Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event: February 9 to 11

February 11, 2012

This might be old news, but in case you haven’t heard, Barneys is having their beauty event going on right now. It ends Saturday the 11th and if you have a wishlist going, I highly recommend you call your nearest store to see if they have any left. With a $200 purchase you get an awesome goody bag filled with great samples including full-sized products. Check for the details or call your nearest store.
Note: While the GWP is available online, I highly recommend you call an actual store to order instead to ensure the items you want are in stock and to also ensure that you get a gift bag. Stores have more stock than what I’ve seen online.
I ordered from the Beverly Hills store and this is what was in by goody bag (also with a $250 purchase they waived shipping). I apologize if this is late news for you but I just received my package last night so I wasn’t able to post photos of the gift bag until today. Contents may vary per store. As you can see my bag is red and blue. The advertised one is white and yellow. I assume they have different colors but since I’m not near a Barneys, I’m not sure what options there are.

The full sized goods:

Other retailers take note: Barneys blew it out of the water with this generous gift bag. It contains a decent amount of samples I actually will use and the full-sized products look incredible. (I’m so excited about the Sunday Riley lipgloss!!!!) This one really puts most other beauty events to shame.

Did you order anything from the Barneys Love Yourself Event? Act fast and call your store ASAP if you can’t stop by in person! If you missed out on this one, don’t worry, I think they have this other times during the year. Get on their mailing list or check out deal/bargain websites to stay updated on upcoming events.

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  • Ava

    I was going to order online tonight, but may take your advice and call tomorrow! I really want a Sunday Riley shadow that isn't available online.

    What deal/bargain websites do you subscribe to that advise of these kinds of sales?

  • Hi Ava! Yes, definitely call instead of ordering online. There are a few retailers that have super slow online processing (Barneys and SpaceNK to name a few). Their in store customer service is much better. I don't currently subscribe to any deal/bargain websites but occasionally check or

    It's best to get on the store mailing list if you can. Once I started buying things instore from Barneys they started sending me mail πŸ™‚

  • Wow this is a sweet deal! I love the bag itself too, so cute. The full size products actually look really good, unlike when I've gotten these deals at other retailers…I'll def. have to keep an eye out for the next one! Thanks Sabrina!

  • Wow, that.'s some loot

  • Yelena

    i ordered my bag on Thursday.Can''t wait to get it!!! Sabrina,what did you order to get the bag.I ordered foundation and skin enhancer by Terry.

  • Anonymous

    I went to BNY in Seattle and received the yellow/light gray bag. Mine did not have the lipstick or Kevyn Aucoin products. However, I did receive the Sunday Riley gloss and love it! I'm also trying the Ko Gen Do powder to see how I like it. So far so good. This is one of the best beauty offers ever! Great selection of products including 3Lab!

  • HOooooooooLYYYYYYYy COW!!! I wish I'd known about this before. I dropped about $300 this week at my local nordies and I could easily have purchased those same items at Barney's! WOW! Great deal!!!

  • Anonymous

    I made a purchase at the NY location, they let me pick so I asked for the yellow bag. The full size items that were in the bag: Deborah Lippmann polish in Fashion, Lipstick Queen in Jean Queen, Sunday Riley Creme Gloss in Beach Front, and Kevin Aucoin eyeshadow in Fawn.
    I can't believe how generous this GWP is!! I ordered a bunch of things from chanel, and they included a step-up gift of some skin-care samples.

  • mqs

    Score! πŸ™‚

  • Barneys offers this bag twice a year, usually February and September. The gift bags are so great that I've stopped getting the measly offerings from other stores and save up for these. I have gotten them in the store in the past, but this time I ordered on-line, so I have my fingers crossed – we'll see if it works!

  • Wow, those goodies looks amazing! Have fun trying them πŸ˜‰