Inside My Chanel

June 7, 2011

I tend to carry a lot with me in my purse. I accumulate things over the week so by Thursday, the purse of the week is typically chock-full of way too much. So for the woman who carries too much, what’s the best way to carry the just essentials? Find a smaller purse. Today’s feature will be on what’s inside my Vert Fonce (Dark Green) Quilted Caviar Wallet On Chain (I believe this style/color combination is exclusive to Saks).

For those new to Chanel, the Wallet On Chain is exactly that. A larger sized wallet/clutch styled bag put on a chain to be worn over the shoulder. It has a few slots for your id and credit cards plus extra pockets and 2 zippered compartments. It’s just the right size for just the essentials: keys, phone, id, money and a lipstick.

Inside mine: Edward Bess Lip Gloss, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque, mini Jo Malone purse spray (received as a GWP from previous beauty event), iPhone, keys, gum + id/cards, cash in the zippered front pocket

The little black case is a leather Jo Malone cologne holder, it came with 2 mini sprays and just so happens to be the perfect size for 1 mini cologne + 1 mini lipstick, I wish more brands did cute GWPs like this with useable cases/bags:

I don’t know the last time I carried this little. Even with my pouchettes, I tend to pack them. You can check out these resources for more information on pricing, dimensions, styles, colors, seasons styling ideas here:

Green isn’t really a “me” color but the moment I saw it I had to have it. That said, after having this for less than a week – I’ve found green is new to me for my wardrobe, I have quite a few kelly greens, no army greens yet. I will have to experiment in the upcoming weeks trying to coordinate green with the rest of my wardrobe. It matches the Khaki Vert nail polish perfectly (previously reviewed here), but as mentioned the other day, matching green nails with a green purse = too green. Overall a great going-out bag, perfect for biking on the weekends around the beach, nice for running quick errands, but for everyday – not so practical since I tend to carry a lot more than just the essentials. I’m still in love with the quilted texture.

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  • What a lovely bag, and a great green, as it goes with everything. If that were a scarf, it would make my eyes look exactly that color. I love paring down my carry-around stuff, but I never seem able to.

    And what, may I ask, is that *adorable* little black-leather case, which looks like it's holding perfume and a lipstick? And is that French Lace? πŸ™‚

  • It's so pretty! Unfortunately, every time I try and use a smaller purse in the hope of carrying around less stuff, I mostly fail and end up with an overfull bag πŸ™

  • Very lovely/pretty. I wish I could wear purses like that on a daily basis but I'm such a packrat that I need everything.

  • Hi Zuzu's – I updated the post above. It's a Jo Malone GWP case I received from Neimans a while back. Wish they did more cute things like this! Too often we get large stinky bags that are hideous or an ugly cosmetic bag. GWPs are incentives and I think incentives should be enticing!

  • Sabrina, I agree! I placed a Le Metier de Beaute order at Neiman Marcus last night and will be getting my second hideous straw bag in as many years. Blech. At least the LMdB GWP looks nice.

  • Hi Sabrina – what a beautiful little WOC! The green is so unique. I'm shocked you can fit so much inside : ) I guess mine expands to be able to fit the same amount, but when I double up the chain, the snap flap will fly open if there is too much weight being held. I also love the little resusable Jo Malone case you've got there (I'm scared of leaking makeup or fragrance in my purses after a concealer tube exploded in my LV wallet!). Oh, and PS – thank you so much for the link : )

  • TiffanY

    So pretty πŸ˜‰ can I know what is the compact u use for touchup outdoor too?;)

  • so adorable! i love this post!

  • What a gorgeous handbag!!! Green isn't really my color either but it's such a nice bag…PLus, I am still amazed at how much you've been able to fit in it. Great job


  • Very chic bag and well organized! Myself, I need a bucket like my Mulberry Mitzy cross body bag to carrd all my stuff!

  • Anh

    Your WOC is GORGEOUS! Lovely color and style, great choice! It's pretty amazing how deceiving the size can be – I find myself able to stuff mine to the brim too!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the link! <3

  • Eileen

    Lovely bag, Sabrina. Think of that green as a neutral and you'll be amazed at how many things go well with it. And, how I wish I could pare down my "stuff" to effectively use a beautiful wallet/purse like that Chanel! I thought once I retired that my need for a large handbag would deminish, but that hasn't been the case. It's either a large bag or evening clutch–nothing in-between πŸ™

  • Lovely! There is no way I could escape the house with that small of purse. I end up with the weirdest of things in there as the week goes on!

  • Walls

    Have a fantastic vacation in June, and thank you for posting such wonderful pictures and reviews. Love your new Chanel bag — and thanks for sharing. You will be missed, but you deserve a break. Keep up the great blogging.

  • Congrats on your new beautiful bag – we TOTALLY have the same taste in bag…first your Marc Jacob quilted bags, now this WOC…I love it!

    I'm thinking of getting a small quilted WOC for my next birthday – but I wish there was a way to adjust the strap so that it can be doubled (like the flap bags can)…as I understand it, with WOC, you can double up the chain under the flap, but you have to readjust it everytime you open it.

  • Beautiful bag. IΒ΄m looking for something like this and now I check the store Chanel store tomorrow.

  • I don't know if I could cut down to something so small for quick outings. I'd be worried I forgot to grab this discount card or that coupon. Or worse I'd cut down to a few items then get all crazed about finding the right purse/clutch to meet my needs. LOL

  • What a lovely bag!! The color us beautiful and really rare to find. You bought yourself a gem! =)

  • That bag is too gorgeous for words! I love that color green, it's so modern and like the other poster wrote, a nice neutral. Have a nice vacation!

  • I love green color because it's symbolizes of money.. I guess no one don't want money right? LOL! Just kidding.. Anyhow, I hope I could carry my stuffs in one purse like what you did.. πŸ™

  • that is such a lovely bag but I would have a hard time carrying that little!

  • I could never personally get away with carrying so little having a toddler, but that looks lovely! I so admire that color too, so unique without treading into "weird".

  • Beautiful bag! And i love ur blog! Check it daily. Also is there any way to convince cafe makeup to come back? They were one of my favorite blogs too πŸ™ sad its gone

  • this is a gorgeous green chanel bag! i never own a green handbag, come to think of it. now you are making me want one!

    beautiful post as always

  • I love the color of that Chanel bag! And while I always tell myself I should downsize and carry something smaller, all of my bags are those huge, throw-in-everything-you-can-fit-and-then-some types. I guess I always like to be over-prepared wherever I go πŸ™‚

  • I love this color – not the color you think one goes to when they pick up a Chanel. I saw this featured in white in the latest People Stylewatch – ugh, creating much bag envy.