Tatcha Gold Camellia Moisturizing Lip Balm

January 27, 2014

Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Moisturizing Lip Balm ($36 for 8g / 0.28 oz.) is a luxurious lip treatment. Everything about this is phenomenal from the packaging (pot and box packaging), scent, texture and design. The Camellia Lip Balm is a semi-transparent jelly-like balm covered with a thin layer of crushed 24-karat gold leaf. It has a soft spa-like scent, like a mix of Botan Rice Candy and flowers, but softer. As others have noted this is a very smooth lip balm that gives hydration to the lips instantly. It covers the lips entirely but doesn’t feel too sticky. When you touch the surface the gold leaf breaks into small pieces. It’s designed to give a subtle hint of gold shimmer to the lips when applied. For me the shimmer barely showed up which I was ok with given the formula felt so amazing.
In terms of how it compares to my other favorites such as By Terry Baume de Rose, Jo Malone and Hourglass, Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Lip Balm has made the cut to join my group of favorites. If you have dryer lips that are prone to cracking or peeling with certain lipsticks, By Terry or Hourglass’s Lip treatments offer a deeper and more intense treatment which I need after using MAC Lipsticks or Lipglasses (my lips usually peel a day after using MAC Lipsticks or Lipglasses but it still doesn’t stop me from using them). These however are more heavy on the scent so if you’re one who prefers something more light the Tatcha is light enough for even the most sensitive noses.

on the nails Chanel Rouge Rubis

I like to apply this mid-day at work or at night before bed. The scent is soothing and refreshing. It’s like a mini spa treatment for the lips.

Ingredients: Squalane (Olive Origin), Dimer Dilinoleyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Dextrin
Palmitate, Fragrance (Natural), Dextrin Palmitate/Ethylhexanoate,
Polyglyceryl-10 Pentaisostearate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Germ Oil, Camellia
Japonica Seed Oil, Water, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate (Licorice Extract),
Oryzanol (Rice Bran Oil Extract), Hydrogenated Lecithin (Soy Origin),
Inositol (Rice Extract), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract,
Alcohol, Glycerin, Algae Extract, Gold.

Tatcha Gold Camellia Moisturizing Lip Balm retails for $36. You can find it at Tatcha.com and Barneys. I received a few samples with my order from Tatcha and am working my way through a couple of serums. Have you tried this line? What are your favorites?

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  • On my wish list! I have very dry lips and the only treatment that has worked so far is La Mer lip balm. Which one do you prefer, Tatcha or By Terry? Thank you, as always your reviews are very helpful!

  • Thanks for sharing this product review Sabrina. I love the sound of a "mini spa treatment"! ^_^
    The only thing I've tried from Tatcha and is my HG is their Aburatorigami Blotting Papers – it's the best of its kind I think as it cleans up any oil well and doesn't disturb existing makeup. Highly recommend if you haven't tried it yet. x

  • Wow, this lip balm is the definition of luxury! I haven't tried Tatcha yet, though I've wanted to for a while. I just wish there were a way of laying my hands on the brand without paying a jaw-dropping amount of shipping fee!

  • Anonymous

    I really loved this product at first, but later, after using a bit longer at night time before going to bed, I started to notice that it causes pealing on my lips:(. I know, sounds strange, because I really wanted to love this product. Same thing happens when I use By terry lip balm in jar over the night. But…I really love to use By Terry lip balm in gloss container during the day. It feels more moisturizing on my lips then By Terry lip balm in the jar. I know, sounds very confusing. Just wanted to share my own experience. I love to use Cle de Peau lip treatment over the night or Kanebo. No peeling ever, lips are very smooth and soft. I also have By Terry limited edition lip balm with 24K gold. Love to use that one during the day under TF Lipsticks. And, my personal happy discovery for those who love certain types of lipsticks (TF in my case), but experience peeling after using them, Cle De Peau Lip treatment works GREAT as a base under them during the day!

  • The gold is really cool. I didn't know such gold dust existed, and looks like it works too. Thanks for sharing.

  • This lip balm is the only one I use now. I started with Nuxe, then jumped to La Mer for years, then By Terry. After being super impressed with the results of the Tatcha Brightening Serum and Moisture Silk Creme after 6 months daily use, I switched to the Lip Balm and could not be happier. Even during Winter, it is rare they have been chapped or peeling in any way. I use the Tatcha morning and night and excess from my fingertips I rub into my cuticles. If only Tatcha released it in stick form, but it is a pleasure to use and whats more GIVE RESULTS, which all of us want. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sabrina, I just discovered Tatcha a few months ago and am loving their products, especially the cleansing oil, rice enzyme powder, and the brightening serum. Would love to hear your thoughts on this line of skincare!

  • Kristina

    La Mer has been my go-to for awhile, and I've tried to replace it with lesser priced versions only to go back to La Mer. This Tatcha sounds good but for some reason I find the gold overlay off-putting. I don't know why….thank you for the review…

    • Hi Kraitina,

      The gold leaf is decorative and quickly wears away leaving a clear balm behind. If it isn't something a person wants, it can be easily wiped without sacrificing any product.

    • Kristina

      Thank you, Eileen. That's good to know….maybe I'll take a chance on it!!

  • I need to order this too, it sounds lovely. I use their Camellia cleansing oil which I love. With this terrible winter in NYC it makes my upset skin feel so much better when I use it as a cleanser rather than my regular one from Chanel (which I also think is great for my skin). I've tried samples of the rice powders which are quite fine but my skin does not like physical exfoliation, not matter how gentle. Ah well, not everything works for everyone.

  • Hmmm…interesting and impressive! This seems like a great product to try out. I find it kinda unique for it has 24k gold leaf. I will def check on this….

  • I used to use La Mer as my nighttime lip treatment, but after receiving a Tatcha lip balm as a generous gift, I've become a convert :-). I love how soothing and moisturizing this balm is without it feeling sticky, waxy, or heavy. I use it at night before bed and again in the morning to prep my lips for the day ahead. When the dry Santa Ana winds blow, I carry it in my purse. Like everything else by Tatcha, the balm is luxurious, elegant, and effective.

    I've been a highly satisfied Tatcha customer for well over two years now and have seen my complexion become more refined and even toned during that time. The products that I keep in my skin care arsenal are the camellia cleansing oil, gentle rice enzyme powder, the camellia beauty oil, the lip balm, the dewey hydrating mist, and the enriching skin cream for dry skin. For me, Tatcha is a great match and I can't say enough good things about their gracious and superlative customer service, the elegance and efficacy of the products, and their beautiful and artful presentation. As the saying goes, though, your milage may vary.

  • Looks so luxurious…this is why I am obsessed with asian brands. Thanks for the nice review, I have been looking into these brand for a while now, only read and hear(youtube) good reviews about it.

  • Seems like such a luxurious products to put on my lips! Definitely something I would treat myself to πŸ™‚

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  • I have this by my bed and use it at night. It's my favorite – more than La Mer, which is great too, but I like the texture of this one!

  • I love gold in cosmetics. Just like Nuxe golden oil, for example.

  • i haven't tried La Mer or the Cle De Peau lip balms so i will have to put those on my list. I have the Dior and the By Terry lip balms and i perfer the Dior one, the Dior one just feels better on my lips and is cheaper than By Terry. No a fan of Nuxe, DR. Haskuka. i really want to try lanolips

  • Hannah

    You mentioned that MAC lipsticks make your lips peel. Sorry if this is off topic, but do the Huggable lipsticks from MAC also make your lips peel? I am curious about that formula and I don't think my lips are as sensitive as yours, but they do peel from MAC sometimes. Thanks!

  • This definitely does look super enticing in the jar, I've never seen shimmer done in that way. It's actually nice to know that the shimmer doesn't show up too much, because I would've thought you might end up with really obvious gold particles on the lips. The formula sounds lovely, as well