Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes: Escapade and Pink Haze

May 9, 2013

Tom Ford’s new Cream Color for Eyes in Escapade and Pink Haze are the stars of his summer beauty collection ($40 each for .21 oz/6g, both limited-edition). These are a cream shadow with a unique formula that’s a cross between a traditional cream eyeshadow and whipped mousse cream. These new colors are the same formula as his original release from last year (see formula review and swatches on Platinum and Spice here) but with new and improved richer pigment. Both are pigmented enough to wear alone on  the lids with mascara for a simple look. The new cream shadows from Tom Ford are extremely versatile in what you can pair with each shade. I have used both layering a bit of a bronzey copper (like NARS Fez, Urban Decay Lost and NARS Cordura) for a bit of depth. Lasting power was excellent for me – they stayed put all day long well into the late afternoon.

Escapade is a stunning peachy gold that has a pink/opal iridescent sheen. It has a beautiful mixture of colors that makes it a stunning neutral with kick that is absolute perfection when applied. I love how it applies smoothly with the fingers. Pigment can be easily controlled by layering.

Pink Haze is a lovely warm rose pink shimmer. I normally avoid warm rosey shades on the eyes because they tend to pull too warm often clashing with my olive skin. Pink Haze has a bit of a silvery sheen to it making it perfect. It’s not too warm and not too pink. I do prefer this one with a lighter hand blended out on the lids though.

Some more photos below:

Swatches on me:

Also check out these beauties to see how the shades look on different skintones: Makeup Magpie, Makeup and Beauty Blog, The RAEViewer, Best Things in Beauty.

Although the two shades Escapade and Pink Haze are neutrals which might seem like repeats of other releases, I found the two to be fairly unique with the depth of shimmers. Some comparisons and notes below:
  • Chanel Emerville Illusion d’Ombre is more transparent, sparkly and pinker than Tom Ford Escapade, both are lovely neutrals, the Tom Ford has a lot more coverage/pigment and is more peachy (both are different enough to justify owning)
  • Laura Mercier Gold Metallic Creme is a warm gold shimmer compared to Tom Ford Escapade which is more peachy/creamier
  • Chanel Abstraction is close to Tom Ford Pink Haze, Abstraction is warmer/more pink and has a lot more complexity in the sparkle with gold flecks
  • Laura Mercier Pink Gold is more silvery and cooler-toned than Tom Ford Pink Haze
  • MAC Vintage Selection and Armani Eyes to Kill #29 are shown for additional comparison purposes but aren’t similar

Because the shimmers made photographing swatches difficult, I’ve included several shots, hope this doesn’t confuse you, but each of these shades change depending on how the light hits the sparkles:

Bottom line gorgeous. Given the pigment, ease of blending, lasting power and size of product, I think these are worth every penny for the splurge. Both shades have sold out online so I recommend checking your nearest Tom Ford counters to see if they can help locate one for you.

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  • Hi Sabrina, I love how delicately glowy Tom Ford Escapade and Pink Haze both are. Gorgeous!

  • My Escapade (and Bronzed Amber Cheek Color) arrived today from the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf's. Dustin Lujan told me that he has more on order; you can reach him at (212) 872-2714. These pink shades are so universally flattering – I can't wait to swatch.

  • Gah, all these great reviews make me really curious! The texture sounds so intriguing, I have a weak spot for cream eyeshadows and hybrids and all the like. Both shades look really lovely, the shimmer looks outstanding!

  • Escapade is very beautiful!

  • Escapade is lovely! Looking forward to checking out this collection πŸ™‚

  • Hey Sabrina, I like Escapade for sure! It's probably a good thing for my wallet that the cream shadows aren't available here (we only get lipsticks and nail polishes), otherwise I know my curiosity will get the better of me soon πŸ˜‰

  • lovely… i think i would like to add one to my collection… i find these creamy shadows so easy to wear πŸ™‚

  • Wow I really can't get over how stunning Escapade is. Pink Haze reminds me quite a bit of a FLOWER Beauty cream shadow I recently reviewed called Wild Geranium, they have the same whipped texture as well. πŸ™‚

  • I've worn Escapade and Haz so many times since purchasing them that I've lost count :-). They make a perfect pairing for effortless summer looks. I like to create an ombrΓ© effect by starting with Escapade at the inner corner and gradually layering Haz over it mid-lid and then ending with Haz alone at the outer corner and up slightly into the crease. I blend the edges so that it creates a gorgeous flow of sunset color that is soft and flattering. On my dry lids, these versatile shadows last all day without migrating or creasing. They can be sheered out for a soft wash of luminescence or built up for a metallic gleam that will still be there at the end of the day–or night, as the case may be πŸ™‚ I hope TF will bring us more beauties such as these two.

  • I am loving these two – especially Escapade. Your comparisons are the best – I always end up finding new colors I'd like to try πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful! Thank you for the thorough comparisons.

    Quick one, do you think Flower Beauty's Creme Eyeshadow in Mum's the Word would pass for a less expensive dupe of Pink Haze?

  • Wow, beautiful swatches! I really like Escapade as well as Chanel Emerville. Definitely gonna check them out

  • These look so nice. Cream shadows don't usually do well on my oily lids, but I love how Escapade looks. So gorgeous.

  • I am in love with the color of the Escapade shadow! Well, both actually. But I have a thing for gold shimmery shadows so this one really speaks to me. I have never tried Tom Ford shadows before, so I may have to pick these up!

  • I wonder if these shadows have an expiry limit of 6M like the new Chanel sticks.

  • Escapade is stunning! Too bad it's so expensive, otherwise I'd definitely buy it.

  • Thank you for the wonderful review! I am in love with Escapade. Unfortunately this range is not available in Australia :(. As I'm tring to find something comparable does anyone know if Mac Rubensque paint pot is even remotely similar to Escapade? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • These all look super lovely.

  • I think these products are really of good quality.

  • wow! escapades looks so elegant… πŸ™‚

  • Those shadows are my favorite! I have tried a combo of the pink haze and the escapades amazing!