Le Métier de Beauté Indian Summer Lip Crème Lip Gloss Duo

June 8, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté has released another Haute House Hues Lip Crème Lip Gloss Duo called Indian Summer ($65 for 0.44 fl oz/13 ml). The two new shades are called Ginger Snap, a sheer sparkly warm pink and Copper Leaf, a warm metallic coppery orange bronze.

Both are labeled as the Lip Crème formula, but it Ginger Snap is more glossy and sheer than the typical Le Métier Lip Crème. It goes on fairly sheer on the lips giving a tint of sparkly pink. It’s quite stunning in the tube and naturally pretty on the lips. I think this shade works for me alone, but I think most will find it sheer and prefer it over lipsticks.

Copper Leaf is highly pigmented with a lightweight mousse-like creme feel. It’s on the orangey-side of copper but not overly so. I think this would look lovely on darker skinned girls. I like it but think it would be more flattering if I had a tan. This shade did bleed a little while wearing this. I recommend using a lip liner with a non-glossy texture to help matte-out the lip area.

Mix master Messy Wands has swatched them mixed on her gorgeous lips today. The Ultimate Makeup also has large swatches to view and so does Best Things in Beauty.

Here are the Lip Crèmes swatched, Ginger Snap, Copper Leaf, then mixed together (Copper Leaf dominates even when mixed in equal parts)

Comparisons to other Le Métier de Beauté lipglosses:

Swatched comparisons to other Le Métier de Beauté lipglosses: Nadine is more pink/red (not photographed above but swatched below), Ibiza is lighter and more pink, Toffee Creme is more neutral/brownish, Summerland has loads more sparkles and more pink/sand.

I like them mixed best but my love for Le Métier de Beauté lip crèmes and glosses still burns strong. Both are fairly unique for the colors I own. I don’t think you’ll find dupes in the Le Metier line (which is nice). For reference, the spring pinks lip creme duo was reviewed last month here.
There are two additional items in the collection, two orangey nail lacquers. I decided to pass for now, but I’m looking forward to upcoming Le Métier de Beauté releases (more kaleidoscope kits soon please!). I found my lip crème set in-store at Neiman Marcus. It should be available at all Neiman Marcus Le Metier locations.

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  • Ginger snap is so classically pretty, but copper leaf is so unique! I can imagine that by blending you'd get the best of both worlds 🙂

  • gorgeous swatches: I actually rediscovered the sophisticated effect of wearing a good bronze-tinted lipgloss/lipstick lately. I dó mention "good" because when the quality is not as fab as LMDB or similar it could have the opposite effect.

  • Gorgeous pictures as usual! I've been using Ginger Snap so much (paired with various lipsticks).

    Ps thank you so much for the shout out! 🙂

    • Thank you my dear! I *heart* your swatches!

  • Really like Ginger Snap on you. So shiny and pearly.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Copper Leaf is stunning, especially with your skin tone (but on my uber-pale skin it would probably look AWFUL). I love your photos so much! The swatches practically look jewel-like!

    • Thank you Angsthase, I think Copper Leaf is borderline unwearable on me, if I were just a bit lighter, yes I think it would be awful. It's a good mixing color though 🙂

  • wow wow wow!! These are sooooo pretty!! They all have such lovely names, ginger snap looks like my type of colour! Thank you for your swatches, they are so pretty. I hope these are on sale in the UK, i really want some! xX

  • Do these have a vanilla scent like some (all?) LMdB lipglosses do? I could not take that scent unfortunately!!!

    • I think these have the same scent as most LMdB glosses. I don't know that I would associate it with vanilla, but I'm not sure if they have changed the scent or not.

  • (Sorry if this posts 2 x's) Do these LMdB lipglosses have a vanilla scent? The one I tried did and it was too strong for me. Too bad because they're nice glosses!

  • These are absolutely stunning glosses! I'm attempting to decide between this set or the Haute House Hues duo … a very difficult decision that may lead to my purchasing both!

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful review,
    ♥ Jessica

  • I rarely go to beauty blogs (and didn't realize there are so many!), but found yours recently as I was "researching" something, and just want to say that yours really stands out from most — beautiful images etc. Fun to look at even when I'm not looking or interested in buying anything. Will bookmark for future reference.

  • I love copper leaf and summerland! both very pretty with all that shimmer. Ginger snap would make a beautiful highlighter.