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September 28, 2013
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On my wishlist right now:

Also in need of some new sweaters for fall and classic black pumps. What’s on your wishlist right now? Happy Friday!

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  • I am in love with the Marc Jacobs eye liners.

  • I agree with Whits…the gel eyeliners are fantastic…extremely pigmented and long lasting. Also, the powder blushes are worth mention; they are so finely milled that they instantly become one with skin…glowy goodness!

  • I've seen reviews for Marc Jacobs Flourescent Beige and it looks stunning

  • Wow, thanks for letting me know re. Chanel Holiday! MJ beauty has been hit-miss for me. The lip glosses are nice but I cannot stand the peppermint taste. Lipsticks are drying, so is foundation. Some of the blushes are v. nice, but some are lacking pigment (although look bright in the pan). I'd go to Sephora & play with the tester before you decide.

  • Anonymous

    On My wishlist now Cle de Peau Enchanted Winter Garden holiday collection! Can not wait. It is such a beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Also Sabrina! What are your thoughts on Sisley City Muse collection: Lorchidee Rose blush? Have you try it? Thank you.

  • Flo

    The lacquer from Marc Jacobs is amazing!!!

  • Oh God, Chanel holiday is already available there? SO JEALOUS! We've still got a long month to wait!

  • Anonymous

    i love the 'illusion' by chanel …gorgeous …
    & a little goes a long way ..
    it'll last ya' forever !

  • putting that eyeliner on my wish list sounds like a winner

    Carrieanne x

    Beauties Unlocked

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of the Katie Holmes/Bobbie Brown palette? Am 40+ as much as I love color..have been wondering if it ages me more. I've always avoided Bobbie Brown-thought the line was kinda brown & dull. Thought's?

  • Chanels are definitely lust winners! X 🙂

  • Lady Jane Grey

    Strangely enough I'm happy with my skincare and make-up at the moment (all Revived up, and Hourglassed…) – but in a desperate need of a pair of buckled ankle boots, with mid heels.
    Hm, I almost forgot : Suqqu just announced a new cream make-up – London Selfridges)…

  • Beautiful list! Can't wait to see the Chanel Holiday collection 🙂

  • Hi Sabrina,
    I've gone a bit cray cray and bought all of Marc Jacobs nail polish line (it was gifted to me actually), and swatched them on the blog as one does….and given your taste I'd ditch Evelyn (It really is a very dark grey without any real lift. Just grey. I won't call it drab but it doesn't have any leanings (eg taupe, or blue, it's just middle of the road grey)). I'd recommend Delphine given how much you love Particuliere. It's similar but has a little more grey and purple if you know what I mean and the glossy finish is to die for.

  • I have Marc Jacobs Baby Jane which is such a pretty putty/greige colour. The consistency of these polishes is amazing I would totally recommend.