Coming Soon … Tom Ford Metallics for Spring 2012

March 26, 2012

Just arrived from Saks.com: Tom Ford Metallics. My picks, sight unseen include Burnt Topaz, Gold Haze, Silver Smoke Nail Polishes ($30 each), Gold Dust Lip Lacquer ($30), and Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum and Spice ($40 each).

I’m going to test these in the upcoming week. In the meantime check out these for more photos, swatches and thoughts:

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  • Everything a girl would need to be a bronze goddess this Summer! πŸ™‚

  • wow wow wow
    love love love = NAIL POLISHES <3
    have a nice day πŸ™‚

  • these look gorgeous! x

  • Wow, the products look absolutely amazing! β™₯

  • WOW I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this collection everything looks pretty:)

  • Anonymous

    Tom Ford is quickly becoming an addiction. Can't wait for your opinion on the nail polish. Thanks!

  • I saw these in NYC a week or so ago- they are gorge but not for those of us who are pale white with red undertones. They have a LOT of yellow in them and unfortunately it does not look good on me. Didn't stop me from buying a ton of his other stuff though!

  • i love the look of the polishes, but the price is too high… i'd have to order them online, and i'm not a fan of shipping charges πŸ™‚

  • These look amazing. Look forward to your review.

  • Can't wait for the swatches Sabrina! I want everything in this new release…Bronze goddess this Spring/Summer all the way!!!

  • Looking forward to the swatches Sabrina! Girl, you rock and seriously bring joy to busy life. I want everything in the collection. It's all about being a Bronze Goddess this Spring & Summer.

  • anahita

    Looks awesome. I also placed an order with Bergdorf Goodman for the new Tom Ford colors. I used platinum as a base and then used the Sahara Haze quad over it. It lasted a long time without any creasing. I thought the colors were beautiful and I prefer the texture of these cream shadows to the new one Bobbi Brown just came out with.

    • Thanks for the input anahita! I just picked up 2 of the new BB cream shadows and thought they were just ok as well. I haven't tried the Tom Ford ones yet but your application method sounds lovely.

  • I understand why Tom Ford himself has a certain "mystique" but I don't get the raves about the makeup! The first lipstick line was oh-so-chic, but the quality and display of the full line is entirely sub-par IMHO. Almost all the shades are for medium to dark complexions that can tolerate orange-yellow tones. Maybe he is improving the line – I will of course be checking it out again the next time I aim at Bergdorf's. Thanks for letting me vent!!

  • These are gorgeous!! I cannot wait for your swatches and review!

  • These look AMAZING – can't wait for your review πŸ˜‰

  • Eileen

    I ordered the Gold Dust Lip Laquer. I already own and love the regular lip lacquer that TF originally released. It's a sumptuous white pearl gloss that is gorgeous over pinks, roses, and berries. If Gold Dust is as good, it will be fantastic over all the warmer shades of summer. As for the cream shadows, I was really hard pressed to choose, but finally settled on Spice and Illicit. Illicit seems a bit more dramatic and "special occasion" to me, but I think it will look pretty smudged along the lash line then sheered out. The color should look good with my dark, warm green eyes.

    • Eileen your picks sound gorgeous! I have not tried the original lip lacquer but it does look promising. I like Gold Dust so far … need to test it a few more days to know for sure. Also haven't dove into the shadows yet. Can't wait!

  • I am reaaaaally hoping this extension of Tom Ford comes to Nordstrom so I can order easily. I must have the nail polish to start. Simply stunning.

  • bronze goddess look πŸ™‚