Le Métier de Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope

May 3, 2012

Those who missed out on Le Métier de Beauté’s Blush Kaleidoscope ($95) last year will be thrilled to learn that the kit has been released to all Le Métier counters and is now a permanent item in their line (yes, it’s the same one as the first issue from Troy, Michigan). I was one of those who waited and missed, but as soon as I heard it was arriving to all stores, I immediately put myself on the waiting list. Thank you Le Métier de Beauté for reissuing this!

Le Métier de Beauté describes this as a wardrobe for the cheeks and I couldn’t describe it better. Their blush theory is similar to what I’ve experienced with many other lines, according to Le Métier de Beauté’s Director of Color Mikey Castillo:

“When we blush it’s not one shade; it’s a prismatic multitude of color. To express how you feel or the feeling you want to evoke, you need to layer color for that perfect flush. In order to create dimension, there must be at least two pigments that are contrasting in tone or texture. For instance, matte with sheen, satin with matte, pink with coral, or mauve with bronze. Layering multiple shades eliminates flatness while bring vitality to the skin- this is true of color whether it is on the eyes, lips, or cheeks.”

While the concept of layering blushes isn’t new, I think the combination of these particular blush shades in one kit is fresh and unique. I love that this kit offers so many options allowing you to be the artist and create your own custom blend of color to suit a diverse range of looks. The shades from top to bottom include a matte peach with a satiny finish, a matte rose pink with a hint of brown, a shimmering golden honey, a frosted pale cool pink. They are naturally flattering but not boring neutrals. The texture of the blushes are a finely milled powder that allows you to control the intensity of pigment depending on how much you layer or how dense a blush brush you use.

Here are more close ups of the blushes swatched on my skin, also compared to two other blushes from Le Métier de Beauté, Fresh and Whisper. Those afraid of shimmer need not fear this one. I found the frosted shades applied more heavily on my arm and that the flash emphasized the shimmer. On the skin they blend nicely and softly without being too shimmery.

I believe this kit is a must-have for all Le Métier de Beauté lovers. The colors are different enough from the current line of singles to justify owning. I asked Le Métier de Beauté if they planned on offering the shades individually but at this time it appears they do not. I think the kit is more than worth it. Those who are new to the line will find this Blush Kaleidoscope Kit a beautiful introduction to the brand. It’s perfectly fresh for spring and summer. Suitable for everyday and great for night as well. As someone who always layers 2-3 colors on the cheeks (sometimes bronzer as the first layer, plus blush and then a soft swipe of highlighter), I love love love this kit. It’s pure genius.
When this arrived at my local Neimans it sold out as soon as it arrived due to the wait list. Don’t fret – while your counter might be sold out of the first shipment, I’ve been told that they expect to receive more soon. It should be arriving at other Le Métier de Beauté counters this month as well. I am hoping to snag one more for Mother’s Day.
I’m sure everyone has seen the lovely swatches on other blogs, but if you haven’t be sure to check out the swatches on Café Makeup (ingredients are listed here too!), Best Things in Beauty and Beauty Info Zone to name a few. Also check out the Le Métier de Beauté Facebook page for updates and news.

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  • Wow, love the blushes! The shades are pretty gorgeous!! <3

  • This looks amazing! I have one of the Kaleidoscopes and I love it. Really amazing quality!

  • I think this may be the only kaleidoscope worth owning from the recent releases. Nice swatches!

    • Anonymous

      I beg to differ, all the Kaleidoscopes are worth having!! I'm a tad bit bias, however, as I am the Creative Color Director at Le Metier de Beaute. Let me know if I can change your mind by dropping me a line at mcastillo@metierbeaute.com

      "Everyone wants to look their best, and a naked face, is nobody's best look!"
      Very Best, Mikey

  • Shopgirl

    Love! I must place my order AsAp.

  • They look amazing! I didn´t know this brand so thanks for sharing the info!

  • What's this about Troy, Michigan? I'm from that city, are we special to Le Metier de Beaute? XD

  • LuckyRedLisa

    Oh, I am SOOOO excited to see your positive review of this!! I was one who missed the first shipment, and because I was so worried about missing out, I actually have TWO of these on their way to me right now. LOL Can't wait to get this kit!! Don't think I need two of them, but hey, I'm sure I'll find someone who wants the second one!!

  • Eileen

    I'm on a wait list for this beauty and am thrilled to learn that, unlike the eye Kaliedoscopes and the new lip Kaliedoscope, there are no dupes–an existing problem that has stirred up a lot of controversy. The colors are typical summer brights but with LMdB's excellent quality. A wardrobe of blushers is a perfect description.

  • Nice system and beautiful colours, I really like the blushes :3.

    lg Neru

  • I am so tempted by this! I have been on a huge blush kick lately.

  • This is really lovely – I love the top two shades. Not such a big fan of shimmer in blush, so I don't like the lower two as much.

  • Anonymous

    Just got mine today!
    Can't wait to try them out!!!!!!

  • Love the swatches, I really like the shimmery shades 🙂 very summery! First I thought the price is a bit too high, but you get so many shades in the same package, so you do get more than what you paying for

  • Those are really gorgeous. Thanks for swatching, Sabrina.

  • Gorgeous!!!! Love the whole concept, though I don't own any… Thank you for swatching!

  • I looked online and can't find this exact color set. Does anyone have a link for it?

  • Sabrina, I have to say I love looking at your swatches. I have this kit and swatched it myself and while I like my swatches, i think yours are breathtaking. Great photos, great swatches and great post as always. I enjoy your blog so much!