Soleil Tan de Chanel: 2011 Bronzes vs. 2012 Sables

April 29, 2012

Top: Bronze Rose (summer 2011) and Sable Rose (summer 2012)
Bottom: Bronze Corail (summer 2011) and Sable Beige (summer 2012)

Here is a comparison post of the stripe bronzers from Chanel. Overall thoughts on each release:

Summer 2011: Bronze Corail 537 and Bronze Rose 547 (reviewed here and here)

  • Retailed for $50 each
  • Four stripes of varying color
  • Overall darker and more brown-based
  • Product size 14 g/0.49 oz

Summer 2012: Sable Beige 907 and Sable Rose 917

  • Retails for $60 each
  • Seven stripes of varying color, each shade embossed with a stripe imprint
  • Overall softer glow and more sandy-beige undertones
  • Product size 15 g/0.53 oz
Bronze Corail vs. Sable Beige

Bronze Rose vs. Sable Rose 

Swatched, two views/applications (labels corrected): 


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  • This year's sable rose and sable beige seem much more like traditional bronzers when compared to last year's bronze rose or bronze corail. I think Sable Rose would be my favorite amongst your swatches, it has the peachy-tan going on that seems to be popular now πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Do you have an error in the photo?
    Bronze Coraill released in 2011 or in 2012 ?

    • Thank you! Fixed – Bronze Corail was released in 2011.

  • Thank you so much for the comparison! xxx

  • Eileen

    This and the previous post are both excellent. Last year's bronzers straddled the line between bronzer and blusher. In fact, long after summer had come and gone, I continued to use the pink from Bronze RosΓ© as a blusher. This year's bronzers, though, are more like bronzer/highlighters; especially the lighter Sable Beige. I've already tested them at the counter, but for anyone who hasn't seen them yet, your product and swatch photos are simply the best.

  • I have both Roses and love them. Now you are making me think I want Sable Beige as well. Thanks for the excellent comparison swatches!

  • I purchased Sable Rose, sight unseen. I don't love it yet. It's so powdery. When I did a swatch on my arm, it didn't even show up. And when I put it on my face, it was a scary overkill of deep rosey brown. I'll try it some more and find the beauty in it but my first impression is underwhelming. I totally agree that what you see on the arm doesn't translate to the face. I'm waiting for my local counter to get these in so I can see the Beige in person.

    • Hi Polarbelle, I had the same reaction I went to the store to purchase the sable rose as I read so many great reviews on this but thankfully I tested it first it did not look good on me at all it looked quit dirty muddy took it off and applied the beige one and that what much better just a healthy golden glow. Maybe I did not apply the rose one wrong (if that is possible) I am a Chanel B30 in the summer so normally I should have to get the rose one? Did you keep the Sable Rose or gotten the Sable Beige yet?

  • Hi Sabrina, thanks for the comparison.
    From the swatch it seems like 2012's sable rose looks darker than 2011. I am quite sad as I am looking forward for Sable Rose and I am looking for a more neutrals bronzer

    • Definitely check out other blogs for swatches. Last years rose is more pink but this years is still gorgeous on the face. If you can get to a counter to try, I highly recommend checking it out – it applies prettier on the face.

  • Anonymous

    I preferred the one from last year, but unfortunately I passed on it…'-(

  • Vvn

    Raced for Bronze Corail last year, definitely going for Sable Rose this year! Thanks for swatches and comparisons πŸ˜€ x

  • I still love last year's Bronze Corail – thank you for saving me $60.

  • Please, I need help. I cannot figure out how to use my 2011 Bronze Rose. Do you swipe all the colors and make the "3" on your face, or do you use each color separately for contour and blush? I need to actually use mine rather than just admire it on my vanity. Thank you so much!!

    • I personally swirl and swipe like a blush. You could definitely apply in a 3 shaped motion like a regular bronzer too. I'm hoping Lisa eldridge will do a tutorial on the summer collection. If you have time check out the videos on Chanel confidentiel. There might be some good tutorial videos to give you ideas πŸ™‚

  • Gail

    Sabrina, thank you for the wonderful review and comparisons of the bronzers. I really appreciate it especially knowing you are pressed for time these days. How would you say Sable Beige compares to Edward Bess Daydream?

    • Sable Beige is lighter and more golden/shimmery than the Edward Bess. Hth!