Burberry Siren Red Light Glow Blushes – Coral Pink No. 9 and Hydrangea Pink No. 10

February 2, 2013
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Burberry’s Spring 2013 Siren Red Collection brings us two bright blushes with rich pigment. The two shades are Coral Pink No. 09 and Hydrangea Pink No. 10 ($42 each for 7g.0.24 oz, available on Nordstrom.com). Both shades are quite pigmented and due to the intensity of these shades I find they need a bit of extra work to apply. Each shade requires careful application with lots of blending. I found that no matter what brush I used, all applications required a lot of blending. I found layering over a soft powder highlighter to diffuse the intensity a bit.

Coral Pink No. 09 is deep warm rose pink with a very slight hint of coral. In the compact and on the skin, Coral Pink pulls more rose. Hydrangea Pink No. 10 is it’s deeper more intense sister with a slightly dustier-looking finish on the skin. Both shades go on matte but have a subtle satiny shimmer in the compact.
I tested each shade (one on each side) to compare. On the skin they have a very similar effect. If I had to pick one, I would say Coral Pink No. 09 wins my heart. The hint of coral in it brightens the face and makes my olive skin come to life. Hydrangea Pink No. 10 is a bit darker and dustier-looking on my skintone (but not muddy). The colors are indeed very intense. I’m all about bright colors for cheeks but the intensity of these these might make them outside your comfort zone. These are among the most intense blushes I’ve tried. I found the colors unique compared to others that I own. Scroll down for a few comparisons.
Coral Pink No. 09:
Hydrangea Pink No. 10:
Swatched side by side:
Swatches were difficult for me to capture accurately, in my photos I would say they pull a bit warmer than what you would see in real life. I recommend checking out blogs for swatches like CafΓ© Makeup and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.

Per request, I compared these to a few other blushes. Below: Burberry Cameo No. 02, Rose No. 03, Tom Ford Narcissist.

Bottom line: lovely, unique and fresh. To recap, if I had to pick one, I personally would go for Coral Pink No. 09, but they are both very pretty. I do think they are different enough to justify purchasing both though. They are bright and intense, but blendable and don’t appear muddy on the skin like some intense blushes can be. There is a very very slight rose scent but it disappears after a few minutes. I have a super sensitive nose and it does not bother me at all.
These Burberry Beauty can be found at select Nordstrom counters and online at Nordstrom – Burberry Siren Red Light Glow Natural Blush.

A few references:

  • Nordstrom Burberry Counter Locations listed here.
  • Burberry Blushes (all) photographed and swatched here.
Did you check out the spring collection from Burberry? What were your thoughts?
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  • The collection still hasn't made its way here, and the more I read about the two blushes the less I know which one to pick! My instinct tells me to get the coral, but I already own way too many coral blushes so I want the other one. Grr maybe I should get both of them!

  • While Coral Pink is definitely gorgeous, it's not nearly as warm or coral as I had hoped it would be so after going back and forth for a while, I decided not to get it and go for Blossom instead. It's not new but it's definitely much more along the lines of what I wanted, color-wise. I do think it's strange though that they made Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink look so similar–it was kind of disappointing

  • Great work on the pictures, Sabrina!! I can clearly see the difference between both blush and how Coral Pink actually looks more brightening than Hydrangea on your skin. How does Coral Pink compare to Blossom?

  • I had always thought about getting Narcissist but seeing it against Hydrangea makes me think I was right not to buy it. I get the same intense type of color from Hydrangea with less of Narcissist's cool tone and that works better for my skin. Of course now that I've seen swatches of the other 2 Burberry blushes, I'm wanting them too!

  • Coral Pink is my favorite as well – it's the first Burberry blush that has really caught my eye. Thank you for the review and lovely pictures, as always!

  • Hi Sabrina, sigh, both Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink are beautiful to look at! They look like classic, very wearable colors too. I thought Hydrangea Pink was bright, but clearly it has nothing on TF Narcissist! πŸ˜›

  • thank you for the swatches! i couldn't decide between the two while at the counter, now i think i like TF Narcissist better ;D

  • Hi Sabrina
    I love Hydrangea Pink and think while small, Burberry has bought out one of the more appealing spring collections

  • So beautiful and amazing post.These colours are looking so amazing and awesome.

  • Hey Sabrina! Hope you are well πŸ™‚ I love this Spring collection from Burberry and you're absolutely right, these blushes are not just slap on and go, I've actually been doing something I don't normally do to make these work for me: after foundation/powder I wear the blush and then to blur the lines I go in with my bronzer and my EB kabuki brush to make it more seamless. I find the Burberry summer glow bronzer from last summer works really well for this, I also use the 2 highlighter shades from Summer glow to add the upper cheekbone highlight, and give everything a good blend. It makes it all go well together, rather than doing the bronzer and then blush in the usual manner.

  • PS: I know you've been super busy but I *really* miss your look book posts and those loving right now ones too… When you get a chance would love to see some more of those πŸ™‚

  • Meredith

    It's easy to apply the right amount of color with intense blushes like these two new Burberry's and TF Narcissist if you use a stippling or skunk brush. I take my brush and dip it in face powder first, then just touch it to the blush and gently stroke onto my cheek. You can go back for more to build to the intensity that you want depending on occasion or time of day etc. These brushes are truly the answer for being able to wear strong color without overdoing it. I have Hydrangea and TF Narcissist. I love both, they are different with the TF being more cool blue and a true magenta. Both are gorgeous and I NEED both!

  • Good to see that Hydrangea Pink is not a complete dupe for Tom Ford Narcissist. Anyway, Narcissist would absolutely be too bright for me and Hydrangea will work with my new NARS Yachiyo brush…still think I prefer the Coral Pink but I have to swatch it irl as most swatchers online have warmer skintones than I have

  • Thanks so much for those swatches. I was actually really going for Hydranga pink, but you're right, the coral shade looks brighter on your skin. I guess I'm going for the coral one, lol!

  • Such beautiful swatches. I love Hydrangea and Cameo is another that I can see myself using all the time.

  • Coral pink is a lovely color. However, I am over thirty and rear towards warmer colors now.

  • Thanks for these swatches! Can never get enough of staring at these blushes. I'm wondering though how they compare to Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in Natural Beauty? Any chance you'd have that to compare?