Latest: Edward Bess Now Available on Sephora.com

January 18, 2012
I have great news for everyone! Edward Bess is now available on Sephora.com! The latest from the Edward Bess team …

“Following huge success in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, Edward Bess is expanding into Sephora, launching on Sephora.com this January 2012 and will debut in store in early May 2012. As the Edward Bess brand extends its reach, Edward is excited to continue to share his vision with the brand’s legion of devoted followers and introduce the edited range to Sephora customers. “It has been a dream of mine to share my beauty philosophy with women everywhere and I am especially excited to partner with Sephora.”

Edward Bess quickly became the name on every woman’s lips since his debut collection of revolutionary lip colors took the world of beauty by storm. Coveted by Hollywood starlets and everyday women alike, Edward Bess is synonymous with refined style, exquisite luxury, and innovation. Edward perfects the art of understated sophistication time and time again, harnessing his extraordinary creative force with exceptional attention to detail in the creation of his edited neutral makeup colors and cutting-edge skincare. His paired-down, “less is more” approach allows each woman’s natural beauty to shine through while putting her Bess face forward.”

Happy shopping! Be sure to check out Edward Bess on Facebook for the latest updates =)

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  • AWESOME. what great news. now it will be even more likely for me to try the brand, so much easier to access! thanks for the great news.

  • OMG. NO. WAY.

  • This is awesome! No more having to pay $12 shipping!

  • This is very tragic news for my bank account. Very tragic indeed.

  • nice!

  • Oh Im soo excited to hear this!

  • Natalie

    My bank account will be taking a nosedive. But my make-up stash will be well-stocked!

  • I always wanted the Soft Smoke Trio but never managed to pick it up sight unseen. Now that it's readily available on Sephora.com I'm seriously considering it. However, I just purchased the Chanel Contraste Duo in Noir-Ivoire from Holiday 2011. I'd love to know in your opinion which is more versatile/fool-proof because I really love an edited collection and haven't used the Duo yet. Thanks so much!

    • Hi LissaSioux, I believe both are extremely versatile. I think you can create a more dramatic look with the EB Soft Smoke, but I adore the Chanel Noir-Ivoire because it's a soft but buildable duo.

      I will say the EB is the best basic smokey-eye trio. I cannot wear many blacks or matte greys because they look ashy on me. Some of the classic quads/quints from Chanel and Dior did not work for me without extra tweaking. Not the case with the EB Soft Smoke.

      Do check out the reviews from The Non-Blonde: http://www.thenonblonde.com/2011/11/edward-bess-soft-smoke-eyeshadow-trio.html

      and Cafe Makeup: http://www.thenonblonde.com/2011/11/edward-bess-soft-smoke-eyeshadow-trio.html

      I'm afraid my reviews on Soft Smoke were rather lacking.

    • I'm going to keep (and actually start to use) the Duo, it looked so flawless on Liz @ CafeMakeup and i think it could be great for everyday! I think i will pick up the brown trio (Island Escape?) just to insure it's not too redundant, although a matte black option would be great if it blends as easily as everyone says. I'm glad to hear you feel the duo is workable,I have a YSL black/white duo that is a nightmare so I was dreading the Chanel would be like that. Thanks so much for your response!

  • Anonymous


  • Congratulations on scoring this scoop, Lina. You're my first stop on the Internet for a reason.

  • Congratulations on scoring this scoop, Lina. I rely on you for unbiased blogging, quality swatches and exceptional photography. It's a big blogosphere and you're my first Internet stop for a reason.

  • Yay! Can't wait to try out the products!


  • did you get a new theme for your blog? that is great news. I never will step in a Neimans or Bergdorf store. I love sephora. I like the swatches and his colors from what I have seen on your blog. I may consider trying his products.

  • I'm excited to see EB in Sephora!

  • Excellent! Just bought my first EB item (Moroccan Rose blush). Thanks for the info!

  • This is awesome news! Now I can actually try out some of the products you and others have reviewed!

  • I can't wait till Sephora has their Friends and Family Sale, I will be hauling most of his line!

  • That's so great! Bergdorf's can be a little intimidating as sometimes the cosmetics reps give you very much a stare down (although Dustin Lujan at LMdB's counter is anything but like that and we should all visit him). I'd rather see less Tokidoki and more quality brands like Edward Bess at Sephora so this is a good start.

  • Oh, hooray!

  • omg no freaking way!!!! 🙂 I hope they ship to Canada….

  • OMG that's awesome. thank you for the info!!
    i agree that sephora will be much more convenient!

  • Anonymous

    YES!!! i hope sephora will have all the e/s and blushes i want! then i dont have to drive up to LA to get em!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the update! I checked out Sephora and look forward to them carrying the individual eye shadows in the future. I'm already in love with the Back to Basics palette, which I learned about through you! — Louisa

  • Cheryl

    Great news! I've purchased EB from both Neimans and BG (and for what it's worth I've always had friendly, great service at the counters) but Sephora will be very convenient. I had a Sephora gift card from Christmas and I've already used it to order a Soft Smoke shadow palette.

  • Anonymous

    Omg nice. Now only if they come back with Paul and Joe and have Rouge Bunny products.

  • Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing! I've spent a fortune on EB and now it's at Sephora I might go bankrupt :))

  • NeenaJ

    Thank you for the heads up! I've been wanting to try his products for some time now and this makes it easy (free shipping, easy returns). Just ordered the Daydream bronzer. Also have my eye on a Compact Rouge and South of France highlighter, but I think I can hold off for the F&F sale.

  • OMG – this has to be some of the best BEAUTY news I have stumbled upon in a long, LONG time!

    I CANNOT WAIT. I better start making some room on my credit card!!!

  • Great news! Now there's no need to trek to NYC!

  • This I have to check out, I've read nothing but great articles on Edward Bess! Now he is coming to Sephora 🙂 VIB Status 3rd yr in a row…here I come!

  • I am so happy for Edward. Have met him on many occasions and he truly deserves this kind of success. The Monte Carlo quad is next for me. Thanks for the great pics!!!

  • Yay! Thank you for posting. You made my day!

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited. I have enjoyed your reviews of Edward bess so much and I've been waiting to reward myself. I m 66 years young and I can't wait any longer. I ordered his lipstick, all over one and the tanning blush. I can't wait. Xxxx thank you so much for your reviews and blogs!

  • stephanie

    dying to get one of his lipsticks but I don't know which shade to get! I'm the same tone as you but a shade darker, and I've heard all colours are universally flattering. would you say this is true?

    • I think Edward Bess's line is universally flattering in the sense that everyone can find something that suits him, however I wouldn't say each color suits everyone. For darker/tan skins I think some of the paler lipsticks will be simply too pale. There are some that are too light for me, although gorgeous on lighter skinned ladies. I think it's a matter of preference. I recommend you check out some reviews on makeupalley.com for reviews by lipstick shade where reviewers can indicate their skintone. Also the girls at the Bergdorf Goodman Edward Bess counter are excellent at recommendations.

    • stephanie

      thanks Sabrina! I'm going to give them a call. thanks for the advice 🙂