Chanel Fall 2011 Prélude Quadra Eyeshadow & Precision Eye Definer Khaki Platine

June 20, 2011

Chanel Prélude Quad and Khaki Platine for fall this year are gorgeous neutrals. Prélude pulls more cool in the compact but depending on the light it looks more neutral-cool. This is one I think everyone needs to try on themselves. Last fall Taupe Grisé 87 pulled oddly warm on my skin while it looked blueish-cool on most everyone else. Khaki Platine is stunning and reminds me of Lancome Erika F in a liner form (less sparkly too).

Khaki Platine and Prélude in slightly different lighting, not sure if you can tell the difference but in this one it’s not as cool-toned

Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prélude #33 – In the compact, the colors are cool toned, on my skin, they pull more neutral. The colors are variations of beige, taupe, and plum. All have a luminous soft sheen. Scroll down below to see swatches and you’ll see that the colors are very subdued and neutral.

Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Khaki Platine #70 – a beautiful pigmented yet soft light khaki silver. The texture is soft making it easy to apply, but not too soft that it slips.

Here are a few other quads and liners to help you gauge the color depending on how your monitors show the colors differently to mine. Quads compared include Beiges de Chanel, Dunes, Stupendous and Dior Gris-Gris.

Eyeliners include D&G, Chanel Vert Bronze, MAC Dig It! and Chanel Rose Platine.

Swatches of the Fall Quad and Eye Liners on my arm:

Soft and beautiful. Lasting power, colors and pigment are typical of Chanel quads and liners – which I find to be of high quality, medium lasting power, highly versatile to coordinate with other colors for lips and cheeks.

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  • I need Chanel Khaki Platine. Thank you for reminding me I'm not bright because I didn't get Chanel Rose Platine when it was released. I keep kicking myself everytime I see it on a blog. Hpmh. Wonder if I can track both down…

    I like the quad, the neutral colors are pretty but I just don't think cool tones look good on me. I might need to wait to test this one out on my skin.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I really like the way the khaki Platine looked in non direct light. Everything swatched looks so lovely, terrific pictures that are very tempting! This collection is going to cost me some serious cash!

  • Amy

    So glowing!!! Lovely!!!

  • Your photos are so amazing!

  • It's been awhile since I've seen a Chanel quad I loved right away. This one is absolutely gorgeous…I can't decide whether I like the eyeshadows or the liner more. Ack, I have plenty of neutrals, but these are so pretty!

  • My jaw dropped when I saw the swatches. I was taking a pass on this quad, but I'm in love the neutral/cool leanings of these colors. Argh!!

  • You do this to me every time you post comparison photos.. I end up wanting the item you're reviewing as well as the items you're comparing it to!

    I definitely want both of these. You had me at "taupe". And Khaki Platine is so gorgeous.. I can't wait for this collection!

  • Oh my god Khaki Plantine is gorgeous, definitely going to be picking that up asap


  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do the terrific photos and reviews of Chanel's fall colors. I like your side-by-side comparison to some of the other quads – but how does Prelude compare to Stupendous? All but one of the colors look very similar to me but I've not seen Prelude in person yet.

  • Gorgeous pieces and photos!

  • Lauren Stoller

    Not sure if you have seen it, but how do you think Khaki platine compares to Mac powersurge? I love powersurge, but khaki platine looks so gorgeous!

  • Diane – I hope you can track down Rose Platine! I searched online and couldn't find it anywhere. Perhaps instore you'll have better luck.

    Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup – Khaki Platine is so amazing. It's a chameleon color 🙂 I think you'll love it.

    Amy & DSK Steph – thank you!

    Makeup Morsels – I think the liner is more unique. The quad is pretty, but I think you can get a similar effect with other shadows. If you can only get 1, I'd say go with Khaki Platine.

    Dovey – The quad is very YOU!

    Reene – LOL, sorry 😛

    Emily – I think Khaki Platine is a must for sure.

    Anonymous – Added another shot for you with Stupendous. I don't think they are very similar but it's probably my photography that makes it hard to tell.

    Tiffanys MakeupStory – Chanel created an amazing collection this fall.

    Lauren – Powersurge is darker and more olive/gold, Khaki Platine is more silver/sage. HTH.

  • Really beautiful photos!

  • OMG – these are amazing! Beautiful!

  • Prelude reminds me of if Kaska Beige and Stupendous had a baby! lol

    Thank you SO much for the swatches!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. 🙂

  • LOL! I agree with Renee from the comment above… I not only want the Khaki Platine but all other products you are showing….
    Love the blog!

  • Nina

    Beautiful swatches Sabrina! Do you know how Khaki Platine compares to Gris Scintillant liner?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Sabrina, for adding the photo of Stupendous and Prelude side-by-side. I'm not that fond of Stupendous, so I'm happy to see that there is a noticeable difference between the two. I'm looking very forward to having/using Prelude…and those polishes are AWESOME, especially Graphite.

    Also, I know the Macy's stores in my area (Chicago Suburbs) still have the Rose Platine eyeliner, so I think you might still find it in some stores.

  • Anonymous

    thank you so much for posting this Sabrina! – Jen

  • Thanks Sabrina – once again you are stirring my Chanel obsession. I'm excited again for the brand. I have my moments where even Chanel doesn't move me but this palette sings to me. I have yet to buy a Chanel palette – maybe this will be it?

  • Eileen

    I love all the comparisons that you do, Sabrina. They really put a product into perspective. You have such a "historical" collection 🙂

    I can hardly wait to receive my Chanel order. I'm especially eager to try Khaki Platine. I friend of mine was wearing it yesterday and her eyes positively glowed. Your description of it as a silvery sage could not have been more perfect. It's not as complex a color as Rose Platine, but it is no less beautiful.

  • Sophia1105

    Oh dear, I was trying to grab Chante's Tiger in the Wild palette, but now this has stolen my attention. My nearest counter won't have it until July-ish, I have no patience when it comes to waiting 🙁

    Thanks again so much for all of your thorough posting and swatching!

  • Love Rose Platine and Khaki Platine looks equally beautiful! Thanks for the review and great photos 🙂

  • I think I need Khaki Platine as well. Still wearing Rose Platine daily and loving it!

  • Your excellent photos and swatches completely sold me over. It's not like I need another neutral eye palette or rose blush, but I can't help myself. These are so gorgeous and, happily, they lean cool, which does not happen very often with the Chanel eye quads. Great post!

  • Thank you so much for the incredible swatches and comparisons! You're comparisons are always so helpful to me since I can't see items in person!

    Is the pigmentation of Prelude on the sheer side like Stupendous (I was very disappointed with it) or is it more in line with the fabulous Kaska Beige?


  • those liners look amazing. i think rose platine is my favorite. what kind of camera do you use? all your pics are fab!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    Chanel Fall 2011 certainly looks gorgeous!

    I love the khaki platine color, but not sure the formula would stand up to my itchy eyes. I've never used the regular eyeliner from Chanel before.

    Can you tell me the difference in staying power between the Eyeliner (khaki platine) as compared to the Waterproof Stylo Yeux (rose platine)? Thanks!

  • Thank you for your work. everiday i follow you from italy. here the chanel collection will arrive at the end of july.


  • Does anyone know how I can get a MAC DIG IT eyeliner pencil… I don't mind USED… I will take anything… mine is used up… and miss it!