Recycled Part 2 | Bottega Louie Small Macaron Boxes and Diptyque Small Candles

October 9, 2013

I’m always on the hunt for good storage containers and trays for home decor. Finding simple makeup storage to fit my needs is a challenge since I’m particular about size and the way things look. I’ve found the best makeup storage tools are sometimes recycled items. I love using Diptyque candles after they are finished burning to store brushes, flowers and pens. See my other posts on recycling Diptyque candle jars here and here. Two more ideas are recycling Bottega Louie macaron boxes and the small Diptyque candle jars.


Bottega Louie is one of my favorite restaurants in LA. (See my feature on Styled Notes about this restaurant.) They have amazing macarons and other pastries that they sell in the prettiest boxes. The small macaron box is too pretty to throw away – I’ve had several sitting in my house and found they are good for storing facial cotton. Right now I’m using Chanel Le Coton pads, but the boxes also fit Shiseido and CVS cotton rounds as well. I don’t always recycle boxes because they aren’t always aesthetically pleasing but the Bottega Louie boxes are dainty enough to re-use. Turn the lid upside down and voila! You now have a cotton-holder.


The regular sized Diptyque candles make for lovely pen holders. You’ve seen them many times on this blog holding pens, makeup pencils, brushes, sugar etc. I wasn’t sure if I could re-use the small 2.4 oz size but turns out they fit q-tips perfectly. See my how-to on cleaning out the wax here. Note there are many ways to clean out the wax, I prefer the linked method because it keeps the candle label-sticker in tact.


Side by side you see they are quite compact and keep things organized:

For size comparison, here is the 2.4 oz candle vs the regular 6.5 oz candle next to the Bottega Louie box. All are well sized to hold a decent amount of items, but not so big that they will take up a lot of counter space.

Do you recycle items to store your makeup or makeup tools? I’d love to hear about your tips!

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  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous, as always! Thank you for sharing! The BL boxes are nearly identical to the Laduree boxes here in NYC.

    That said, I would love for you to do a review on the various cotton rounds, Le Coton, Shiseido, Cle de Peau (unless you already have and I am experiencing a momentary brain-fart) vs various drugstore and beauty whole sale brands. Same with the Q-tips vs Muji Q-tips.

    Do you personally feel a huge difference bw the Le Coton and drugstore brands? I do, but I will admit I save those for times I feel I need to feel a little more pampered. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for storage, what I do is far more economical ๐Ÿ™‚ I will use small cans (e.g. can of condensed milk or tomato paste) clean it out, wrap it with some heavy decorative paper, glue on some felt on the base so it doesn't scratch up anything and has some nice padding on the bottom (both on the inside and out), and line the inside of the can with a piece of paper with a nice excerpt from a favorite author/songwriter. I know, a bit too-crafty-DIY, but whenever I use them I love it.

    I also will go to local thrift/antique shops and purchase vintage glasses and French juice glasses with some gorgeous decorative etching like the BL/Laduree box designs and put all my brushes in there.

    Then, there are my supermarket "Bonne Maman" jam jars which being heavier I can put my mascara, Chanel eye lash curler, and the brushes I use in heavier rotation.

    All this on top of the Container Store slim makeup organizer I also somehow fit into my bathroom mirror. ๐Ÿ™‚

    All my Diptyque jars . . . I prefer to use for my art supplies (I'm an artist) and for flowers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, again, for your great post!
    Love it and love your blog!
    Thank you!


    • Ava, you are my kind of person! I love arts & crafts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd love to see some of your art!

    • Hi Ava,

      You're a woman after my own heart. I use nothing but Shiseido cotton squares for my face. I think they are very similar to Clรฉ de Peau's cotton only a bit smaller in size. After trying good cotton squares, I know I could never go back to drugstore/beauty store brands. They just seem so scratchy in comparison. Even Swispers are only third rate in comparison. I use those to remove my toe nail polish but would never use them on my face.

    • Anonymous

      HI Eileen! I always enjoying so much reading your comments! You have so much knowledge!!! But let me disagree with you on Shiseido cotton being very similar to Cle de Peau. I tried both, and Cle De Peau cotton enveloped in natural silk, that make it extra soft and also provide extra gentle exfoliation for skin. Versus Shiseido is just cotton – no silk in it. Anyway, think Cle de peau is really worth it:)))

    • Hi Ava – I will do a cotton post on the ones I've tried (which isn't extensive). Your art supplies storage idea sounds lovely! Your studio must be quite lovely.

    • Great idea for review of cotton rounds Ava. I second that motion!

  • I loved this post! I can't wait to finish some candles. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nicole

    It's so weird how those Diptyque candle holders are nothing but ordinary candle holders (…or are they?), yet they look 1000x so much more pretty than any other candle holders or glasses

  • Mimi

    Wonderful ideas! I love the q-tips in the little jar. Thanks!

  • This is a really cute! I usually just use my Bath and Body Works candles to hold my cotton rounds, but this is a great idea and I might just have to go out and buy some Diptyque candles (obviously for the candles, too).

    xx Lauren
    Dirty Blonde Ambition

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea! I actually really appreciate you for helping me to discover Bottega Louie restaurant. We went with my husband and my 2 year old daughter and we loved it! My daughter was excited to look around. Everything is very colorfull and pretty. And i have accumulated quite a few boxes from this restaurant as well. So i will put my dearly beloved:) Cle de peau cotton in it! Great Idea! Thank you!!!

  • Wow that Chanel cotton sheet looks very luxurious. I love how you keep all your things. It looks very tidy and organized ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Those are really great ideas and you don't have to worry about spending more money to execute them, which is always great for people like me, on a budget. I'm really eager to try this out with some of the votive candle holders I have that I saved. Especially since I'm starting up my own makeup collection and keeping organized is really hard xD;

  • Very pretty idea! really like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love those candle holders!
    I have some acrylic storage for my makeup. I also have an art box (meant for little paintbrushes) that I use for eyeliners and lip liners.
    I also love the Kate Spade and J Crew boxes they give you when you buy jewelery. I have a sturdy silver J Crew box (held a bracelet that my husband gave to me) that I stand my Chanel lipsticks in. Back in the day Chanel use to give out boxes (rather than the flimsy bags now) and those are fabulous for storage also.
    I have some mercury glass votive holders and Anthropologie mugs that I use for storage also ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If you're a fan of Jo Malone, the Creme box (large square) is great for cotton balls or cotton squares. The longer perfume boxes can hold eyeliners, lip glosses etc and I usually keep the lids on each one to deter my 2 year old from grabbing all of my "pretty colors."

  • What a great idea. I always feel that the glass jars from candles are too nice too just throw away!

    I have a few Jo Malone boxes that I have been saving, I am going to find a way to re use them

  • I love this idea! Will definitely give it a go.