Foreo because I liked the idea of never having to buy replacement brushes and because I could stick with my existing moisturisers etc. the Foreo really was a one off purchase

  • I haven't tried Clarisonic (yet) for the same reasons you're talking about, super sensitive skin, I hesitated a lot and eventually decided on the Foreo Luna. I know Clarisonic is a cleansing tool, while Luna is a pampering tool, so I'm still thinking one day I might buy the Clarisonic too.
    Great review ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for this great review! I bought a Clarisonic Mia a few years ago and used it for a couple weeks and then stopped because I was traveling a lot. I didn't really pick it back up though because (1) I didn't see much improvement and (2) I read somewhere that it's not good to exfoliate your skin so much (the suggested 2x per day). This review helps though– maybe I should give it a chance again and see how it works on me, using it less frequently.

  • Its wonderful technology that really work. I absolutely love Clarisonic Aria, It's little bit bigger/ longer than MIA. The best thing I love about Clarisonia is that you can charge it anywhere through USB port which gives amazing feature for those who travel a lot.

    Thanks for the review.!

  • Eve

    No doubt, I just love it.

  • Sue

    I have never tried any clarisonic products for I was kinda hesitant because of the other reviews I have read about it. But if you read its uses and benefits, its impressive. Awww…still can't decide yet…..

  • I love my Clarisonic, I have the Mia 2, and in my opinion it is definitely worth the price. Great post1


  • Nemo

    I love my Clarisonic Mia, which I have had now for several years. But I disagree with some of your findings. First, I do not remove my makeup first before using my Mia. That is an unnecessary step. Rather, I apply cleanser (Eve Lom) to my face and work it in as directed. Then I use my Mia. If my Mia brush head gets makeup on it, so what? It's easy to simply rinse out. I use my Mia on my dรฉcolletรฉ, ears, and hands as well as my face; I do not have a body Clarisonic, nor do I need one.

  • I have 2 clarisonics, the mia and the large one (can't think of the name). I use all my cleansers with the clarisonic. The texture, tone and clarity of my skin completely changes if I stop for a couple of weeks. I even use some mild facial scrubs with the clarisonic like Kate Somerville everday scrub. It's amazing how receptive or how fast the uptake of serums and treatments are on skin that is maintained by a clarisonic. Treatments really absorb, and don't just "sit" on top the skin.

  • You're really selling me on a Clarisonic. And that SKII cleanser. Do you think it will work well with dry and somewhat sensitive skin? I've been thinking of getting a Mia2 and using it a few times a week in hopes it will help clear up my skin, but I'm not so sure my current cleanser from La Prairie would go well with it since it doesn't foam.

  • Anonymous

    The Cashmere Cleanse is extremely gentle–so much so you may wonder if it's working. (It is.) Perfect for those folks who are too sensitive for even the sensitive brush head.

  • I want it! I am definitely buying it next month! Thanks for sharing it!
    Lots of love, xx