Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment

August 12, 2011
I’ve been a huge fan of Fresh body care products and especially love their shower gels. They are the ultimate luxury and epitome of feel-good beauty. I’ve never ventured much into their makeup but the last time I was at South Coast Plaza, my friend said I just had to check out the Sugar Honey Lip Treatment. “It’s so you!” she said. After one swipe I was impressed by the pigmentation but the price of $22.50 combined with the fact that my tinted lip balms tend to gather dust in the drawer made me pass. Recently I was lucky to receive this as a gift. It is aptly described as “nourishment in the nude.” The color is a wonderful warm natural nude. The lip treatment has SPF15 and contains ingredients designed to hydrate and defend the lips against wrinkles.

Here it is swatched on my hand and on the lips.

The store displays at the Fresh Boutique at South Coast Plaza are always beautiful, although I typically buy my Fresh products from Neiman Marcus (it’s more convenient for me and they often have samples).

  • The pros: The pigment of this lipbalm is wonderfully rich. It covers the lip fully for a luscious nude glow. It has a great hydrating quality and smells absolutely delicious – like the name implies a sweet honey-sugary type of smell. An upside is the taste is fairly pleasant. Lasting power is average for a lip balm – the upside is that it fades evenly and naturally. (See Fresh’s website here for ingredient listing.)
  • The cons: Unfortunately the texture of this product is so soft, after the first swipe, the product gets smashed against the side. It’s simply too soft for a tube and after swiping it on the lips, the base broke (and I had only twisted it up a little). This was slightly heartbreaking. I think if it had a stiffer texture to prevent breakage or if this was packaged in a tub or squeeze tube it would have been an excellent purchase well worth the high price. For me, packaging is extremely important and lipstick breakage is a deal breaker for me. Yes, the product is still usable, but each time I twist the tube up, a mess is made on the side. I’m not sure if this is typical of all the Fresh Lip Treatments since I haven’t tried the other shades.

Overall, I will have to give this a thumbs down just because of the packaging/product design flaws. If you’ve tried this – what are your thoughts? Have you tried other colors? What have been your experiences?

Disclosure – this product was provided as a gift to me

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  • I had the Sugar Rose lip treatment and the same thing happened– it got all smushed on the side because of the softness and it eventually broke. So disappointing because I loved the natural color and it was super moisturizing.

  • Aww.. sorry to hear yours broke. I love this lip balm. The scent and color is phenomenal, and it makes my lips so soft! I guess lucky for me (knocks on wood) it hasn't broken or smeared along the side or anything weird. I adore the way the cap twists off. It makes me feel secure that it won't some how randomly come off in my bag and make a mess. Maybe you just happened to get a bad one.. πŸ™

  • that looks like perfection on u! sucks it broke!

  • Anonymous

    I recently saw this shade at Sephora and thought it was vvvvvvvery nice. I passed though. Why? I tried the regular sugar balm a few years ago and loved it, but it broke at the base, just as you experienced. It really bummed me out and I eventually bought another. That one broke in the same way. After having spent $45 in lip balm, I couldn't bring myself to try again. The packaging is stunning in all ways, but I agree the formula is just too soft.


  • I have this and the original! The lipbalm is super soft like you said. I think the Honey shade has a touch too much brown in it. I am curious about the Rose one. I do love the feel of the packaging. πŸ™‚

  • That is "so you". It looks beautiful swatched against your skin.

    I've never experienced smooshing, but I used mine (in a different color) during a snowy winter, so perhaps it's reacting to the heat of southern California.

  • I purchased Honey a couple of weeks ago and love it. I quite enjoy how soft and buttery it is in the tube, and had no breaking or smooshing incidents. However I do agree that this product might work well in a squeezy tube as well. But even in it's current form, this is a definite repurchase for me πŸ™‚

  • greenmeridian

    I have Sugar Rose and Sugar Plum. Love them, in the winter and cooler months. I find the texture very smooth but thick, a quality I appreciate in the fall/winter. they add a nice amount of sheer color. The product is very soft and doesn't perform well in warm weather–I'd never have this in my bag for fear it would melt all over. After one "soft" experience,where product gave way too easily (no breakage), I stashed it away. I haven't tried the Honey color yet. It looks great on you!

  • I've heard so many good things about this products I can see why! it looks so great and moisturizing. πŸ™‚

  • Sophia1105

    I have been trying to avoid this one because it will be one more Fresh lip treatment I spend too much money on. I love their lip treatments (got my fiancee hooked on the original Sugar one) and find the Rose to be a lovely shade of warm pink/rose. Glad to see Honey is equally as gorgeous. Plum didn't work as well for me. I love their formula and have yet to find anything else that works quite as well.

  • MFS

    This is probably my 5th or so tube of Fresh lip product and I loooove it! I have not had an issue with the softness of any of the tubes I tried, I just dont twist it out that far and it seems to work just fine. I twist it just enough to put on my lips and then twist back down. It has never been an issue for me, they're great!

  • Eileen

    I bought the lip balm a couple years back when it seemed to be on every celebrity's can't-live-without-it list. And, if I had gotten mine in a swag bag or if it had been generously "gifted" to me, perhaps I wouldn't have cared so much about the product's poorly functioning design. I always seemed to have a mess around the sides and I'm not a messy make-up kind of gal. Despite the excellence of the balm itself, it just wasn't worth it.

    Now the lip scrub is a whole other matter. I love that stuff!

  • What a shame. I was really excited after seeing your lip swatch, however the packaging is a real downer. I hope you can get some use out of what's left despite the issues =)

  • celine

    I have the same problem with my Giorgio Armani lipsticks getting smashed against the side of the tube! I'm always bummed at how gross my lipsticks look after just a few uses but I love them so much that I continue to wear them anyway.

    Sugar Rose is one of my favorite products but never for summer because of the softness factor. You always have to be careful to just twist it up a tiny bit. I am tempted to keep my tube in the refrigerator but that seems a little ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    I have tried all the Fresh Lip Treatments and think the Nude is hands-down the best color. I have had clear lip treatment (Original) melt on me in the summer heat some years ago. This year in San Francisco, we're experiencing unusually cold weather, so my Nude hasn't melted or otherwise deteriorated yet — knock on wood.

  • I keep mine in the fridge! I only use it twice a day max bc of its awesome moisturizing properties, so the fridge is fine with me!

  • I went through a tube of the sugar lemon one which was really lovely, however in summer it becomes a soft mess so I never repurchased. Then I bought the rose version, which was quite disappointing! it was a bit more artificial scent and didn't feel as moisturising on the lips and the color was such a generic rose. Love the sound of the sugar honey though!