On My Radar & Weekend Reads

November 10, 2013

On my radar right now: Burberry Beauty Nail Polishes have arrived! They are listed for $21 each, I’ve spotted 17 colors online at Nordstrom (some are available for pre-order) and 4 shades available online at Burberry (there’s an exclusive gorgeous gold shade!). Have you tried these yet?

Also loving right now:

  • Makeup and Beauty Blog shows us the dreamy lip palette from Edward Bess (stunning!)
  • @evachen212 has an instagram snapshot of the new upcoming Urban Decay Naked3
  • @JessiHogan gives us an Instagram sneak peek at Tom Ford Spring/Summer
  • Rouge Deluxe shows us a sneak peek at Chanel Beauty Spring
  • Temptalia swatches two stunning Tom Ford reds in Shameless and Vampire Kiss
Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! I did some damage restocking on Drybar staples at Sephora earlier. So many new things out for the holidays – trying to make a list and narrow down picks!

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  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love how soft and gorgeous the Burberry nail colors look πŸ™‚

  • I've already made my Sephora purchase but I'm trying to think of anything else that has been on my wish list. Thanks for the heads up on the polishes! I hope they're as good as everything by Burberry beauty.

  • Omg these bottles are to die for!

  • Very interested in the nail polish but the Burberry website stated they are only 8ml or 0.27 fl oz.

  • Oh wow…Burberry nail polishes
    Happy Sunday <3

  • Interesting bottle design. The shades look so elegant and pretty, love them.

  • The Burberry shades really do look stunning. I need to check out the gold shade too. As for the Naked 3, I'm a little surprised by how similar it looks to the Naked 2

  • I ordered a couple of the Burberry shades the other day. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the end of the month to get them, lol. And I saw the gold shade on Burberry's website a few days ago, too–but it said it was sold out–but it's there now!!! Might have to quick grab that. Thanks for the heads up, Sabrina!

  • Oh God! Those shades are fantastic! Must get to Nordstrom's asap! Thanks for this Sabrina my love! Hope you and the menagerie are well!! xo

  • Anonymous

    I got one in Stone, the brush could be better it's a bit thick and too straight somehow but the formula is fantastic and it dries completely in just few minutes, no need for the TC. The packaging is beautiful.

  • Just wearing Oxbllod 303. I am a nail polish noob but I think this is nail polish in perfection. And yes, packaging is really nice!