AERIN Beauty Rose Balm Lipsticks – First Look

February 21, 2014
The latest from Aerin Beauty includes 10 new shades of Rose Balm Lipstick ($30 each for 0.14 oz/4g). I’ve been impressed with the Aerin Beauty lipsticks but the new Rose Balm formula takes lipsticks to a whole new level. These are moisturizing, full pigment, cream colors with a natural sheen. For a slightly glossy-finish lipstick these are long lasting and have surprisingly good coverage. These come in a heavy weight gold tube. The packaging is sleek and has a simple classic design.
I played with these a couple weeks ago when I was in San Francisco and came home with Liebling (a cool rose). Last week I purchased a few more shades and have been thrilled with each color. It’s amazing that every single one of the colors is beautiful and naturally flattering. I will have lip swatches up this weekend of the colors I bought. For now here are all the shades hand swatched. I have my eye on the Perfect Nude shade because it really is a perfect nude. In my attempt to try colors I don’t usually go for, I skipped it for now.

Instore lighting, sorry for the bad quality, this was taken with my iPhone. Top Row: Whisper, Lady Beige, Cabana, Coral Sand, Pretty. Bottom Row: Liebling, Geranium, Perfect Nude, Poppy and Wild Lilac.

The shades described:

  • Whisper is a pale pink that has a slight sheen to it
  • Lady Beige is a transparent but pigmented flesh nude
  • Cabana is a peachy nude
  • Coral Sand is a coral peach
  • Pretty is the perfect natural pink
  • Liebling is a cool rose pink (this is the only one that has a slight hint of shimmer)
  • Geranium is a bright pink rose
  • Perfect Nude is a neutral cool nude pink
  • Poppy is a rose warm poppy shade
  • Wild Lilac is a cool wine-plum 
Shades photographed at different angles. These were taken in the evening. Some of the photographs make the colors look shimmery but it’s really just the sheen/glossy finish that is reflecting.

I hope you find these swatches helpful if you don’t have an Aerin counter near you. Aerin Rose Balm Lipsticks are $30 each. You can find them at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus and all Aerin Beauty counters now.

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  • These all look gorgeous…and I may be slightly swayed by the beautiful packaging as well!


  • These look incredible. I love most of the colors! Do they have a taste/smell? How do they apply and do they last or perhaps with liner beneath? My Nordstrom stores don't carry the line and online, perfect nude, is gone:( May have to track it down along with a couple other colors! I cannot wait to see your lip swatches. Thank you for sharing these:)

  • This is so helpful. I live far from stores and was trying to find swatches online to no avail, so yours are extremely welcome. A week or so ago I almost purchased Liebling from NM.com just based on their terrible color representation, but chickened out at the last minute. I'm glad to see from your swatches that it's exactly what I wanted, so now I can buy it with confidenceโ€ฆthanks.

  • I have already bought Whisper and I love it! I want to puchase a few more but couldn't decide which colors. These swaches are very helpful! Thanks!

  • oooh i will love to try these!

  • Tatiana

    Darn, now I wish I hadn't bought so many of the spring Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers. These look beautiful. Somewhere between Coral Sand, Pretty, Liebling and Geranium is my sweet spot. Can't wait to find these in person.

  • Beautiful! I love how her entire line is super wearable and natural.

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  • All of those look beautiful! They look similar to the Tom Ford Spring lippies but without the crazy price.

  • Gosh, they are all so beautiful, I really don't know which ones to buy first. Of course, the right answer is to just buy all of them, but that's…something I should not be doing. Haha.

  • I've not been impressed with what I have bought from the Aerin range thus far but these sound promising, thanks for the review and swatches, I might well try these out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh thank you!!! I'm SO glad I waited to buy the TF spring lippies. Now I want all of these!!
    Sabrina, can I ask you how many swipes it took for your swatches? I know you said they are pigmented but just wondering how pigmented & how buildable these would be.
    Thank you so much!!!! (I think I'll swing by Saks at SCP this weekend to see these & check out the new Dyptique store)

  • I've never heard of this brand, but these look really nice! Very wearable shades too

  • I really love the look of Whisper and Wild Lilac.

  • Superbe!

  • Anonymous

    What are your thoughts on the Aerin Kaleidolight palette? Could it make a good bronzer?

  • Wow, what a beautiful colour range! The Coral Sand and Wild Lilac shades are especially lovely. I recently bought the Kaleidolight palette from the Spring collection and am loving it! xo

  • I've bookmarked this page. Your swatches are great. I could easily wear any of the colors…now the hard part is deciding which. I love the finish of them. Thanks for swatching all of them so that we could see.

  • ooooh i love the look of liebling! Great pick! I saw these at neiman's too but didn't take a close look – I guess I need to next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pretty and Coral Sand looks beautiful! Thanks for swatching them for us to see ๐Ÿ™‚

    Claire | Shining Like Silver xx

  • Thank you for this information, and excellent photo swatches! Wish I'd found your blog(..?.. I'm not net savvy) before I bought Geranium online. I should've listened to instincts on Pretty & Liebling instead. Perfect Nude is appealing to me as well. You're awesome! Thank you!