Burberry Eye Brushes No. 09 Socket Line Brush & No. 10 Definition Liner Brush

July 5, 2011
I’ve been eagerly waiting for Burberry to release their full line of eye brushes. If you’ve been to a Burberry counter at one of the few select Nordstrom locations, you will notice they have a full range of face and eye makeup brushes for use, but to date, there are only four available for sale: the mini face brush ($52), No. 09 Socket Line Brush ($38), No. 10 Definition Liner Brush ($32) and No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush ($38). Visit  Nordstrom.com – Burberry Beauty for more details.

Top is No. 09, Bottom is No. 10

I picked No. 09 a fluffy black-bristled brush and No. 10 a pointed smudge brush during Nordstrom’s Trend Show at South Coast Plaza last month. The brushes are beautifully crafted with sleek long handles in black and dark silver. Both of the brushes I picked up are made in France. The bristles are very soft and feel gentle when brushed on the skin. The size of the handles are perfect – not too long and not too chubby. They feel very nice in the hands and are easy to hold.

Burberry Eye Brush No. 09 is very similar to a number of other fluffy brushes. Compared to MAC, Stila and Edward Bess, the Burberry is the least dense, but most similar to Stila’s #9. It still has enough bristles in it to allow control, but this is best suited for blending colors on the lid or for a very soft wash of color. I personally prefer something a bit denser to apply color better, but the Burberry is still lovely, although not a must-have for me since there are other similar options from other brands.

Burberry Eye Brush No. 10 is a soft pointed detail brush good for the corners of the eyes or for smudging darker colors. It’s very soft making this ideal for those with sensitive eyes. This works beautifully with the darker Burberry eyeshadows to create a soft smokey eye by blending out darker shades to soften harsh edges.

Have these made it into my favorites list? (My must-haves were featured here last February.) They are well-made and very high quality, but since I have a sizeable collection of brushes, I didn’t find these to be must-haves. I personally believe there are brushes out there that are less expensive that will achieve the same result. However, if you are looking to expand your brush collection the brushes by Burberry are still worth looking at if you have a Burberry counter near you. I personally won’t buy brushes without being able to touch/test in person first, had I not been able to see these in person I would have not purchased them. Still, if you are able to go to a counter, you will see that the brushes are aesthetically pleasing and have a functional design with well crafted bristles for flawless makeup application.

A few other great resources to check out in case you’ve missed them. CafΓ© Makeup has photographed the entire brush line here and reviewed two of the eye brushes here. The Non-Blonde has reviewed No. 11 here.

Overall, I like, but don’t love. I simply have too many brushes as it is. I have used both for a few weeks now, both have gone through one brush-washing. Still, Burberry Beauty’s brush line shows promise, especially if they release the other brushes for sale. I have my eye on a few already and am eagerly waiting for their release. The brushes by Burberry are soft, well designed, delicate and gentle but not flimsy. I think many will find them great staple tools.

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  • I think you saved me money for once! I appreciate your honesty and can also appreciate once we amass so many brushes they all won't make the "I love it" cut.

  • Thanks for the review! I love the design of the brush ferrules. It's quite subtle but the fact that it doesn't have grooves on the bottom like most brushes make it look very sleek.

    At present, I only own the MAC 239 and am looking to expand my eyeshadow brush range (but not excessively) and the Burberry brushes look gorgeous. I have heard good things about Hakuhodo but I have no way of trying it in person so I will have to put that on hold for now.

    Also, do you ever get stiff brushes by washing it too much? I usually wash my 239 brush after every use with baby shampoo and I am afraid this is making it feel quite stiff.

  • Hopelessy Devoted – if you have a Burberry counter near you, I still hope you will check these out! I think new tools are always worth exploring every now and then πŸ™‚

    Tina – I have two thoughts about your stiff brush issue. One is that your baby shampoo is too harsh. The other is that, it's possible residue is building up – I get stiffness sometimes when I don't rinse enough with water. I use Neutrogena's Body Wash (the regular version) and warm water to wash all my brushes regardless of material. It works perfectly for me and I've never had any problems. Cream-use brushes often require more intense cleansing though.

  • Thanks for the advice! I definitely don't rinse out my brushes with water first as well as I should. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  • Your photographs just get better and better.

  • I love the comparisons! I am going to be checking out the no.10!

  • I wish I had a Burberry counter in my area. I like the look of the Definition Liner brush. I'm always looking for a good pencil brush and this one looks nicely pointed. Thank you for the review and comparisons! πŸ™‚

  • Very Pricy! i love the comparisons. Its a great way to compare a brushes.

  • Hi, can you share with us how you store your brushes, given your huge stash of brushes? Does the way you keep the brushes varies for brushes you use on a daily basis?

  • evie

    Thanks for killing my brush lemming for the blending brush. But for the pencil brush i was wondering what your thoughts of Burberry #10 vs LMDB pencil brush? thanks πŸ™‚

  • evie

    I was browsing the nordstrom website and noticed they had an 11 brush; just curious what your thoughts were on this brush and wondering if there were cheaper dupes?

    Thanks again πŸ™‚ love your blog. i just got midnight brown as a result of your posting of the e/s.