Davines OI/OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion

July 21, 2012

I recently discovered a new product called Davines OI/OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion at my local salon. Normally Phyto products are used by my stylist for shampoo, conditioning, treating and styling, but this time several different items were used. The product that caught my attention was the Davines OI/Oil mainly because of the scent (mixture of soft vanilla, freshness and powder) in which two pumps were used to coat my damp just-cut hair before blow drying. The OI/Oil is a multi-purpose styling treatment that can be used on both damp and dry hair. It comes in a small pump bottle (135 ml/4.56 fl oz). I can’t recall the retail price, but I believe it was around $36-39 US.

Davines is a new brand to me. In researching a bit about the company, I found out they were founded in 1983 in Italy and began as a research lab for high-end hair and skin care products. You can find more information about their philosophy on Davines.com.

A bit of background on my haircare: When it comes to haircare, I’m
low-to-medium maintenance. I have thick hair that has a slight natural
wave that frizzes without blow-drying or straightening (which I usually
do both almost every day). I don’t color treat my hair and usually get
it cut 3 times a year. My staple products include: my Super Solano
hairdryer, HAI ceramic flat iron, Phyto’s Phytojoba Shampoo, Phyto 7
Cream, Neutrogena Body Wash (yes, as shampoo), and occasionally various
Pantene shampoos. I’ve used a number of Frederic Fekkai and Kiehl’s hair
products in past years, but prefer Phyto. There is one photo I’ve
posted of my hair from a Dry Bar visit (here) but this might help give you an idea of my hair type.

This is my first experience with a styling oil. I’ve use other styling sprays and conditioners before but never an oil. I was really surprised that this was able to deliver a sleek soft shine. I personally have used this for a few weeks on damp hair before blow drying. One pump is sufficient to cover most of my shoulder-length hair. A little goes a long way and I use this at most every other day (usually every other other day). It leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth and also works wonders to detangle hair after it is washed. I find it keeps the hair looking nice all day without getting a greasy or heavy look/feel. I do find that you definitely need to wash your hair at the end of the day though when using this (especially in the summer months). The ingredients:

I found this YouTube tutorial very helpful: Tutorial OI/OIL by Davines with Angelo Seminara.

Since purchasing this, I’ve stopped using all other styling creams (even my Phyto 7). I do think everyday use will be a bit too heavy for me but it works wonders when used sparingly. Given my love for this new discovery, I’m anxious to try more products from Davines. Since I’m new to the brand I’m not sure where this item is carried online. I noticed Barneys.com carries a few select Davines products. You can try using the Davines US Salon Locator to find a salon near you that carries this too.
Have you tried anything from Davines? Any recommendations or thoughts?

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  • It sounds great, I want to try it now πŸ™‚

    Rose x

  • Taryn

    I did use a few Davines products before I became worried about parabens and I liked them quite a bit. Unfortunately almost all of their shampoos and conditioners are loaded with parabens. :

    I'm so glad you posted the ingredients list for this, because I wanted to try it, emailed Davines asking if there were parabens in it and received no response (they are horrible at customer service). So thank you! I think I'll give it a try.

  • Anonymous


    I love Davines too, big time!!

    I found Davines after looking for anything that would tame my puffy head, then fell in love with it. Specifically I use the Love line because my hair is naturally curly, dry and super frizzy. The love conditioner is something I can not do without, its like a butter that feeds my hair. Also when I want to wear my puffy hair straight, I use their relaxing Definer ( red tube) before blow-drying, the result is straight but with body ( for my particular hair type, might be too strong for thin hair). To keep my hair for turning brassy when I dye it lighter I switch to their Alchemic Silver or Tobacco( when I dye darker) conditioner to keep my naturally reddish hair in a "cool shade" to flatter my skintone.

    Also I use the Dede leave in treatment for my bangs, because, I never ever put conditioner that close to my face ( from any brand, I am afraid of clogging my skin), so in place I mist my bangs with this lightweight conditioner to keep them shiny-hydrated, I guess this one only works for fine hair.

    My sister uses their Melu shampoo(green mint) because her hair is styled layered and it could become fragile with a rough shampoo, combined with the Nou Nou(?) as conditioner because she swims a lot.

    I will try the OI oil after your review!


  • Definitely going to try! My hair is so heavy nothing tames it!

  • Jessi G

    Bumble and bumble is real easing a styling oil August 2, which I'm anxious to try, I've always liked the products in their line suited for my hair…

    • Taryn

      I just got a sample of this from my stylist and you really have to be careful with overdoing it, especially if you have fine hair, and it has to be applied to dry hair. The first ingredient is dimethicone, but it does have things like grape seed extract, macadamia oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil and safflower oil in the middle of the list, so it's definitely much more of an oil than the Davines and would probably be healthier to use than just silicones.

      I got the Davines, BTW, and it's not bad at all, but still a silicone serum more than anything.

  • Anonymous

    Do you know how it compares to Maroccan OIl??

    • Sorry, I haven't tried any other hair oils.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sabrina, why do you use bodywash as a shampoo and which one do you use… I am very curious πŸ™‚
      Thanks a lot!

    • Taryn

      Not to butt in, but I found it's a little bit lighter than even the Moroccanoil Light. I like both equally.

  • It is lovely, but clarifying regularly or using a shampoo with SLS is key, as this oil is mostly silicone. The smell is soooo pretty, would make a nice perfume!

  • I am a huge fan of Davines products and have used them for a very long time. THe Love Shampoo and COnditioner are lovely– there are two types– one for curly hair (which I use) and another for Smoothing- which might be better for your hair, Sabrina. The Davines Momo Cream (Moisturizing Anti Aging Cream) is a lovely leave-in cream for dry and dehydrated hair. I add little before styling and my hair feels and looks fantastic. I have also tried several of their styling products and they are all fantastic. They also make a fantastic Product called Dede Conditioner Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist– it's a light spray that conditions, but it is also fabulous to spritz while styling. I have purchased many of their products from Barneys Beverly Hills (the line is tucked away in the back right corner of the Apothacary- when your back is facing Wilshire). I have also purchased some from my hair dresser. I used Phyto almost exclusively for years– so I understand why you love it– especially Phytojoba Shampoo, but I do think that Davines is worth your further exploration. I definitely want to try this OI/Oil- I was going to try it sight unseen, but after your fantastic review I'm DEFINITELY far more interested!! Thanks!

  • so funny i have been stalking this recently. I'm switching little by little from Kerastase to this brand. I have lots of wavy, thick hair and it just looks too voluminous on bottom. This spray is on my wish list, but i do wish i could play with it in person first. the NouNou mask is great and i subscribe to it on amazon. their mousse is amazing if you want to have crazy shine and definition to your waves (also vanilla scented) and i use a putty to piece out my ends some times, or slick back baby hairs on in-between days.

  • Kristina

    Hands down the best hair oil is by Shu Uemura. Davines products are also available on Amazon.

  • Kinda funny that all these supposed hair oils barely contain any oil and are made up of mostly silicones…but still, they really are lovely in the hair. I so want to try this one–or the new B&B one

    • Hannah

      It really is quite absurd that this is called an oil. With those ingredients, they need to make it clear that this is a styling product, not a treatment. They do seem to call it some sort of nourishing treatment (as many of these brands that market silicone smoothing serums do), which is misleading if you ask me.

    • @Hannah you nailed it…

  • OBSESEDDDD with this product! best hair oil out there!

  • Anonymous

    Kristina, you are right. Shu Uemura makes the best hair oil and I've played with many, many products.

  • Jane

    I have been using this product daily since March and I will pay any amount to continue using it forever. I have thin, fine, short, colored hair. I use two pumps and it makes my hair so shiny – really just beautiful. And the fragrance is amazing too. I have super-sensitive skin and allergies and this product doesn't disturb any of those things, either. Get over the whole "it doesn't contain oil" thing, please. It's a great product.