Chanel Or Rose, Santal and Beryl Stylo Yeux Waterproof

December 27, 2012

Chanel has released three new eyeliners in the Stylo Yeux Waterproof formula for spring ($30 each, made in Italy). The three shades are Or Rose #89 (a luminous sparkly champagne), Santal #100 (a neutral shimmering brown) and Beryl #102 (a pale lavendar). Currently, only Beryl is listed as limited-edition on Chanel.com. The Stylo Yeux Waterproof pencils come in a twist-up packaging with a hidden built-in sharpener at the end of the pencil (see example from Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog for close up). They are designed to be a long-wear pencil and I find them to be among my longest lasting eyeliners. For me they stay put all day.
The new shades for spring performed just as well as others in the same formula. Shimmery champagnes like Or Rose are good for lining the inner corners or lower waterline. I’m still experimenting with Beryl – it’s such an unusual shade for a liner! Santal is a pretty classic warm brown shimmer. Chanel does lovely neutrals and Santal works perfectly with the Raffinement quad that was released for spring.

Swatches: Or Rose pulls a bit peachy on my skin.

In terms of dupes, I couldn’t find any. Some comparisons are featured below. Or Rose is a lighter version of Peche Cuivre. Shown next to other champagnes you can see Or Rose is definitely on the peachy side. Santal is quite unique and warmer than other brown neutrals. I didn’t compare Beryl to anything since I don’t own any lavendar-colored eyeliners.

Based on my preferences and normal makeup routine, I like Santal the best. Or Rose is gorgeous but I would prefer it as an eyeshadow instead. Same with Beryl. I occasionally use champagne eyeliners but not frequently. They are both stunning though.

Did you pick up any of the spring eyeliners?

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  • Do you think Beryl could be used on the waterline to brighten the eye? Or would it be too obviously Lilac? I was thinking about buying it for that purpose, to swap out with NARS Rue Bonaparte that I currently use on my waterline, but I am not entirely sure that it would suit that…


    • You can check Lisa Eldridge's latest makeup tutorial (in her site or youtube). She uses and recommends using beryl on the waterline to brighten the eyes. She says because it's a light and subtle lavender, it should cancel any yellowness in the eyes, therefore providing a brightening effect. Hope it helps!

  • Paige

    I haven't bought anything from the Spring collection yet. IMO, it's just too early for me to be thinking and buying spring-related items. Esp. where I live, a nice spring-like weather won't come until mid- to late March.

    Anyway, I will be picking up the Santal eyeliner. I have a similar shade from Stila (lionfish) but I prefer Chanel's better staying power and better twist-up packaging. As for Or Rose and Beryl, I could not imagine a good use out of them in my makeup routine.

    Wish you a belated Merry Christmas by the way. The Christmas holiday has been hectic for me this year with my graduation, holiday shopping and cooking. I finally have my own 'me' time today -_-

  • I'm loving Beryl… I love lining my lower lash line with color other than black or brown, and I think this will look great πŸ™‚

  • Wow Santal and Or Rose are both so pretty. I have so many different shades of liner, it takes something really unique to stand out to me, but both of these do.

  • I definitely need burberry midnight brown liner !

  • I bet Santal looks amazing paired with the Raffinement quad! I own Burberry Midnight Brown and I thought that might be enough. And, wow!! Rose Platine looks almost taupe compared to Or Rose. Great comparison picture!

  • I went to purchase Santal at Bloomies yesterday and they didn't have the Spring Collection – they offered a $25 gift card w/$100 cosmetic purchase and the mall was nuts so didnt feel like going back to SAKS or N-M but I found a very interesting brown (dark) pencil at MAC – check out Rich Experience – its a new Pro Longware Pencil – Let me know what you think – I will go back to SAKS for the Santal – I have Or Rose – not sure about Beryl yet – Thanks for all your reviews and knowledge – I really love reading your blog – Happy New Year!

  • These would be too light for me but Or Rose would probably be a pretty good option for the waterline.

  • I bought quite a bit from the Chanel spring collection but I skipped the liner. I was tempted by Santal but I have Mac's Teddy liner and thought they might be too similar. What do you think? Do you have Mac Teddy?

    • Hi Icedcaramellatte – sorry for the delay in responding, I searched for MAC Teddy and I don't have it anymore to compare. Sorry – off the top of my head I do think they are probably very similar.

  • Anonymous

    For Jules, That is exactly what I use Beryl for, to line my waterline to cancel out redness. It works perfectly, doesn't look lilac-y and is natural and not too bright like a white pencil is. I think you'll like it.

  • Anonymous

    Beryl used on the waterline made my eyes itch a little. I bought the other two. Or Rose looks fantastic over (not on top of) a dark liquid liner on the top lid. Thanks for the excellent review.

  • Ooooh rose looks beautiful! Like its a pencil version for I'dor Abstraction?

  • Ordered Santal – thanks for the comparisons!