Tatcha Indigo Collection

February 24, 2014

Tatcha’s latest release is the Indigo Collection with new body and skincare products formulated to soothe, renew and soften the skin. For those new to Tatcha, the line was created by Victoria Tsai who based her products on Japanese geisha practices. More behind her story here. I discovered the brand thanks to some of my long-time readers who have been raving about the line for months. Several reached out through email and convinced me to order the Gold Camellia Lip Balm (which I adore). I was fortunate to meet part of the Tatcha team in San Francisco last month and they kindly sent me samples of the Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter ($48 for 200 ml/6.7 fl oz) and Soothing Silk Hand Cream ($38 for 60 ml/2 fl oz). Both products are made with the stems, leaves and petals of the Indigo plant. This is combined with other anti-flammatory ingredients to help soothe irritated skin. Both the hand and body cream have a blue tint to the product. I was worried the color would transfer or stain clothing but the good news is the color disappears upon application. The Indigo products have this beautiful scent that I find impossible to describe. It’s a relaxing refreshing spa-like scent that is very calming.
The products come beautifully packaged as you can see below. Anyone who has ordered from Tatcha online knows that everything arrives with everything from the products to samples wrapped beautifully.

I’ve been testing these for the past month and both perform exactly as described. The Silk Body Butter is rich and with a medium-thickness for texture and blends easily. I rarely use body creams because I find them to be either too heavy in texture and scent. (I prefer dry oils.) The Tatcha cream blends easily with only a tiny bit and the scent balance is perfect. I can wear this at night and apply before bed without the scent interfering with my sleep. (I am sensitive to scents when it comes to being able to fall asleep.) A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly into the skin and soothes any dry areas that might be irritating. If you’ve applied this and it feels sticky – it means you’ve applied too much.
The Soothing Silk Hand Cream is a new favorite. It also has a rich in texture so you only need a little bit. This past month has been a dry one for me causing my hands to be extra sensitive and dry. I alternate hand creams on a daily basis (between L’Occitane, Aerin and Diptyque) and the Tatcha has proved to be the most neutral in scent making it the most appropriate for my conservative corporate work place. It comes with a purse-friendly squeeze tube that seals all the way so you don’t have to worry about it leaking all over your bag.
I have the Soothing Body Butter nearby when I’m at home either on my home work desk or by my nightstand. I have the hand cream in my purse and have been reaching for it more than others lately. I can see myself using up the hand cream within a few months and will most likely need to replenish soon.
You can find Tatcha at online at Tatcha.com (lovely samples with every order) and Barneys New York. The line is available in stores in the US at Barneys in New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco. (PS follow Tatcha on Twitter @tatcha_v for extra sample codes.)

Have you tried anything from Tatcha? What are your favorites?

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  • I wish we could get Tatcha so readily here in Australia πŸ™
    I would love to try the hand cream! I still use my L'Occitane one at the moment.

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    • I hope Tatcha will be available in Australia too. L'Occitane is one of my top picks though for hand creams.

  • I have mild rosacea which is well-controlled but which occasionally flares up. The oral medication does not agree with me and I don't like the topical products. When I read that Victoria Tsai had created a line to sooth eczema and other forms of dermatitis, I decided to give it a try as my cheeks were becoming inflamed and some bumps were starting to form. I was blown away by the results I experienced with the Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment. The treatment cream is the most concentrated and does actually retain a bit of its blue color when applied to the affected area. Blue over my red cheeks looked purple! But hey, if this stuff works (and it does), I don't care if I look like Barney the Purple Dinosaur! LOL

    I generously applied the treatment cream to my cheeks at night. After the first night, the fierce red was reduced to pink and the bumps had started to go down. After the second night, my cheeks were back to their normal color and the bumps were rapidly healing. I was stunned at the rapid recovery my skin was making. Unless you looked closely, you could never tell I had had a flareup. I cannot imagine not having this efficacious treatment cream in my medicine cabinet for those times when my skin is subjected to flareup inducing stress. It's texture is smooth and elegant, the scent is fresh and natural, and most important of all–it works! I must emphasize; however, that the Indigo collection is not meant to reduce the redness caused by broken or clusters of surface capillaries. For that, you need something like IPL/laser treatments. If your redness is the result of inflammation and irritation, though, the Indigo collection is well worth a try.

    Because the treatment cream does leave a blue cast on the skin, I decided to try the body butter for day because I had read that it disappears on the skin. I wanted something to keep that indigo goodness going and thought it might be a good product to use on my cheeks during the daytime when I don't want to look like Barney πŸ™‚ I was right and since I've been using it, my skin has remained calm and clear. If a flareup threatens, I'll simply go back to the treatment cream at night.

    You don't need to suffer from eczema, rosacea, or other forms of dermatitis to benefit from the boby butter and hand cream. I'm still using up one of my other body creams, but once I have finished it, I will switch over to Tatcha's Indigo as it is so lightweight and yet so effective at moisturizing the skin without leaving it slippery or sticky. And, because of the indigo, it has really helped heal my winter chapped hands. Next on my list of things to buy is the actual hand cream. I've read wonderful reviews about it and since I have working hands (horses, dogs, gardening, etc.), they can use all the help they can get πŸ™‚

    I am so enamored of this special line because it works for me. Like all things Tatcha, it is highly refined, cosmetically elegant, soothing, and nurturing. As with any skincare product, though, your results may vary.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Eileen! Thank you for your very informative comments. I go to Dr. Mitchell Conejo Dermatology in Thousand Oaks. Which one would you recommend? I am not very happy with mine. She is ok, but nothing special. I would really appreciate any advice for a good place to go, Thank you!

    • Recommending any kind of doctor can be very difficult because so much depends on the type of services you need. That being said, I go to Coastal Dermatology on Las Posas in Camarillo. Dr. Kaplan has a warm and caring staff and Nurse Practioner Julie McCardell is an absolute gem. Coastal provides both medical and aesthetic services and is innovative and in the know regarding new technology/procedures. I see Julie for my IPL treatments and Botox. You can visit Coastal's site and get on their email list. They have monthly specials and twice a year Friends & Family events for various aesthetic services and products. It's like an Open House so it is a nice time to drop by, have some refreshment, and learn more about their services. During F&F, they accept pre-pays for services which is a win-win. I get the best price on my procedures and they're assured of my continuing patronage. Although I've only experienced the aesthetic side of the practice, Dr. Kaplan is highly respected in the area of skin cancer and other diseases/ conditions of the skin.

    • Thank you Eileen – as always I really enjoy reading about your thoughts and loves. I jumped to try Tatcha because of you!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you sooo much Eileen for all the information about dermatology services!!! It is very nice of you to do that and helpful. I will definitely check that out. It is not easy to find the right place. Thank you again!!!

  • This range looks amazing, I love the sound of the body butter! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


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  • I wish the hand cream wasn't so small..

  • yellowlantern

    Do you like the body butter better than the Caudalie and Nuxe body oils?

    • I think the oils and body butter are completely different – it would be like comparing apples to oranges. The scents, texture and overall feel of the butter vs oil is different as well.

      I rarely use body butters because I find them heavy. I like lightweight lotions and the dry oils from Caudalie and Nuxe are good for me because they are suitable for sensitive skin and absorb quickly.

      The Tatcha body butter gives added moisture and treatment compared to the others. In reading some reviews of the Oils I've heard some women with dryer skin feel the oils don't provide enough moisture. I think this is where a heavier lotion or cream will be better.

      For me, I like all three but each in their own unique way. Right now I have dry skin because of the weather this time of year. The oils work well for me, but when I need more I find the Tatcha Body Butter to work perfectly.

      Hope this helps!

  • I love the sound of the hand cream. My favourite EVER hand cream is Elemis Pro Collagen, I wonder if this one is as good, as that one.
    Also love the packaging of this new line and the design.

  • Meredith

    I have given away my La Mer and Amore Pacifica hand creams to my neighbor as Tatcha blows them away. They were good, but Tatcha moisturizes better and with a lighter formula, no stickiness or greasiness. I, too, love the delicate scent of Tatcha products as I do not care for anything that leaves a scent that catches my attention and bothers me. Unless I am mistaken, I believe Tatcha ships free so Phoebe in Australia might want to look into that. Also, I believe that Tatcha is now available in Seattle at the Barney's New York store. This line is remarkable and truly different from the other high end luxury lines. You won't be disappointed in their products, only that you've waited so long to discover them!

    • Oooh – thank you Meredith! I'm glad to see Tatcha is available at more locations now πŸ™‚

    • That does it, Meredith! I'm ordering the hand cream right now. I also use La Mer's hand cream and love it. I was going to wait until I finished it before ordering Tatcha's, but I'm just too eager to wait πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for this review Sabrina. I think this is one of my favorite reviews that you've ever done. Between you and Eileen, I'm convinced. I ordered both the Indigo Hand Cream and Body Butter and I don't remember the last time I was this excited to receive a new skin care product. I suffer from rosacea also, though it's very mild and my husband has dermatitis, so I think the Body Butter will help us both.

    I was reading on Tatcha's site, in the shipping section, it says they ship worldwide. For orders over $250, it's free, but under that there is a charge. But it's good to know that they do ship everywhere.

  • i've been wanting to try that hand cream! πŸ™‚ Your pictures are great πŸ™‚