RMS Solar Cream Eye Shadow

May 25, 2013

I had my first experience with RMS beauty at Woodley and Bunny Apothecary (now in Los Angeles on West 3rd Street). I’ve been intrigued by this brand for quite some time but it’s been near impossible for me to find and try in person. I picked one cream shadow to buy, Solar Cream Eye Shadow a stunning warm gold shimmer ($28 for 0.15 oz, 4.25g, made in USA) and worth every penny. Solar has a complex mixture of shimmers making it metallic-looking on the lids but not over-the-top. There is no detectable scent. The cream shadow has a dewy finish but stays put for a surprisingly long time on the lids. The pigment is extremely rich but blendable. Although there is a dewy sheen and rich pigment, the colors are surprisingly lightweight in texture. I found Solar very easy to apply. The golden color is neutral enough to go with virtually any look.

Close at an angle shows the rich warm gold base, so many different colored sparkles gives Solar that gorgeous golden sheen:

Here it is swatched, due to the complex shimmers make it look different depending on the light, here it is with and without flash. I love how it’s easy to layer for a rich metallic look. It’s also easy to blend out for a more subtle glow.
Swatched with a heavy hand in sunlight, the more you apply, the more metallic the color:

Some gold comparisons show that RMS Solar is quite unique and different from other golds. It has enough warmth to make the brighten the eyes but it’s not too warm. Armani Eyes to Kill Shadows in 28, 26, and 15, MAC Paint Pots in Cash Flow (discontinued) and Rubenesque, Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Apparance.


Overall very impressed. I can’t wait for my next trip to test out other RMS colors. If you’re new to the brand like myself check out the detailed RMS reviews on CafΓ© Makeup and London Makeup Girl.

You can find RMS Solar Cream Eye Shadow for $28 online at Woodley & Bunny and in store at both their NY and LA boutiques. Have you tried RMS Beauty? What are your favorites?

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  • Hey Sabrina, thanks for the lovely review and comparison! I'm wondering how well the formula lasts on you, and whether you normally have problems with cream shadows creasing. I've heard this formula is particularly creamy, and some stuff does crease on me so I'm always looking for a second opinion! Thanks!

    • Hi! I find RMS to last quite well on me. I've never had any problems with anything creasing on me (except for NARS smudgeproof base and Too Faced, I think it's because they are on the dry side). The formula is creamy but not overly moist.

  • What polish are you wearing?

    • It's Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy – review and better photos soon!

  • I've been eyeing these, they make some great cream products! It's a great balance between gold and bronze and those shimmer are even more pretty than the ones I know ^^.

  • Anonymous

    Sabrina that is a beautiful nail polish! What color is it?

    • It's Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy – lighting and blur doesn't capture the color accurately, review and swatches to come soon.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I have loads of RMS and I love all of it. I started with the Living Luminizer and branched out from there. I have the lip shines, lip2cheek, creme eyeshadows and the raw coconut creme. But my absolute favorite product is the 'un' coverup! I highly recommend it. It truly blends into your skin seamlessly and looks very natural. At least that's been my experience. I've always bought mine online, but I was nice to talk to someone in person about RMS when I was at the Woodly and Bunny store. As they have such a tightly edited selection, the fact that RMS made the cut says a lot about the products to me.

    • Oooh Lori! Thank you for the recommendations. I was so tempted to buy one of each at Woodley and Bunny but decided to just try one thing first. I agree the fact RMS made the cut means a lot!!!

  • I forgot to ask, but I see Rosa asked before me!

    What polish are you wearing, please?


  • *__* That is the most perfect gold-bronze eyeshadow I've ever seen. I love it's complexity!

  • Ooh this shade is beautiful! I have only tried a lip balm and coconut oil from RMS (which works nicely as an eye makeup remover), but would love to try more from the line. πŸ™‚

  • This is a lovely shade. I have never tried any RMS beauty products, but I did hear great things.

  • Love your nail polish!
    Though it's lovely, I can't shell out that much for a cream shadow, I'm sure one of the color tattoos is a dupe for this?

  • Nice swatches and comparison among the shades. I've never used RMS before, but this sophisticated shade of gold really caught my eye. Gotta check them out!

  • wow, thanks to a cultbeauty deal I have just received my 1st (free) RMS eyeshadow. I like this idea of applying something not loaded with chemicals on my eyelids, and hearing from you it even better than some niche eyecreams makes me πŸ™‚

  • AMS

    How does this compare to Tm Ford Platinum?

  • Thanks for the heads up on Woodley and Bunny Appthecary. I didn't realize we had one in LA. I'm new to RMS as well, but I will have to remedy that the next time I'm downtown for a concert. I can go a bit early and have some fun at Woodley and Bunny. Buying some pretty products and then going to listen to some beautiful music sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

  • I'm always a bit dubious about eye creams, but this looks pretty and would be great for summer!

    Nouvelle Vaguely

  • I love RMS, especially for summer–so easy to apply for a fresh, soft look. I have Lip2Cheek in Illusive and Muse (the latter has been discontinued) and the shadow in Seduce. Well worth the cost because they're so concentrated. Great review!