Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Travel Essentials Set – Update

July 24, 2011
I purchased Chanel’s Ultra Correction Lift Travel Set back in April and many of you have been patiently waiting for an update. To recap, this set contains three miniature travel-sized versions of the Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF 15, Ultra Firming Night Cream, Sculpting Firming Concentrate retails for $175.

Before I review each item in further detail,  first a few things:

1) My skintype: I have normal but sensitive skin. During the summer months (like right now) it can get a bit oily mid-day in the T-zone but otherwise it stays fairly normal throughout the day into the early evenings. I don’t have any wrinkles except for the forehead when I raise my eyes or make a funny expression.

2) Why I decided on this line from Chanel: There has been some debate about what line I should use. Different artists at different Chanel events usually suggest something different. All I’ve spoken too have agreed Sublimage is too strong. However, 1/2 of the artists recommend the Ultra Correction Line Repair to prevent wrinkles. The other 1/2 have commented that since my mother doesn’t have any wrinkles I should use the Ultra Correction Lift. I’ve tried both at events and but could not see any difference from a one-time application. I tried the Ultra Correction Lift because this was the only option in the travel set.
To date, I’ve used up the Concentrate, I’m working my way through the Day Cream, and for the Night Cream, I’ve only used once. My thoughts on each:

Sculpting Firming Concentrate – This is the winner for me in this set. After daily use for several months this has substantially improved the clarity of my skin. Most days this is the only thing I’ve been using under my foundation and powder. This has a lightweight gel consistency with a subtle scent. The texture is lightweight but makes the skin feel softly moisturized (even though it’s not a moisturizer). According to Chanel this is supposed to make the skin look “lifted from within.” Does my skin look more lifted? I’m not sure I can say for sure. I personally love and use the Lift Lumiere Foundation even though I don’t see much of a “lift.”

Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF 15 – When I first tried this I found it too heavy. About 2 weeks ago I decided to give it another try. When this cream is applied over the concentrate, I found that my skin felt well prepped for a flawless foundation application. The concentrate + cream + Chanel’s foundation = flawless smooth even skin. However there are two downsides. One, given the warm weather this is still too rich for my skin for right now. After a few hours, I find that my skin becomes too dewy for my taste and I need a touch up sooner than usual. Two, after a few weeks of using this, I find that my pores have become clogged and I have a few breakouts on the cheeks and nose area. Big thumbs down for me.

Ultra Firming Night Cream – I haven’t used this enough to know if I like this or not. I really prefer to not wear anything on my face at night to let the skin breathe. I know a good number of women who use creams regularly their night-time skincare routine. For me right now, less is more. Given the fact that the day cream is too heavy, I am assuming this too will be too much for me.

Overall thoughts – This set was pricey at $175 but it was definitely more affordable than buying all three in the full sized options separately. I’ve used up the Concentrate and am currently relying on my mini-samples of this to get me through until I can bring myself to shell out the $165 for this. I like what it’s done for my skin, but it hasn’t done something so miraculous that I can justify the high price tag. As for the creams, I will not be purchasing and will most likely not continue use.

My never-ending quest for the perfect skincare regimen continues …

Have you used Chanel skincare? What have your experiences been like?

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  • I was just at Costco earlier and they are selling a Chanel Sublimage face cream for $149.99. It was so odd to see Chanel products on a huge palette. lol

  • I'm currently using several of the hydromax+ line along with beauteous initial day cream, ubiquitous samples of ultra correction lift serum and ultra correct lift eye creme. I also have the moisturizing foaming cleanser. I haven't been on the routine long enough to say more than so far so good. I'll be doing an in depth rewview in a few months. Though I can say the cleanser is heavenly, it feels so luxurious while using it and the new SPF 50 for the face is super light and enjoyable to use. This week I'm also trying chanel's makep base on top of all of it.

  • You could always relegate one of the creams to the eyes.

    Personally, I've found that Chanel skincare mediocre, on occasion, outright snake oil. The most effective anti-aging formula I've ever tried has been Tata Harper's Rejuvenating Serum, if you don't mind the strong floral scent.

  • I currently use the fluid versions of the day and night lift and I like them better than the creams. The lift concentrate is my favorite as well, but the day fluid is very nice. I like using the lift and the day together or I over use the serum. But like you, I don't love the Chanel skincare, although it is much better than it used to be. I credit Natura Bisse and Darphin products for creating my normal skin. (I used to be oily, with some blemishes.) Now I'm normal. I just purchased the Ren line of products at Space NK. I think I'm loving the alternative lines much better than the mainstream ones.

  • I can't really justify $$$ for anything that isn't perfect. πŸ™‚

    I've tried some high-end skincare brands and since I'm satisfied with them, I really don't feel like I need to try anything that's much more expensive. For now, I've been using Shiseido Pureness product range (great for my combination skin), Gatineau nad L'Occitane (which I really love!).

  • Gail

    Do you have the ingredients for the Sculpting Firming Concentrate by any chance Sabrina? Thanks for the review.

  • I usually find the anti-aging creams by Chanel to be too heavy also. I'm curious as to what you will try next!

  • I attended a Chanel seminar and my head was spinning! So many overlapping choices…A few products could quickly add up to a ton of money.

    Personally, I would rather buy skin care from companies that specialize in it exclusively. I love me some Chanel Makeup and all of your gorgeous reviews, IMO that's their strength.

  • I think that the Chanel skincare line is designed for a more mature customer and are too rich for normal skin types.

  • I agree with Jamilla above – I'm 23 and I think Chanel's skincare would not befit me well. The only skin product I use from them (which has reached holy grail status) is the UV Essentiel SPF 50/PA+++. In Canada, this is the same as the Japanese formulation I believe. Is the US formula different? Here it is comprised of 19% Zinc Oxide and 7.5% Octinoxate. Absolute Love.

  • The US version is 7.5% octinate, 2% titanium dioxide and 17.1% zinc oxide. I'm pretty happy with it.

  • Anonymous

    There is a book called The Beauty Bible and their top choice was a moisturiser and serum by
    L'Occitane called Immortelle Divine Cream
    I am 55 and having tried what feels like every cream on the planet, I thought why not…just one more!! and found the cream of my dreams!! It's fantastic, not too rich, nice lemon/citus smell and if used with the serum lasts all day. No little bumps/lumps or breakouts. I would never have looked to this company for a moisturiser if I had not seen the book, but give it a go if you value your skin. Have a look at the link to their UK website and judge for yourselves. By the way I am just a user of the cream and am not linked in anyway with the product, just wanted to pass on the info as this is a fab product but judge for yourselves.


    *Awarded the highest rated Anti-Ageing Miracle Cream by the 2011 Anti-ageing Beauty Bible. Independently tested by a panel of women across the UK.