Current Lust List

January 13, 2013

Currently lusting over:

1. Tom Ford’s Private Blend Fragrances – I’m slowly transitioning from my usual light airy scents to ones that are a bit darker and more complex. I’ve been lusting over Santal Blush for ages (see Temptalia’s review here) but also received a small sample at the counter of Tobacco Vanille (which made The Non-Blonde’s top vanilla perfumes list). I can’t decide!

2. Burberry Hydrangea Pink Blush – this is new for spring and on its way to me πŸ™‚ It’s online now at Nordstrom.com. See it swatched on Gummy Vision.

3. Deborah Lippmann has some lovely spring nail colors coming out soon. I’m really curious about Moon Rendezvous (available for pre-sale on Neimans).

4. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille – sweet smokey vanilla perfection in a bottle. I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on purchasing this one. Perhaps this year will be the year! I see a trip to Barneys in my near future. Details online at Barneys.com.

5. NARS Cythere Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil – gorgeous swatch on Makeup and Beauty Blog and also listed as being used for Helmut Lang’s Spring 2013 show, beauty breakdown listed on 15 Minute Beauty.

What’s on your current lust list?

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  • SL un bois vanille smells devine! I think it was my first SL perfume I got (?). I have a sample of TF Tobacco Vanille and really like it so far as well. Sometimes vanilla can give me headache, not with those two though. great choices. / Claire

    • Claire – thank you for the input! Vanilla sometimes gives me a headache too, but the TF and SL have been working great with the samples I have.

  • Hi Sabrina!

    I highly recommend the Santal Blush! I Have White Suede, also. They're both beautiful.

    I also recommend pulling the trigger on the Serge Lutens Un Bios Vanille it's absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy lusting!

    • Oooh, Lori – White Suede is gorgeous! All of TF's are amazing. Thanks for the rec πŸ™‚

    • Ahhh, I KNOW! White Suede is gorgeous, isn't it! Very different! And, I have no idea why I have never tried the Tobacco Vanilla. I wil be doing so very soon!

      After perusing your list it appears that we have very similar taste in fragrance. What a surprise! πŸ˜‰ With that in mind I am going to recommend a few of my favorite Serge Lutens fragrances. In no particular order..

      – Jeux de peau

      – Clair de musc

      -Ambre Sultan

      Also, if you are loving vanilla these days I have a few Guerlain fragrances to recommend. These are the ones that I've been reaching for most often lately, again, in no particular order..

      -Spiritueuse Double Vanilla

      -Tonka Imperial

      -Angelique Noir

      Have fun discovering all of the beautiful new delights!

  • The NARS lip pencil is used on the eyes! Will you do this? I have to admit, I've never tried NARS lip pencils but they seem to be the faves among several bloggers. How do you compare SL UBV and TF TV? I've only had a decant of SL but never tried the TF (every time I went to the counter, they always run out TV, so it says to me that it is very popular). Nice list!

    • Sabrina, in case you are still thinking of SL, it offers free shipping until Jan 21st on their website. Just passing along this info in case you haven't noticed.

  • Un Bois Vanille sounds absolutely incredible! I'm so happy you enjoy Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. I've been in love with the fragrance for an age and have always survived on small vials of the perfume I've received as samples. I know I'll have to take the plunge and purchase the bottle at some point, despite the many unloved fragrances I already have!

    Your taste in makeup never fails to inspire a wish list! Thank you for sharing, Sabrina.
    β™₯ Jessica

  • Everyone seems to be eyeing Hydrangea Pink, but it's Coral Pink that has caught my eye! I can't wait to get my hands on it!! πŸ˜€

  • Hey Sabrina,
    Are you into rose scents? Please check out TF's Cafe Rose – the latest Private Blend. SL's Une Bois Vanille is really pretty and since you like that also check out Diptyque's Eau Duelle if you haven't already. Also SL's latest sandalwood endeavor: Santal Majuscule – blends woods, rose and chocolate! I'd say 2012 was all about fragrances rather than cosmetics for me! I also agree with Gaia's other vanilla pick – Mdo's Vanille, it is a vanilla like no other…truly, unique and beautiful!

    If you like Tobacco Vanille also check out Guerlain's Tonka Imperial from the L'Art et la Metiere collection.

    • Hi πŸ™‚ Yes, I do like some rose scents. I really liked Cafe Rose as well. Diptyque's Eau Duelle was a bit too sweet for me. The new SL sounds divine. I definitely need to get myself to a Barneys in the next few weeks.

  • Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille was on my lust list as well…then, I got it for my birthday ; ) I am loving the unusual play on vanilla that emits from this scent. Definitely enjoying wearing it during this Southern California cold spell! I still want to pick up SK II cream foundation (have you given this a try?) and a couple more By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks (I have Misty Rock and Bronze Moon and don't know how I ever got by without them!).

    Have a lovely week!

  • TF Tobacco Vanille is one of my favorites. I too have a small sample and I am making it last. However when I make my husband wear it, he becomes irresistible. You might try it on your man. πŸ™‚

  • I love Tobacco Vanille — I smelled it on a colleague and went to try it myself immediately. Unfortunately it doesn't smell nearly as divine on me as it does on her =( It doesn't smell terrible on me, but knowing how beautiful and simultaneously rich and delicate it could be…I'm not sure I can bring myself to purchase it (yet).

  • Hi Sabrina- I love tobacco vanille but I adore Un Bois Vanille. I have this one. It is so comforting and delicious. The prefect vanilla for winter and cold days ( and whenever you are feeling low). It is a must have for a perfume connoisseur. I wonder how would Hydrangea Pink look compared to Misty (Burberry Blush). Great list. :)) Have a great weekend