Edward Bess Back to Basics

November 8, 2011

Edward Bess Back to Basics ($75) is the perfect palette of polished neutrals for the woman on the go. It’s natural yet not too natural and I believe it’s as goof-proof and universally flattering as his Daydream Bronzer. The Non-Blonde has a great review with beautiful photos and swatches. I agree whole-heartedly with everything she says. My thoughts & descriptions (working my way from the left side of the palette to the right side):
  • Lip/Cheek color – This has the same texture as the Compact Rouges. The color in pan for Back to Basics was slightly misleading but in a good way. In the compact I expected a warm nude with brown tones. Instead it goes on a nude-pink. It’s lovely on the cheeks for an understated pink tint and gorgeous on the lips. The pigment is excellent – buildable, non-greasy and easy to blend very much like his compact rouges. Also has the fig scent.
  • Highlighter – The highlighter is a cream formula. It’s a warm sheer nude sparkle. I felt the texture of this one was slightly textured to the touch of the fingers (in pan) but it felt completely smooth when applied to the skin. The color is sheer but more sparkly than his other cream highlighters. Still not overly so. I layered this over the lip/cheek color on the face and it added a wonderful highlight. This does have the fig scent.
  • Eyeshadows – The eyeshadows in the palette are beautifully pigmented – even more so than his regular shadows. The colors are all shimmery. I found the shimmer factor to be higher than all his other shadows. The colors are an ivory shimmer, a beige shimmer, a warm pale copper frost, a deeper warm brown shimmer. I was scared of the light coppery shade thinking it would be too warm. Alone, I think it is. But when layered with the other paler shades it gives the eyes warmth and depth.
  • Glosses – I agree with The Non-Blonde these were the weakest points of his palette. Both are sheer beiges, one with slight pink tones. They do add a nice shine to the lip/cheek color, but alone I suspect they will appear very sheer.
  • The Brush – The double-ended brush contains one side for applying cream products, the other for shadows. Initially thoughts were a let-down. The brush seemed to be not-the-greatest quality. The bristles for the powder didn’t appear to be hand-made. Yet again Edward Bess never fails to please. The brush is a wonderful mini applicator and applied the eyeshadows with ease.

A few close ups of each side:

Swatches below. Note mine are applied with a very heavy hand. Don’t be scared of the shimmer factor for the shadows. If you’re familiar with Edward Bess Eyeshadows you know they apply beautifully but are layerable. The colors in his palette work the same magic as the individual colors. The frost isn’t overpowering at all. Be sure to check out The Non-Blonde’s review. Her swatches are more inline with what the colors look like when applied naturally.

Bottom line: Even though I prefer to pick items individually (rather than palettes) and prefer creams to be separated from powders (in palettes), I adore this. It made my whole face glow naturally. It’s worth every penny and I will just take extra care to try and not get the debris from the shadows in the other cream-based products. The palette is available at Bergdorf Goodman in-store. It is also up online at Neimanmarcus.com and EdwardBess.com. I haven’t checked with the Beverly Hills store to see if they have this yet, their number is (310) 550-5900. PS – I just heard that Edward will be in LA starting tomorrow until next Thursday. I highly recommend calling the counter for the details, if you can visit while he is in-store, you are in for a real treat.

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  • Oddly I want this.. I hateeeeee cream blush and lip products in a palette… but this is just gorgeous and looks perfect for me!

    ty for the swatches!

  • Eileen

    Where, oh where, were elegant top quality palettes like these back in the day when I used to travel extensively? Edward's newest release is a winner as are your excellent swatches and descriptions, Sabrina. Neither one of you ever fails to disappoint.

    I already have his Summer in Capri (gorgeous flush of color on my fair skin) and was going to call Bergdorf's to order South of France when one of your readers mentioned that EB was going to be at Neiman's BH with the new collection. I guess I'll just have to go and take a look for myself–even though I always end up spending more money that way! LOL

  • Sounds like a great investment! I'm thrilled of the great color payoff. Cross pollination concerns me, though. I've never had good luck with eye and lip palette πŸ™

    Thank you Sabrina! I've confidently spent a fortune on EB without even seeing one single item in person.

  • Sophia1105

    Thanks for the great swatches! I've already ordered this and these pictures confirm my purchase (admittedly I was a bit apprehensive as neutral palettes often fall flat against my skin) but these just look so glowy and pretty! Looking forward to your review of the Berry as well, though I'm trying to restrain myself.

  • Thank you for this post, Sabrina! I'm not a fan of the palettes that mix powders and creams but somehow the two new Edward Bess palettes really appeal to me. I'm looking forward to reading your review on the Berry Chic as well!

  • mkdallas

    Great photos, Sabrina! I just ordered this from edwardbess.com on Saturday and wanted to give your readers a heads-up that if you enter the promo code "oprah", you'll receive $15 off the palette. Granted, EB's shipping charges are so steep that it doesn't make a huge difference, but I'd rather pay $60 than $75. Evidently, Oprah is going to feature it as a "favorite thing" in an upcoming issue of her magazine.

  • Ava

    I bought Berry Chic via Oprah just three days ago and it arrived today. It's beautiful! I'm building my wardrobe around it tomorrow. I had forgotten that the postage was so steep, but it was still less than if I had ordered it without the discount as I would have to do since there's no EB counter here. (Are you reading NM???). After your review, I may have to have buy Back to Basics too, but I will resist until I get to New York in January. Hope they aren't all sold out by then…

  • oh my goodness, this palette looks like perfection. i normally shy away from palettes for the reasons you mentioned, but I could make an exception for this palette.

  • milktea

    I thought I would like Berry Chic more but when I saw your swatches of Back to Basics, I was totally won over. Two beautiful and versatile products!

  • Thank you for the gorgeous swatches and review! I've been wanting to try more Edward Bess, thanks to you and other bloggers I have a pretty good collection already but no eyeshadows yet. This palette seemed like a reasonable way to add to my collection, and combined with the Oprah code it was an easy decision! I ordered yesterday after reading your review, but it seems the Back to Basics palette is already sold out! They expect to have it in stock within the next 2 weeks, so I'll have to wait a little longer. I also ordered Forever Yours lipstick and the Soft Smoke trio, can't wait to try those after your rave reviews!

  • this palette looks lovely !! i love the pink shades

  • I love it and ordered it on 11/7. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting. EB says they're shipping this week, but I haven't gotten a confirmation yet. Quite frustrating and possibly my last order with them. Why oh why did Oprah have to discover Edward Bess?

  • Anonymous

    I recently received this palette and am loving it for daily daytime wear. It creates a beautifully polished neutral face, perfect for work. I add LMdB Sequoia eye shadow (dark brown) for more depth. I wear the glosses over LMdB Bondi Beach(a neutral pink lipstick). This will be my go-to palette when traveling for work. Too easy! — Louisa