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February 15, 2014

There are four things I wanted to share from our beloved Edward Bess. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything new from Edward’s line but his products continue to be holy-grail staples in my weekly makeup routine. Many of his items will be making an appearance in my Essentials Series so stay tuned. Today I have some news from Edward.

1 / First, he just launched a new product last night on QVC called Extreme Cover Cream with Expert Retouch Brush in four shades. In case you missed the segment you can watch it online at QVC.com. This is currently a QVC exclusive but will be released at all Edward Bess locations later this year.


2 / Second, his Black Sea Mousse Foundation is back in stock in QVC (see my review from a year ago here, also check out CafΓ© Makeup’s review here). It’s a truly amazing foundation.

3 / If you haven’t checked out Edward Bess’s website www.edwardbess.com you may want to revisit. It’s gone through a revamp for a sleeker look and easy navigation. There’s a locator section so you can see which stores carry his products along with a tips section.

4 / I have news from Edward that his line will be leaving Sephora and Sephora.com starting March 1st. I know many will be sad to see his line go, however rest assured you will still be able to find his products in other stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman (full retail list online here). There are still some products available online at Sephora.com. Below are more details from Edward.

Those who have tried items from Edward Bess know and love his line to an extreme. He knows how to make women look and feel their best with classics that work. If you have the chance to meet him in person you will be in for a special treat – I’ve had him apply my makeup a couple times before at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and each time was a wonderful experience. He plans to be in LA this upcoming week – I recommend you call the counter (310) 550-5900 to see what times he will be in store to see if you can meet him in person.

For more of the latest and greatest from Edward Bess, Bessties can follow him on Twitter @edwardbess, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram @edwardbess.

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  • Wow….look at his hair…now kinda jealous!!


  • Amy

    Well, I guess I'm confused, because I don't see much difference between QVC and Sephora as far as mass market goes. In many ways, QVC is even more mass market than Sephora, because Sephora doesn't have it's own cable channel. Oh well. I will look forward to hopefully snagging some of his products on sale.

    • Right on Amy!

  • … I love his hair! I have never tried any from Edward Bess, though I've always been curious. I can't wait to hear what your essentials are. πŸ™‚

  • I agree with Amy..since when is QVC more niche than Sephora?

  • I think QVC is trying to bring in some more upscale brands, maybe to give customers more options for getting something nice that they couldn't afford paying upfront prices with Sephora and it can increase the brand's name recognition. I was on there recently and saw a Nest fragrance set, Givenchy, Bobbi Brown, Penhaligon perfumes, L'Artisan Parfumeur, etc. If a company can't reach a wider audience, it's going to go out of business after a while.

    For Sephora I would say they could do a better job of promoting the higher end of their products. What is the point of having Armani or Edward Bess if you have them in a corner? Draw people's attention to them.

  • I think Edward has made a wise business decision in leaving Sephora. It's also one that will permit him to focus on his more sophisticated target demographic rather than cater to the young twenty-somethings, teens, and tweens who haunt Sephora in droves. All those budding young beauties with their fearless enthusiasm for bright colors and glitter are to be cherished because they inject a lot of fun and adventure into the wonderful world of makeup, but they are a far cry from the Edward Bess woman who is typically enamored of classic looks which reflect a sense of refined elegance and effortless chic. Edward has always cared deeply about his "Bessties" and makes a concerted effort to interject the personal touch as much as his schedule permits. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him when he's visited one of his counters (which he routinely does), knows how charming and caring he is. It's that personal touch and the relationship he forges with his customers that has been at the heart of his company.

    As for the difference between Sephora and QVC, I think that comes down to marketing. Sephora isn't exactly a mecca for high-end cosmetic shoppers and so it does very little to showcase and promote the limited number of high-end items that it does carry. QVC, on the other hand, makes an enthusiastic direct pitch featuring personable hosts, charming guests, relatable models, and all the hoopla. QVC gives the guest and the audience a chance to connect and obviously this "face behind the product" approach has been phenomenally successful. Working with QVC gives Edward the creative freedom to create the products he wants and a way to personally showcase them. It's a totally different approach from Sephora's impersonal corporate way of doing business.

  • Is the sale he referring to in the last paragraph going to take plac at sephora? Or EB.com?