Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Wild Rose and Rose Gold

January 24, 2012

Bobbi Brown has released two new limited-edition Shimmer Bricks in Wild Rose and Rose Gold ($39 each for .4 oz/10.3 g, hand made in Italy). I first saw the preview on Rouge Deluxe and having a weakness for all things shimmery, immediately ordered these once they arrived on Nordstrom.com. Wild Rose is a soft pinkish rose with high shimmer (on the left) and Rose Gold is a shimmery beige warm pink gold (on the right). Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks can be extremely shimmery and are easy to overdo because they are rich in pigment. I apply with a very light hand and a super fluffy brush in soft layers to avoid that overly-frosted finish. Below are a few shots in direct sunlight where you can see the complex shimmery glow.

Wild Rose is a stunner. It’s a romantic palette of shimmery roses and pinks. I tried swatching each color individually but with the high frost and flash, they all looked the same swatched on my arm. It pulls a bit warmer and darker than Bobbi Brown’s Rose Shimmer Brick (which has pale white strips). After swiping on my fingers and arms I was really worried it would be way too frosty. Today I applied this over NARS G-Spot Multiple and MAC Golden Bronzer as a pink highlight. I was pleasantly surprised how the shimmer softened after the skin warmed up.

Rose Gold is a soft pale rose gold with strips of soft iridescent peach, sandy beige, rose and seashell pinks. Sometimes I feel like designers and artists create rose golds to be extremely rich and almost coppery-like. This Rose Gold Shimmer Brick is a pleasant surprise to be softer and more flesh toned with a hint of rose and gold mixed together. This is lovely as a highlighter. Do not let the swatches below deter you. I would caution you do use with a lighter hand though. I like Bobbi Brown’s blender brushes or MAC’s skunk brushes to apply.

A BIG DISCLAIMER: these were swatched with a very heavy hand. I’m not sure they will be helpful at all because nobody really applies face products with this much intensity. At least not for everyday wear. Do check out reviews on other blogs to get a better idea if you can’t get to a counter to play in person.

A few comparisons for you:

Are these must-haves? As usual, I think it depends. Do you like shimmery pink highlighters? Then yes! If you’re one who doesn’t like any hint of frost then these might be too over the top for you. I do find Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks versatile though. To get that soft glow make sure you use a loose fluffy brush. Try to apply softly in layers by swiping the face in a large sweeping motion rather than packing on the color.

How do they compare to other shades? Swirled all together, I would say Wild Rose is close to Rose and Rose Gold is close to Pink Quartz. The difference is subtle, I’m not sure that it’s all that noticeable on the face, perhaps it depends on skintone. I personally am very pleased.

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  • Sabrina!

    How do I love thee! Hehe! Whatever I am wanting to know about, somehow, you have ALREADY purchased, tested and reviewed! Definitely going for the Wild rose!

    I have questions….

    !) Nars Larger Than Life Mascara??? I saw that you mentioned it, but didn't see a review.

    2) Which Byredo fragrances have you purchased? I have been on a Byredo kick as of late.

    3) Did you pick up anything at the Tom Ford counter/ I kind of went overboard when I was there. I would be interested in your thoughts about the line.

    XO, lori

    • Hi Lori, I reviewed the NARS mascaras eons ago here:

      Answers to 2 and 3 to come soon!

    • Thanks for the reply, Sabrina!

      Don't know how I missed the Larger Than Life review, but thanks for the link.

      And I can't wait for the answers to the 2nd and 3rd questions!

      btw, my Byredo purchases, so far have been Gypsy Water (I have the fragrance, lotion and shower gel)and with the Tulipe and Blanche I have only the fragrances. I'm still contemplating others…

  • Nice colors. But I'm not a huge fan of highlighters, so I might have to pass on these as they are quite pricy.

  • Love your blog ^^

  • Thanks for the great review and swatches, I can't wait to see these in person!

  • I think I need these! I hope I can find them at Duty Free next week!

  • Great post & thanks for the swatches. These shimmer bricks look gorgeous, I want both of them. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I purchased the one in Rose Gold and am very happy with it. Because of the shades, the colors can double as eye shadows as well!

    • I noticed this as well. Multi-taskers are always welcome in my life!

  • I busted my pink quartz sb – if you had to choose one, would you get pink quartz or rose gold?

  • I have no interest in bobbi brown shimmer bricks (personal taste) but your pics are beautiful!

    BTW – going to the states in March and planning to splash out on some items that can't be got in europe – Le metier de beaute, sunday riley, edward bess, cle de peau – can't wait!

  • The last picture is so pretty!

  • Loving Rose Gold and Pink Oyster. Is Pink Oyster available in Hong Kong?

  • Sophia1105

    I picked up Wild Rose this past weekend and have to say it is a stunner. Typically her SB's are too warm and coppery or too cool and ashy but she hit it out of the park with Wild Rose. May need a back up.

  • Yo tengo el Bronze, y la verdad es que me encanta, lo voy alternando con los iluminadores The Multiple de Nars a temporadas. Un besazo!

  • Anonymous

    Wild Rose swatches differently on my pale Olive skin. It turns a pale Pinky Lilac. Very pretty, but I still passed.

  • I can imagine both would look beautiful brushed on with a fluffy blush, though I am partial to your swatch of rose gold. I'm still ruing the loss of my BB Nude shimmerbrick!

  • I am such a sucker for all things Bobbi! These are gorgeous!