Coming Soon … Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Picks

July 31, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2011 collection has arrived in-store at select Saks stores. Those who did not like the metallics or dramatics we’ve seen to date this season will be happy to learn a number of brands are going natural and nude for fall. Dolce & Gabbana has released a soft palette of neutrals this season. After seeing a few things at Beverly Hills combined with Saks Houston’s recommendations from Nikki, these are my picks: Shimmer #6 Illuminator powder, Almond #77 Shine Lipstick, Praline #102 Lipgloss, Chocolate Nail Lacquer #203 & Cinnamon #80 Eyeshadow Duo. Reviews to come soon.

Also in the fall collection (sorry I don’t have all the names or descriptions), are two new eyeliners #17 (golden grass green), #18 (high frost white-gold), #28 Mocha Blush, #115 Cocoa Quad, #11 Berry Lipliner. I do not believe these are available online yet. For more information, I highly recommend you contact Saks Houston (ask for Nikki) for descriptions, recommendations & details. The items she sends via phone orders are always packaged in a beautiful exquisite black box.

To date, Dolce & Gabbana Makeup is exclusive to select Saks Stores in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Houston, Miami, San Francisco & New York. Check Dolce & Gabbana’s website for international locations.

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  • Sabrina your photography skills are AMAZing! I lust over every cosmetic item you post because of your photography skills.

  • The cinnamon duo and the illuminator look amazing.. I'm still waiting for my leopard bronzer from the last collection.. It's goorgeou! Can't wait to play around with it!

  • It looks beautiful, I have really been looking forward to this collection, offers something a bit different to the other fall releases x

  • NEMO

    I must tell you, Sabrina, that I no longer purchase DG makeup. I had a bad experience with Nikki some time ago, and that, coupled with my dismay at the Shine lipsticks habitually breaking in the tube, kind of ended my DG relationship. I went back to CHANEL and that's where I am staying. After a reasonably long enuf venture with DG, I can say that they in no way top or come close to CHANEL in quality or packaging.

  • wendy lieberman

    hi sabrina!!! after being bleary-eyed looking at hundreds of beauty websites you are definitely the best!! i was googling for all long time yesterday to see this collection. you were reading my mind! πŸ˜€ thankyou very much!! did you see pat mcgrath's video on the saks website? she always takes the two lipcolours and mixes them together. thought that was interesting….xo to you!!!

  • Rei

    WOW what a stunning fall collection!It is right up my alley as I love the soft neutral color palette.
    Agree with MakeUpDiva, your photos are so beautiful πŸ™‚

  • I must check out the Illuminator.

  • Sophia1105

    That illuminator may have to make it's way to my home. Love that they're doing neutrals. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  • Love the look of the eye duo and highlighter. Can't wait to see your swatches of the lipstick! It is the only item I can't decide from photos whether I will like or not. I love the "sweet temptations" theme of the collection & the names of the products. In fact, they're making a bit hungry! Excellent photos, as always πŸ™‚

  • loving these! I wanna try the almond lipstick and the shimmer illuminator looks gorgeous!! thanks for the post<3