Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric Blush and Sun Fabric Bronzer

April 21, 2014

Giorgio Armani re-packaged and launched new colors of their blush and bronzer with 8 shades of Cheek Fabric Blush ($46 each for 4g/0.14 oz) and 4 shades of Sun Fabric Bronzer ($54 for 10.5g/0.37 oz). Since virtually all items from the line have gone through packaging and formula changes over the past few years, I knew the blushes and bronzers would be changed eventually. The change is bitter-sweet. I had fallen in love with classic shades of their Sheer Blush #2, 5 and 10. They have been discontinued but I haven’t been able to take a close look to see if any of the new colors have replaced any of the older numbers. The good news is these new blushes have an extended color range and the bronzers come in a more silky soft texture. I picked up a few of the new colors at the counter – however one of the blushes gave me was the wrong number. The naming conventions are a bit confusing, I wish they had stuck to single digits or labeled the testers with the actual names. (If you love the older colors you may want to stock up while you can, I see them still at Saks here and here.)

The colors I have to show you are Cheek Fabrics in Daybreak 503 (a soft pink beige), Blush 506 (soft rose pink), Sun Fabric 400 (warm bronze) and Dolci 305 (soft peach). All the colors I picked out have a soft luminous shimmer that doesn’t really show up on the skin. These really are like second-skin and blend in very naturally with the cheeks. They have similar pigment to the original Armani Sheer Blush and Bronzers.

Swatched with a soft fluffy brush (but layered):

Close ups of the colors (click to see the sheen), the new Cheek Fabric Blushes are smaller in size compared to the older blushes and come in a single tier mirrored compact. Sun Fabric Bronzers are larger in size and come in a double-deck mirrored compact with a small brush.

Size comparison from the old to new:

Swatch comparisons in three sets, first peach comparisons, pink comparisons then bronzer comparisons. Below you can see how luminous the Cheek Fabrics are – they are sheer but buildable in color. Those who liked the older blush formula know they have a similar natural look but these have a bit more color which I really like. 
Chanel Espiegle (discontinued), Chanel Frivole, Burberry Blossom, Armani Sheer Blush #8 (discontinued), NARS Orgasm, Tom Ford Love Lust

I was hoping Daybreak 503 would be a dupe for the Sheer Blush #10, but it’s not. Hourglass Mood Exposure, Sheer Blush #10 (discontinued but still at Saks for now), Chanel Rose Dust (discontinued), Sheer Blush #6 (discontinued but still at Saks now), Burberry Rose, Chanel Emotion

For bronzers, the Armani #400 is most similar to Burberry Warm Glow. NARS Laguna, Edward Bess Daydream, Armani Summer 2013 Palette, Sheer Bronzer #1 (discontinued but still at Saks), Bronze Mania #5 (discontinued, but still online at Saks), Burberry Warm Glow No.1, MAC Golden and MAC Bronze

I really like the look of the new color options for blush and bronzer, but I tend to have a bit of heart break when favorites are discontinued or changed (especially when the original formula/colors are so great). Given the fast-paced nature of how beauty and fashion change, I suppose it’s expected items won’t stick around forever. There are a wide number of options to choose from, for me it would have been easier to shop online to avoid color number mix-ups, if you shop in store, I recommend you double check that they give you the right color and number before you leave.
I took a quick snapshot at the counter a few weeks ago, the numbers are nearly impossible to read but this will give you an idea of the color range.

Armani Cheek and Sun Fabrics should be available at all Armani counters now. Online at Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus. If you’re a fan of the older colors, act fast before they are pulled or sell out. You can still find them online now at Saks here and here and also Neiman Marcus here and here.

Have you checked out the new blushes and bronzers? What did you think?

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  • That bronzer looks amazing! πŸ™‚

  • That is so unfortunate that they gave you the wrong blush! I never tried a GA blush before, the previous blush range was quite limited. I find the new colours looking very wearable and it looks like the pigmentation is soft but good.

  • I really love armani blushes! They are so soft! Great review, 305 and 506 look so lovely.

  • I need Daybreak! Such a pretty and soft shade. I don't own a subtle blush so I kind of have an excuse to buy it πŸ™‚

  • I deffo think I need to try out the GA 506 blush, I've been looking for that colour for ages! Plus I'm glad it has a sillier texture

  • Oh my! Dolci is just the perfect shade <3

  • Daybreak looks so pretty! I own far too many blushes in that pinky/nudish shade but they are so flattering and easy to wear! xo

  • Loving the look of all of these! They look like they have the most amazing texture.



  • These are my first Armani powder blushes-I have 2 and two more on the way-winners!

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, I hate when great things get discontinued for no good reason! The new blushes look pretty but I fail to see the point of change just for the sake of it. They could have just added more shades and formulations (matte, shimmer, glitter, creme….)

  • Wow, the bronzer is so pretty <3

  • Anonymous

    huge fan of your blog!! i wanted to buy a new bronzer which one do you like better tom ford gold dust or the new armani bronzer would like you input thanks

    • Hi! I just tried both at the same time, one on each cheek. They are both very similar in color. The Tom Ford Gold Dust is more glowy and bronzey, the Armani 400 is more matte and warmer.

      I prefer the Tom Ford for color, however the Armani packaging is more convenient (with brush) in style/size if you want to carry it in your makeup bag.

      If I had to pick just one, it would be the Tom Ford.

  • This is a brand that i never had occasion to test.
    Thank a for your review!

  • I love these bronzes!


  • Oh wow! More lemmings… Sadly these aren't shipped to SG.. have to wait for them to arrive, whenever they do.. >.<
    Love 506 and 503!

  • I have Cheek Fabrics 503 and 200 and love them both! I was afraid they'd never live up to my beloved Sheer Blushes but they have…I just wish GA would add a neutral shade like Sheer Blush #5 to the lineup. I think #200 is my favorite…a warm terracotta shade with microshimmer that gives it a gorgeous luminous finish! I'd love to hear your thoughts on that shade as well….loved your review on the shades you mentioned!!

  • Oh no, rthey discontinued the magic blush #10. The best blush I owned in 30 years. Too bad I did not stock in time.

  • Anonymous

    Hi,, a big fan of sheer blush #10 too! have you found any brand with similar tone? thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Which one of the new shades is closest to the old GA Sheer Blush #5?