Chanel Rouge Cocos Plumetis & Étole and Precision Lip Definers Coralline & Rose Cuivre for Fall 2011

June 24, 2011
The last items I have to review for Chanel Fall 2011 include the new Rouge Cocos and Precision Lip Definers. For the lipsticks, we have Plumetis 79 (a nude pink-peach with silver flecks) and Étole 80 (plum brown). For the lipliners we have Coralline 46 (coral with silver shimmer) and Rose Cuivre 47 (rose brown with shimmer).


Rouge Coco comparisons to Stunning, Secret, Patchouli, Baroque.

The colors are pretty and will be usable year-round. I’m not wowed by them this season but perhaps this is because I already have too many lipsticks and lipliners. Lasting power is incredible though. The lipliners go well with the lipsticks, when used first they really extend the wearability of the rouge cocos.

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  • Shoot I actually like those more than I thought I would. I adore the Rouge Coco formula but Rouge d'Armani is becoming my new favourite. Good thing these are perm! No need to stress over my decision besides liking to have things ASAP for the blog. Thanks for the beautiful pics and comparisons!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for all these helpful reviews!

  • Etole looks stunning on you!

  • Plumetis is a beautiful shade – I love the ever so slight blue-silver sheen to it.

  • Those are beautiful pictures. I agree that Etole looks stunning on you. You look very glamorous but in a natural way. I love it and now know I need it. 🙂

  • Gail

    Another thumbs up for Etole on you Sabrina – it really looks stunning. Thanks for the gorgeous pictues and great comparisons as always.

  • Michaela

    I agree Etole is fantastic on you. It is very flattering and sophisticated. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

  • I really like the colours of the new lipsticks, especially Plumete, but I am really thrilled about the new lipliner colours: finally some colours that will probably look good with my other lipsticks!

  • Etole looks stunning ! Is it similar to Mademoiselle ?

  • Eileen

    You're a lovely young woman and the lip colors are perfect on you. This has been such a beautiful series of reviews on Chanel's new collection. Thank you, Sabrina

  • nice!!! Did you buy MAC HOCUS POCUS eye shadow from the new bloggers collection. If yes, do you plan to share some comparisons…I missed on it…:(

  • So gorgeous, I am definitely picking up Plumetis and Coraline when they have been released in the UK. Chanel is not good for my bank account!

  • Does Plumetis look like Evasion?? I love my evasion but hate that it is so incredibly sheer it's ridiculous.

  • Don't you know are lipstick LE?

  • I love Chanel Coco Rouge; I must get that rose lip liner!