Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre in Soigné, Lipsliques in Gamine and Hevyn (Barneys New York Exclusive)

June 17, 2014

Troy Surratt’s beauty line has been on my radar for quite some time. Every time a Barneys New York beauty catalog arrives in the mail, I make a reminder to myself to check out the line the next time I am at a Barneys store. If you’re like me and don’t have easy access to the line in person, you will find blog reviews and swatches immensely helpful. I’ve used the Surratt features on the Beauty Professor as a pre-shopping guide. On my last day trip to Beverly Hills I stopped by the Surratt Beauty counter at Barneys. I picked out three items to try as a first run with the line, all focused on lips:

The Lipsliques ($34 each for 0.05oz/1.6g) are a twist up lipstick in a skinny tube. These are sheerish but buildable in pigment. The formula is extremely hydrating with a slight glossy finish. The texture is slightly thick so it stays put on the lips. I was really impressed with the coverage, texture and lasting power. The two colors I picked are natural. Gamine is a peachy color with a slight hint of pink. Hevyn is a natural rose. Both look more like creams on the lips. They apply with a flawless finish. No lipliner needed. Also no tweaking required. The Lipsliques are extremely pricey for the size and amount of product provided in the tube (for reference, a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine is 0.15oz/4.5g priced at $35). That being said the formula is phenomenal and pretty close to perfect.

The Lip Lustres ($32 each for 0.2 oz/6g) are a high shine gloss with a thick finish. These come with a flexible flat sponge tip applicator. I tested a few at the counter and settled on Soigné a stunning rose pink sparkle. It has a warmish-toned base with a cool-toned shimmer making this unique and naturally flattering because it has both warm/cool colors. The lasting power is quite good although the texture is a bit tackier/stickier than most glosses I use (think similar to MAC Clear Lipglass).

One last snapshot of Gamine (peach lipstick), Hevyn (rose lipstick) and Soigné (gloss):

Based on my first visit to the Surratt counter at Barneys, it appears there is lots to fall in love with. The price points seem to be a bit high with their palette system but I’ve heard so many good things about the blushes and eyeshadows, I will be checking them out on my next visit. My personal favorite out of the three items I picked is Gamine. It brightens the face in a natural way.

I’m really pleased with the three lip items I purchased. The formula, coverage and texture are phenomenal and worth the high price point. The Surratt beauty line is available at Barneys New York in the US and now at Sephora. In the UK, the line is available at Liberty London. If you’ve checked out the line or tried anything I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m always looking for recommendations.

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  • I've never heard of this brand before, but I'm now intrigued! Gamine is gorgeous on you.

    • Thanks Jenn, I think it's relatively new, it's exclusive to Barneys.

  • Always love your lips swatches ♥ Hevyn is gorgeous!

  • Gamine is on my wishlist. Do you plan to do comparison swatches of theese lip items? Thanks for the coverage, Sabrina!

    • Hi Claire, I don't plan on doing comparisons at this time, I'm sure there are dupes but I didn't have time to go through my lipsticks to check. Check Beauty Professor and Lola's Secret Beauty Blog, they've swatched/reviewed it and probably listed comparisons 🙂

    • Claire – one more link/source, check http://wondegondigo.blogspot.com/2013/12/surratt-lipsliques-swatch-set.html and click on the SURRATT tag, she has comparisons for Hevyn 🙂

  • I never heard of this brand before but the lip lustre looks amazing! xx
    Rena Kiss and Make Up

  • Luciousjackson

    I checked out the line after seeing Soigné in your "currently craving" section, and ended up with Lipsliques in Paramour and Nu de Soleil. Love them both, just enough coverage to look polished and the right amount of pigment for those of us who love grown up gloss. Both colors are are on the nude/ peach end and the formula and packaging are gorgeous, although I completely agree – major pay out for rather small product. So small in fact I thought they were samples when I opened the box from Barneys! Also purchased the smoky eye baton in fumee brun and love it, creamy and smudge able with the liner on one end and sponge tipped applicator on the other.

    • Ooh, I just looked at Paramour and Nu de Soleil and they look lovely. Well put on the formula!! I will definitely check they smokey eye batons on my next trip. They sound really interesting!

  • Jo

    You would love the smokey eye baton in cendres and the powder.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Jo! I'll definitely check them out soon 🙂

  • Jo

    You would love the smokey eye baton in cendres and the powder.

  • Louisa

    So gorgeous on you!

  • Gamine really looks beautiful on you! I haven't heard about the brand before but sure looks like the one which makes my kinda stuff! 🙂


  • Gamine looks amazing. I've also never heard of this brand before but I'm going to have to check them out. The colours look like my cup of tea. Another wonderful post!


  • Soigné is particularly beautiful on you and is well worth putting up with a bit more tackiness than usual. I love the idea of combining warm and cool shimmer into one product because it adds dimension and complexity to the overall color. Marcus Monson (Guerlain celebrity MA extraordinaire and all around charming person) likes to combine complementary cool and warm tones when he creates my lip color. He'll use a cool or warm lipstick or gloss for the base and then top it with a gloss that has the opposite tone. One will have warm shimmer and the other will have cool shimmer. When combined, the result is rich and luscious color. When it comes to glosses, it's that ability to create depth, rather than just reflectivity, that sets the real artists apart from those people who simply apply makeup. It doesn't surprise me that a celebrated makeup artist of Surratt's calibre would know to do that, too, and that he'd come up with a gloss that offered that kind of combination of cool and warm. I must, simply must, make the trip to Barney's! I'm overdue for some Beverly Hills retail therapy 🙂

    • Thanks for your insightful thoughts as always, I'm overdue for another trip to Barneys as well, I have a few more items on my wishlist 🙂

  • Hevyn looks outstanding on you! LOVE!

    • Thank you Lisa! I think it's a good color, it looks good on everyone I've seen it on 🙂

  • lovely colors!

  • all of these colors are lovely on you! I'm afraid to visit barney's and check out the line, as I don't want another brand to be obsessed with, haha! I hope you'll review other items from the brand!