Chanel Spring 2012 Lipstick Picks: Flirt, Candeur, Charme & Superstition

December 29, 2011

This year Chanel’s spring collection includes four Rouge Coco lipsticks (three new, one repromote), two new Rouge Coco Shines and one hydrating lip balm. When I placed my order over the phone I had not yet seen anything in person. I picked out four items based on descriptions given to me and ended up with both of the new Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks in Flirt and Candeur and two Rouge Cocos Charme and Superstition.

Flirt Rouge Coco Shine #69 is a bright but soft creamy peach. It looks bright in the tube but the sheerness of the color makes it go on softer than what you see in the tube. Compared to Misia #45 (a Neimans Exclusive from last April), Flirt is very similar but softer, milkier and creamier in color. The texture is smooth and moisturizing like all other Rouge Coco Shines. Lasting power is average for your typical sheer/glossy lipstick but Flirt is very pretty on the lips and brightens the face.

Candeur Rouge Coco Shine #68 is a soft pale pink and almost looks faded in the tube. There is a very very slight hint of sparkle. You can only see it when you hold it at an angle, on my lips it applies more like a sheer cream. It does show up on my lips but the contrast made it appear a bit streaky. I found it similar in paleness/sheerness to Royallieu which was released back in June. I prefer Royallieu.

Charme Rouge Coco #40 is a gorgeous cool-toned pink rose shimmer. I thought it looked fairly unique compared to Chanel’s other Rouge Cocos in Camelia (more warm), Gardenia (more peach), Legende (significantly cooler) and Magnolia (has gold flecks), but when swatched on the arm and lips, I found the effect very similar to Magnolia. Charme is one of those colors that turns slightly fuschia on my lips (much like Magnolia does (reviewed here). I think Charme is slightly deeper with a hint more shimmer that is evenly dispersed. Magnolia is a bit brighter with a creamier base and gold flecks that make it slightly textured. For me Charme will require lots of tweaking to prevent it from turning fuschia/blue.

Superstition Rouge Coco #38 is a breathtaking nude gold shimmer. There’s a hint of peach and pink in the base to prevent it from looking too pale. Long-time Chanel fans might remember Baby Gold Hydrabase Lipstick. Superstition reminds me of less pale version of Baby Gold. Superstition is semi-sheer which allows your natural lip color to show through. I adore it. I think it will be stunning when topped with any sheer gloss.

Swatch comparisons for Flirt and Candeur Rouge Coco Shines – they’re all very sheer so the swatches aren’t showing up very well:

Swatch comparisons for Charme and Superstition Rouge Cocos, all swatched with a light hand:

I think Chanel released some beautiful colors for lips this season but for me they lacked that wow-factor. My top two picks are Flirt Rouge Coco Shine (the peach) and Superstition Rouge Coco (beige gold), but I don’t see them as being very unique. Next season I will wait to see everything in person or wait for other bloggers to compare the releases before buying.
Did you pick up any lip items from Chanel spring? What were your thoughts?

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  • Gail

    I got Flirt, Charme and Paradis and love them all. You should really give Paradis a try, I think you'd like it. Thanks for the wonderful review and pics as always. I always look forward to them. πŸ™‚

  • Sabrina, this is great – Flirt looks beautiful! Do you know if it's similar to Liberte?

  • I love these colors!

  • Amy

    Charme looks amazing on you. A perfect rose color. I completely agree that the lipsticks were not the stand-outs this time around. For some reason last year's were amazing. Perhaps this is a quieter collection? Thank you for the gorgeous pictures!!

  • These look pretty on you. Thank you for the comparison.

  • These are all such beautiful spring colors! My immediate favorite on your lips is Flirt; it's so fresh and beautiful. However, I thought Charme was quite a nice surprise as well. I love the color it becomes on when worn; it's something I wouldn't have expected looking at the tube alone. I think it is the slight fuschia tone you mentioned πŸ™‚

  • Chanel lipsticks are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for the swatches! They look gorgeous on you!

  • Thanks for the swatches..Can't wait to get Flirt

  • Flirt looks great on you. It's such a flattering shade.

  • I've yet to try Rouge Allure, I wonder about the staying power because they're so sheer. Did you find it lasted well, or did you have to reapply frequently?

  • I only got Paradis. I tried it on in the store and it was amazing. I am not usually wowed by a color like that but it had this incredible brightening affect that was so lovely. I brought it home and compared it to Rose Dentelle (sp?) and Enviree (I thought it would be similar) but it was definitely not as warm (even though it is a corally pink). I wouldn't describe it as a cool tone either so I was quite surprised with it. Lovely! I am also going to go back and get Destinee (sp?) too. I didn't try it on but I love Etole and Destinee is a lighter, more summery version of it. I think it is quite pretty so I will splurge and stock up on that too.

  • I'm so glad I waited to see your review before blind buying over the phone w/my Nordstrom gal.

    If I have to choose one – I'd go with Superstition but so far it's looking like I can skip lips all together from this collection.

    I am still thinking about the palette….

  • I love Flirt… may have to buy it. Candeur looks great too, but after your review I think I'd have to test it in person rather than order online or phone. Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous

    hi sabrina!!! do you recall chanel's aqualumiere's especially, in poistano? it was, i believe spring 2009 collection(?). that was the most gorgeous lipstick with beige guitare (spelling??) glossimer. i wondered if superstition is similar??? thankyou very much!! happy new year!!! xo.

  • luv all those shades!!!~

  • Oh I love this! Chanel is so gorgeous and smooth for lipsticks!


  • I love Chanel lipsticks! I love Superstition and flirt! amazing