Burberry Beauty Mallow Pink, Pink Sweet Pea and Coral Lip Glow

January 29, 2013

Burberry has released a few new lip glosses for spring. The ones available at the Nordstrom counters include Lip Glows ($27 each) in Mallow Pink No. 19 (bright coral red), Pink Sweet Pea No. 20 (hot fuschia glow) and Coral No. 22 (sparkling orange). These colors are vibrant and unlike anything else in the Burberry Beauty line. Being the neutral-lover that I am, I was a bit intimidated by the shades but decided to give them a try. The shades are very pigmented with a high-gloss shine. After playing with these over the weekend I’ve decided they will be lovely for going out or special occasions. For my medium toned skin, coral is the only one that I feel I can pull off comfortably at the office or for everyday.


I could only get one lip swatch, here is Mallow Pink No. 19 (sorry for the crappy quality, this was taken with my iPhone):

Swatch comparisons below show how vibrant and rich the Burberry spring glosses are. There is a slightly transparent quality because of the gloss formula, but the spring colors are highly pigmented. Below MAC Astral, Lé Métier Hibiskiss, Burberry Mallow Pink, Burberry Pink Sweet Pea, Burberry Coral, Chanel Désir 168, Chanel Nakkar 149, Burberry Cameo:

Overall thumbs up. Beautiful vibrant shades that are very wearable. For me, Coral is the only one I can safely pull off everyday, the others work but are more color than I’m used to. Still, the pigment and shine is just incredible. Lasting power was medium – better than Chanel glossimers, but not quite as long as say Bobbi Brown.

Have you tried Burberry’s spring lip glosses yet? 

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  • I have Mallow and Sweet Pea, and I love them both. They're bright on me, because I'm fair, but I sheer them out a little and wear them as an every day lip. I didn't buy Coral because I was afraid it was too orange for me, and I think I was right in that, but I keep looking at it and wondering *g* It's such a lovely shade.

  • Hi Sabrina, What brilliant colors! Seeing all three lined up certainly lifts my spirits. I'm bright color-shy, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go for Sweet Pea 🙂

  • Amy

    Ooooh, these look so gorgeous! I'm pretty convinced that Mallow Pink needs to join my life. Thank you for the wonderful swatches!

  • Love these vibrant and fresh shade for spring! I can't wait to get myself a hydrangea pink and this mallow pink lipgloss 🙂

  • I'm not normally a lipgloss girl but these look really beautiful, especially Mallow Pink xx

  • Mallow Pink is very pretty <3

  • They are so beautiful! I wish they were easier for me to get my hands on.

  • I picked up Mallow Pink and adore it! It's got a neon quality to it and just lights up my pale skin beautifully.

  • ahhhh I'm smitted with Mallow Pink 🙂

  • WOW, Mallow Pink is stunning on you!!!!!!!! I picked up Pink Sweet Pea and ordered Fondant Pink (which is still backordered). I skipped Mallow Pink because I thought that it might be too coral on my lips, but it looks so lovely on you that I really want it now!!!!! THanks for the excellent review! 🙂

  • Mallow Pink is definitely my favorite – such a lovely shade!

  • Meredith

    I "second" Lola's opinion. This shade is gorgeous on you! I got Sweet Pea and I love it. I sheer mine out also and I like that it leaves a little stain on my lips when it wears off so I still have some color on after the gloss is gone. Really pretty and I've ordered a second Sweet Pea as the shade is Limited Edition.

  • the stylish bakery

    i tried mallow pink and it's the one i prefer because i like a natural look better than sparkling lips! Anyway it's a wonderful gloss 🙂


  • Mallow Pink is so beautiful. I'm really tempted to head over to Nordstrom.

  • Mallow Pink looks fantastic, but I'm still leery of the fragrance of the Burberry glosses. Without a counter around, I'm not sure how well I will tolerate the strong floral fragrance that have been associated with the item. Can you, or anyone with previous experience with this gloss, give me a gauge of how strong the scent is?

    • I don't actually find the glosses to be that strongly scented. I just tested three (Sweet Pea, Vintage Gold, and Blush) and while I could smell the fragrance on the wand and at the opening on the tube, it seemed to dissipate fairly quickly. I applied Sweet Pea, and I don't think I can smell it on my lips. The lipsticks in comparison I think are more strongly scented. HTH!

    • Thanks so much for your helpful insight Rebecca! I'll be ordering Mallow Pink ASAP!

  • Mallow Pink is lovely. I wore a Burberry gloss today that I sadly forgot I had, Bright Plum. I am so impressed with the pigment and longevity. I really need to go back to the Burberry counter!

  • Goodness, WHY are Mallow Pink and Coral not mine yet?!!

  • Anne

    Hi Sabrina! This has nothing to do with Burberry lipglosses (although they are really lovely, and I think Mallow Pink looks great on you), but while browsing through French ebay for another lipstick, I found someone using one of your photos here:

    I figured I should let you know.

  • Yin

    Hi! Is the Sweet Pea similar to Chanel glossimer jalousie #169?? Looks really similar

    • I was just thinking the same thing I own Chanel glossimer jalousie did someone answer your question? thanks in advance.

  • So refreshing to see vibrant colors from Burberry and they're stunning bright shades!!

  • Really gorgeous! Love the look of all three! 🙂

  • Mallow Pink is such a stunning shade. I'm done with gloss for the most part (much prefer lipstick because my hair doesn't get caught in it), but these look so well done. Hard to resist!

  • Juicy – love it!

  • Joy

    These shades are gorgeous!

  • Oh I love how bright these are! Mallow Pink is delicious! You look amaze