Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum and Spice

April 2, 2012

Tom Ford’s new Cream Color for Eyes come in four different warm metallic shades, $40 each. These come encased in a small round potted container similar to that of many other cream shadows. I purchased Platinum and Spice sight-unseen based on a few photos online, to me these seemed the most neutral-toned, the others appeared to be very warm in color.

Platinum is a warm taupe-nude-silver. It applies very sheer but is layerable. I’ve used it as a base all over the lid for a subtle contoured glow on the eyes. It looks very nude on my skin, partly because the formula is semi-sheer. Spice is a warm bronze, also sheer, but buildable. I find it very warm-toned, but not too reddish like some bronzes can be.


The texture of these are a soft almost mousse-like cream. They have a softness that is like Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre but without that bounce you find when you press your fingers into the Chanel. The Tom Ford Cream Colors have a soft sheer but layerable texture. I found them most similar to Laura Mercier’s Metallic Crème Eye Colours in terms of how they apply and layer on the eyes. 

The finish is smooth and very light-weight. Not quite a full cream, not like a liquid eye color, not like a gel. It feels like a mix between a cream and a mousse. Color applies smoothly and sheer with the fingers or a brush but is easily layerable. The colors are shimmery but not frosty. The finish just glows which I think is very pretty. 

Lasting power seems fairly decent for a cream shadow … that is if you just don’t touch the eye area once applied. I wouldn’t say they are budge-proof if you touch your eye makeup. However, for me, they did help my makeup last longer throughout the day. 

My first impressions were … well, luke warm. The colors were pretty, but at $40, I felt the packaging was a bit lacking. There is no applicator for the product and the actual packaging seems a bit cheap (the top has a sticker slapped on for the TF logo, most other brands at least have the brand name or logo embossed onto the actual lid). Still, the packaging is sturdy and functional. My first attempts at applying the product resulted in a barely-there look. No matter how I layered, it seemed that the color disappeared as soon as I did any sort of blending. 

After playing with these for a week now I’ve grown to like them more. Particularly Platinum which works as a base or as a stand alone color. For me, the first layers have to be blended (either with a finger or brush) and the color does disappear, however, I’ve found that putting a second layer on top of the first helps the color show up better. Second layers are applied with a patting-motion rather than blending to help the color show up better. 

I couldn’t find dupes for either of these shades. I did pull a few other cream shadows to help compare the finish/texture a bit. 

L to R: Bobbi Brown Smoky Topaz Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Laura Mercier Platinum Metallic Crème Eye Colour, Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color for Eye, Tom Ford Spice Cream Color for Eye, Armani #4 Eyes to Kill Eye Shadow, Chanel Epatant Illusion D’Ombre, Bobbi Brown Sand Dollar Long-Wear Cream Shadow, MAC Constructivist Paint Pot.

Overall I’m pleased with the performance of Platinum. It’s a highly versatile cream shadow. Spice is a shade I still need to work with a bit more. The warm tones are suitable when layered with other colors, alone it’s a bit too warm for me right now. The are both rather pricey at $40 but you do get a lot of product. I probably would have preferred a powder shadow in these colors rather than a cream, but they are still very pretty.

Have you checked out the new collection from Tom Ford? What were your thoughts?

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  • Those are both really pretty. I can imagine working with them together. Wow, I long to see this extended line in person! Great job, S, as always!

  • Amy

    Beautiful swatches, as always! It's disappointing to hear about the lackluster packaging, though.

  • Thank you for these reviews! I can't believe these are $40 and the logo for TF are stickers on the lid… I will definitely be skipping these and going for Chanel instead.

  • Honestly, if Tom Ford's name wasn't attached to this makeup line, it would completely flop. I don't think any particular product in his completely line is extraordinary- from the packing to the product itself imo.

  • I like the colours, they're both beautiful. Platinum is my favourite.

  • Anonymous

    the packaging is horrible.. i don't mind the look but with a sticker s worse then l'oreal lol…
    I love Tom Ford Translucent finishing powder and find eyeshadow and blush are all good too and don't mind to get more.
    but I am not sure about all the others I have tried..
    to me, the LIPSTICKS apply very smoothly on and not dry but get cakey easier then most of the other lipsticks.. like MAC but Mac lipsticks apply dry to start with.
    SAHDE AND ILLUMINATE doens't have enough colour selection for all skin colours. I bought the lighter shade but it disapper after blending.
    darker shade looks dirty on my skin tone.
    and the formula get quite messy in the quad after few times..

    • Anonymous

      I ended up purchasing 2, #3+#4! 😛
      the colours are amazing and i don't find them sheer on me apart from the gold one.
      and they do have a very expensive looking finishing on eyes compare to Chanel, Armani, or some other drugstores cream shadow. ex. loreal, maybelline …
      but the stickers on mine are not even placed in teh centre…
      well, I think sometimes I just have to close my eyes to it
      they are just 28 pounds makeup not 2800 pounds 2.55 anyway! 😛

  • oh, the TF cream e/s remind me a bit of sonia rykiel ones (texture wise). the colours look pretty actually. I wonder if they would work as a base, if the e/s applied over them, stick to the cream or just crease. thank you for the review <3

  • I love these colours and they look flattering to all skintones! Especially fo summer they are great!!

  • Those are certainly beautiful—thanks for swatching, Sarbina. They almost look like tiny cups of butterscotch and caramel mousse. Mmmmm. But a sticker on the lid? I think we probably can get better quality packaging for under $20. I don't think you mentioned if the pots were plastic or glass. If plastic, I would definitely pass; I find that those creams dry out much more quickly than contents that come in glass pots.

    I cream eyeshadow in tubes, like the Laura Mercier you mentioned, because those stay creamy forever. OK maybe not, but certainly longer than any BB or MUFE or Benefit has ever fared.

  • claim

    It's so annoying that the price is that high! I can't afford those products (or I will never sleep well again! ^^) but they are really beautiful! I love the result (eyeshadow quads are so tempting!). And in France, price is even higher… I let you imagine…

  • The packaging of these is interesting considering the detail and care taken with the other items in the line. I just have a few things and they look really nice. I really like both of these shades but I think Platinum is the one I'll go for! Thanks for showing these!

  • Eva

    I went on a hunt last January for hard to find brands in NYC. I checked out Tom Ford, Dolce&Gabbana and Burberry. I was mainly comparing their foundations. The Tom Ford stick foundation is quite heavy, similar to the Becca foundation stick (much cheaper). The liquid foundation is good, but it's comparable to Burberry in terms of quality, but the Burberry foundation has a dewy texture and it's 20$ less. I tried the illuminate palette loved the texture, the eye shadow quads were great as well but the colours are meant for a more sophisticated look. I you want the same quality, try the new reformulated Estée Lauder blushes (Lauder is the parent company of Tom Ford). And for quality lipstick Dolce&Gabbana have some amazing lipsticks formulas too, and much cheaper and more vivid colours.Personally I think the line is generally overpriced and aimed at a more mature clientele.

  • Eileen

    Actually, I got a laugh out of the sticker. Obviously, there was a production snafu and there wasn't time to fix it in time to launch the collection on schedule; hence the slap-dash sticker. Sicker aside, the creams come in a sturdy container similar to Chanel, Armani, etc. I bought Spice and Illicit. My eye color loves warm toned shadows and I find that both of those work well for me. I sweep them on with Bobbi Brown's cream eyeshadow brush for a sheer wash of color and pat on a bit extra with my finger if I want more "oomph". Am I completely sold on cream shadows? No. I prefer a good powder any day of the week, but it's always fun to try something new.

  • Platinum is very appealing. It's just so hard to justify the price.

  • Anonymous

    I own mostly cream shadows due to my large deep set eyes. Ladies that have deep set eyes will be able to relate. I get terrible transfer of eyeshadow from lid to crease even with a base. Therefore, cream shadows are a must for me. However, part of the allure of a makeup item is also the feeling of packaging. I have Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Benefit, Estee Lauder, Ellis Faas and YSL version of the cream shadow. These are all wonderful options and provide excellent color payoff, longevity and beautiful packaging for the price point. Given the simple fact, a sticker was placed on these overpriced, sheer cream shadows, demonstrates a lack of quality control and attention to detail. This coming from a man who is quoted as saying shorts and sandals should only be worn at the beach. Phffff….what a bunch of hot air. Hey Tommy, stickers should only be found on dollar store makeup!!!

  • These colors look very similar to Laura Mercier's Metallic Cream eyeshadows, like Alloy and Platinum. These are $22, I believe, and superb quality. I think the whole Tom Ford cosmetics line is a rip-off. Everyone is falling prey to the Emperor's new clothes. The quality is just not there for the exorbitant price.

  • I find Laura Mercier's Metallic Cream Shadows in Alloy and Platinum are superb, last all day, and are priced at $22. The Tom Ford line is a rip-off, exorbitant pricing and lack of a substantial upgrade in quality as he himself likes to spout off on. The guy's ego knows no bounds, he almost thinks he's a plastic surgeon. He's not a makeup artist and the lines made by makeup artists are waaaay better than this.

  • Just found your blog and what a great resource! I look forward to follow it!

  • As always, what an amazing array of swatch comparisons! Thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    I recently purchased TM cream shadows, and I actually found a dupe for those who are interested in purchasing TM cream shadow in Illicit. TM Illicit is comparable with theBalm Overshadow in the color (If you're rich, I'm single). It's exactly the same but difference is your preference between loose pigment vs cream shadow. Hope this helps!

  • Bee

    Does anyone know if the Tom Ford cream shadows are paraben-free? Allergy problems. Thanks!