Edward Bess Berry Chic

November 9, 2011
Edward Bess Berry Chic is the more dramatic pink-plum palette option this season. I ordered this sight unseen and did not ask for descriptions in advance so I did not know what to expect. I will say that Back to Basics is my favorite of the two, but Berry Chic is surprisingly wearable even though it has pinks and warm plums for the eyes (which I normally cannot wear at all). The formulas/textures are the same as his other palette so I will mainly describe the colors. The cream products also have the same fig scent as his lipsticks, glosses and bronzer.
  • Lip/Cheek color – muted plum rose (not as bright as his Island Rose Compact Rouge)
  • Highlighter – pale shimmery pink (smoother in texture than his Back to Basics highlighter)
  • Eyeshadows -soft satin ivory, warm pink-tinged plum shimmer, warm pale bubblegum pink, warm brown shimmer (all very pigmented, layerable and easy to blend)
  • Glosses – top shade is a sheer cool light fuschia, bottom shade was a complete surprise, the top layer seemed to be slightly oxidized, the color once top layer was swiped was a warm rich plum-red (the bottom color is very pigmented)

I applied this over the weekend with slight hesitation. I think the eyecolors in this palette aren’t the easiest to pull off with ease. If you can wear warm pinks or plums (think NARS Kuala Lumpur or MAC Swish) then this will be pure love for you. I tend to avoid pure pinks or warm reds/burgandies/plums on the eyes because they give me that pink eye look. Edward Bess Berry Chic was surprisingly wearable and naturally flattering. I applied the eyeshadow colors by layering them (lightest to darkest). Still I will mainly stick to my safer neutrals for eyes. Perhaps the next time I visit the EB counter I will ask someone to show me how to use it. Bottom line: still undecided but trying to go outside my comfort zone.
LA/OC girls, not to sound like a broken record, but Edward will be in LA starting tomorrow for a week. If you can get to the Beverly Hills Neimans I highly recommend you try and visit.
Berry Chic retails for $75 and is available online at EdwardBess.com and instore at Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • It was such a happy moment when I saw your post pop up in the dashboard. I just waited for this before placing my order. I'm getting both. Poor my wallet!

    Thanks so much!!

  • Pretty! I love that cranberry color.

  • Gorgeous! Thank god I cant get it in the uk or I would lol

  • Great swatches! The colours are so gorgeous xo

  • Oh this is interesting, I thought I would prefer this out of the two but I think that the pinks and plums for the eyes are probably a miss for me. Back to Basics it is then ;). Thank you so much for sharing the swatches and your thoughts Sabrina.

    @Tali: The palettes are coming to Zuneta soon I am told. Not sure whether you'll thank me for letting on!

  • I really shouldn't have looked at your reviews for these palettes! I need to stay lemming free! They are beautiful.

  • Just wanted to let y'all know that this is available for $60 with code Oprah, according to my latest O Magazine.

  • all the palettes are amazing. I love the combo of berry chic.

    I have always had a thing for color combos like berry chic.

  • Thank you for the swatches! I'm definitely getting Berry Chic now, it looks stunning. Klara

  • I went for the back to basics palette as I didn't think I could pull off these eye shadows, but the cream blush looks gorgeous! If I could choose I would've chosen this blush with the neutral palette. Maybe EB will release it on its own?

    Have you played with berry palette anymore, any further thoughts? Thank you for posting you review of both palettes, very insightful as usual!