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Diptyque Paris Boutique | Larchmont, Los Angeles

March 26, 2014

Diptyque recently opened another boutique in Los Angeles on Larchmont. The store has an intimate cozy design with a similar vibe to the boutique in Costa Mesa. The store reps were incredibly friendly to everyone even with the store packed with customers. I learned more about the new skincare line and received a few samples with a purchase (still haven’t tested them yet but eager to). I also left with a long wishlist of new candles to try but managed to leave with only two new ones. I love that the boutiques carry some exclusive scents and more accessories – it makes the visit fun with new things to discover and learn about.

I always love visiting a new boutique. Diptyque always manages to style their home candles and fragrances so beautifully in stores. You can find more coverage from The Beauty Look Book visits on Diptyque Boutiques located in San Francisco and South Coast Plaza. Have you visited one of the boutiques?

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  • The store is beautiful! I love it!


  • I've been to the one down in the OC. It's a delightful boutique and makes for a pleasant change of pace from the usual clothes/cosmetics shopping. I've always loved the boutique experience and was happy when I first learned that the boutiques reserve many things as their exclusive merchandise. The department stores are great for convenience, but the boutiques make you really focus on the particular experience of selecting a candle or scent. I come away from the experience feeling like I've really pampered myself. Also, the shop people are great at suggesting different fragrances for different rooms–scents that merge then shift harmoniously as you move from room to room. As you know, our sense of smell quickly adjusts to a scent so that it loses its power to delight. By having different yet complimentary scents in various areas of the home, it keeps our sense of smell refreshed.

    Thank you for sharing some of these boutique experiences with us, Sabrina. I imagine many of your readers don't have access to some of these delightful little shops and so it is particularly nice for them to see the extent of a favorite brand's offerings. As for those if us who can visit these gems, your posts always stir up the desire to plan a trip πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Hallo from Germany,
    today I bought at the Zara home store a scent diffuser in " baies dΒ΄amour " and yes, it smells exactly like the baies candle fom Diptique.I like it very much!