Chanel Innocence #160 Powder Blush

July 3, 2014

Chanel Innocence #160 Powder Blush ($45 for 6g/0.21 oz) is new for fall this year. It’s a lovely delicate pink with a slight hint of shimmer. On the cheeks it’s a subtle slightly dusty rose pink. It shows up well with a few swipes of layering. The one released in the US is the regular soft finely milled powder US formula (not baked). I found it extremely similar to Rose Ecrin #68 both in the pan and on the face. The difference is slight. Rose Ecrin #68 is slightly dustier in color with more mauve. Innocence #160 is a bit brighter in color with more warmth. I tested them on the cheeks, one on each side of the face and you can definitely tell the difference once they are both on the skin while on the arms or fingers the difference is slight.

Some close ups and swatches, in the pan you can see shimmers, when swatched on the face it applies more matte with a soft satiny glow:

Swatch comparisons: to Chanel Rose Ecrin, Chanel Rose Initiale, MAC Cheeky Bugger, Edward Bess Filled with Desire, Diorblush My Lady Cannage Palette 002:

Thumbs up. Chanel Innocence is a lovely soft delicate pink that’s not too light. It’s a feminine pink that is lovely for every day wear and might just be my favorite item from the fall collection. Chanel Innocence is available at all Chanel counters now. Online at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Chanel.com.

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  • Such a pretty shade! And it works so well on your skin tone as well! I really need a shade like this in my life, I usually go to corals but during fall and winter it might look a bit too warm so a shade like this seems like a great option!

  • Innocence looks so plain in the pan, but I LOVE how it looks on you!!! Definitely on my wish list now, although we'll have to wait at least another month and a half before the autumn collections start rolling out here πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for the review, Sabrina! After seeing it on Karen (Makeup and Beauty Blog) my interest was first piqued for Innocence blush! Between Rose Initiale and Innocence, which blush do you prefer? I have Rose Initiale but hardly reach for it…I know it's a popular color but for some reason I don't find it that flattering on my skintone.

  • It looks really pretty!

  • This is such a beautiful color!

  • Definitely on my list to buy! I've been needed a mauvey pink blush, but find many of them are too "dirty" looking on me. I swatched it today on my hand with some mauvey purple lipsticks, including L'Adoree (also on my list to buy), Caractere, Farouche and Envoutante. It looks gorgeous with these lipsticks ! You can really see the rose mauve tone when you pair it with lips/eyes in the purpley tones. I'm attending a Chanel Event on the 26th and will be buying Innocence. Also looking forward to seeing and trying the new round eye shadow palettes. My Nordstrom has a limited edition of the new palette. It's called Posiee and it's a gorgeous combo of brown purple, taupe, pale lilacy white and a pale whitish shade. I swatched it today….stunning!

  • I somehow like the Rose Initiale better, may be because of the lack of shimmer! I haven't purchased any but if I do it will be either Petale or Initiale!


  • Very pretty shade, wish that I didn't have to get the horrible Euro baked version.

  • it looks sooo close to Chanel Rose Ecrin, not sure why Chanel launches almost the the same color

  • OPPS! my mistake….Poesie quad #234 is not limited to Nordstom. It's online at Macy's, if you want to see the colors!

  • Innocence is beautiful! I don't need more pink blushes but I could make an exception with this one!

  • All so pretty but now from those swatches on your hands I really want Mac's cheeky bugger ( might be the name lol ..too cute)!! HowDoesDeeDoit

  • Too cute! I love the makeup chanel makes!

  • This innocence is really a blogger favourite. I have seen all of them love it sooo much that I see myself getting this one!