Looking Forward to 2013

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to all! I love this time of year. Each new year I’m filled with hope and excitement – it feels like we all get a fresh new start. Beauty-wise, Café Makeup has a lovely list of what she’s looking forward to this year. For me, here are 5 things I’m looking forward to:

No. 1 Burberry Beauty and Tom Ford

Both Burberry Beauty and Tom Ford Beauty are among the newer luxury brands to enter the market. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the new year. Burberry Beauty has released a number of consistently amazing products, all with high quality and naturally flattering shades. They ended the year with the release of some new beautiful quads. Recent changes between the Burberry Beauty and Interparfums relationship has me wondering what will be in store for the future. I hope they continue to release more beautiful items as they transition (keeps fingers crossed for their brushes).
There are mixed feelings among beauty fans about the Tom Ford Beauty line. His lipsticks and blushes are among the best in the market, but the rest of the line didn’t match the quality or pigment (in my opinion). However, the Tom Ford Beauty brand significantly improved the quality of his nail polishes and eyeshadows with the fall 2012 collection. I hope they continue this trend. 

No. 2 Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscopes

Le Métier de Beauté’s eyeshadows are breathtakingly beautiful. I know I’m not alone when I say the quality and texture is among the best of all luxury brands. I do hope 2013 brings us more eye kaleidoscopes, but ones that are more widely available to all Le Métier counters or online. There were at least 3 kaleidoscopes plus a number of glosses released this year that I wanted, however they were released in very limited quantities to a few select stores. I did not have the time to call around to track them down. I love that the brand encourages their artists’ creativity to design beautiful creations. I also understand that Le Metier is a smaller brand focused on quality. Yet at the same time, as an avid fan, it can be a bit frustrating to have items so challenging to find.

No. 3 More try-before-you-buy sampler sets for foundations and fragrances

I feel brands should be more creative and generous with their samples. I feel samples are scarce these days but they are essential to assist us with testing, in particular with foundations and fragrances. Both items require longer testing time than testing out a lipstick or eyeshadow at the counter. For foundations, we need to see how it wears throughout the day, make sure the color matches well, and also check that our skin doesn’t react with the formula. For fragrances, we definitely need to wear a sample for an extended period to see how it reacts with our body chemistry. I thought the Frédéric Malle Fragrance Coffret collection at Barneys was genius (although I did not purchase). I wish perfume companies would release mini versions at affordable prices. I love that Le Labo allows purchase of samples directly from the company online. I hope more brands offer these sampling options.

No. 4 Transitioning from PC to MAC

For Christmas, I received a MacBook Air. I’ve had so much fun transitioning but have so much to learn. I look forward to learning more!

No. 5 More artist features, how-to’s, videos, tutorials

Tutorials are invaluable for all of us. Clear, concise, well-edited videos such as those from Lisa Eldridge for Chanel and Uzo from NARS are easy to follow, inspirational and actually ones we can replicate (as in they aren’t edited too much). Professional videos from brand artists are immensely helpful. I hope Chanel and NARS release more and that others follow. As brands increase their social media efforts, I feel these video tutorials are a way to help connect with consumers like us. I personally would like them linked on the brand website rather than having to search through YouTube or magazine websites.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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  • Happy New Year Sabrina! I'm a bit shy about blogging (one of my goals for 2013!), but I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog and swatches…there are many products I've ordered site unseen based on your swatches. I honestly get excited when I see you post new products – it's a nice break from my day to see new Chanel 🙂 I really appreciate the effort you make to share similar shades and post in natural lighting. So thank you – wishing you lots of good things in 2013!

    • Thank you – and that's great you're starting a blog!

  • I love all of Lisa's videos… she has taught me a lot 🙂

  • Happy New Year Sabrina! I'm looking forward to 2013 fragrance launches; I always look forward to trying them out in stores or in sample form 🙂

  • I enjoyed reading your points and I agree that short video tutorials by major brands are immensely helpful. I enjoy watching professional makeup artists create certain looks. If you haven't already – check out Charlotte Tilbury's blog/website. She has a video of the kind I am talking about. http://www.charlottetilbury.com/blog/how-to/party-season-glittery-purple-smokey-eye-make-up-tutorial/ If it was not ok to post this link, please delete, and my apologies.

    • Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

  • Hi Sabrina, I would definitely recommend watching Lisa Elridges own channel on youtube, its very good. Also second Charlotte Tilbury.

  • Happy New Year!! LOVE your blog and look forward to reading many more posts in the new year!! 😀

  • wishing you a very exciting 2013 full of love an happiness. hope you're having fun transitioning from PC to MAC .. at first it's a bit daunting and the shortcuts are very confusing .. but once you get the hang of it, i find that i can switch from PC (at work) to MAC (at home) very seamlessly. can't wait to see more blog posts in the new year x

  • Happy New Year, Sabrina! I think if we were all creating lists of what we'd like to see in the future, more of your outstanding posts would be first on everyone's list :-). You and your blog are very special, indeed. Congratulations on another outstanding year of thoughtful, informative, and honest reviews.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I'm so glad you are bringing up the issue about Burberry and Interparfums license agreement. I've been following this back since October (perhaps also tweeted you about this, I forgot). So many of us do not realize that it is the corporate behind the cosmetics brand that drives the decision about the cosmetics, everything from trend, color, textures, etc. Case point was the demise of Stila, once a niche brand, was taken over by Estee Lauder, then everything went downhill from then on. Burberry is one of the "rare" brand that is still somewhat independent, i.e. not owned by the big companies such as Estee Lauder or L'Oreal. In any case, I'm hoping for the best with Burberry and that they will retain the quality and the niche in the cosmetics world.


  • Happy New Year, Sabrina! 😀

    I was introduced to both Burberry and Le Metier de Beaute in 2012 and it was a hugely transformational year in beauty for me! I feel like I practically replaced my entire collection between April and now. So, like you I'm also looking forward to more amazingness from Burberry. Previews of the Spring collection look amazing, so I hope they have a smooth transition! As for Le Metier, I cannot agree more! My Nordstrom finally got a Le Metier counter and for that I am so thankful (to be completely honest Neimans scares me and I've had nothing but bad experiences there :/), but the limited information, stock, etc has made it a frustrating brand to follow even when I adore the products that I have (and Mikey Castillo is a positive doll and a genius in person!). Your blog has been one of my BIGGEST LMDB resources as I've been learning about the brand and I hope to add my voice to the online Le Metier compendium.

    Hear, hear to more perfume samples and sampler coffrets as well. 🙂 Facebook Fragrance Friends forum has a lovely starter guide of houses that offer sampler sets compiled and curated primarily by Christa of Perilously Pale, but it would be amazing if all houses could offer such samplers. I'm particularly interested in Dior's Private Collection as I've fallen head over heels in love with New Look 1947 and want to try the rest of the line.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2013 filled with lots of beauty and blogging – have fun with the new Macbook!! 🙂

  • Fabulous post Sabrina! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!

    Back to the list, I too have fallen in love with Burberry and Tom Ford. While Burberry gives me chic classic options, Tom Ford offers me these and unexpected products. I've found Burberry's quality is more consistent across the board than that of Tom Ford. I can't wait for their new releases this year!!!

    In 2013, Le Mertier de Beaute is on my testing list. Can't wait to try their kaleidoscope kits and foundations.

  • Lovely post…Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Unfortunately Tom Ford and Burberry as well as most of the brands you mentioned do not exist in India and we do call for Urban Decay et al from the travellers and emigrants. I am really praying for these brands to launch in india soon.
    Chanel is one of the brands that is in the forefront of my wish list and is followed by the amazing Guerlain. I wish to make more and more purchases from these brands and make my kit stronger for pro work.
    Its a fabulous post and I have been following your blog since quite a long. Now shall start commenting too.

    Do keep up the amazing work.

  • Amazing post! SUPER!)
    Happy New Year, Sabrina!