Chanel Rouge Coco Shines: Évasion, Fétiche, Romance & Chance

May 25, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shines Part 2
(shown above, left to right)
  • Évasion 48 is a sheer nude peach-pink-beige
  • Fétiche 52 is a soft mauve pink shimmer
  • Romance 55 is a bright warm pink
  • Chance 56 is a pale cream blue-based pastel pink
Below, left to right: Évasion, Fétiche, Romance & Chance

Évasion is a sheer peach that goes on pinkish on my lips. It’s very sheer.

Fétiche is probably my favorite, a mauve pink with subtle shimmer.

Romance is a brighter blue-pink, it has more blue than Aventure (which has a bit of gold shimmer).

Chance is not a winner for me. Lovely in the tube, but it’s too pale and goes on streaky. I suspect it will be better if applied over a darker matte lip color or a pinky lipliner to even out the paleness.

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  • everyone needs a but of 'romance' in their lives – this color looks amazing on you. i've been umming and arring about the rouch cocoshine. they appear very sheer and i feel like i wouldn't be getting my money's worth — but after seeing them on you, and how moisturising they appear, i might have to have another look. thanks for sharing xo faye

  • Romance is gorgeous! I'd like to pick that one up this weekend. 😀

  • Yay! I was hoping you would post the lip swatches of the lighter Chanel Rouge coco's soon! These four are definitely my favorite so far— I especially love Evasion since I'm a Peachy kind of girl. I've always been on the fence about Rouge Coco's but like Faye said, they seem to be more pigmented than expected. Thanks for the post =)

  • Chance is gorgeous! Evasion has quickly become nearly HG material for me 🙂 I love how the new Rouge Coco Shine have more wearable shades.

  • Great pictures and swatches. I love all of the lip colors on you (including 'Chance')! 'Chance' is definitely the one I would get, it's right up my alley 🙂 xx

  • Very pretty. I especially like Fetiche and Romance on you. I own only Monte Carlo and Fetich; they re face brightenint and I bet they do lovely things for your eyes. I adore the color of Fetiche in the tube, but it disappears on my lips. I can't find Monte Carlo, and I think my mother swiped it when I saw her on Mother's Day!

  • I like Romance, is so beutiful…

  • I love theese! Evasion looks so good on you!

  • Eileen

    One of the things I love about RC Shine is that it is somewhat transparent so it interacts with the natural lip color to create something that is unique to the wearer. My lips are a medium-dark rose color so the lighter colors like Chance and Évasion look completey different on me than they do on you. On me, Chance is a light, rosy pink that looks very natural and Évasion is a soft, warm pink with just a touch of peach which transforms it into the classic "resort" type of color. The moral to the story? RC Shine really isn't something to select via swatches on another person unless you know that their coloring is the same as yours.

  • I like Romance and Fetiche on you very much. I do love the Coco Shines but there are an awful lots of pinks in the selection–wish there were more red/coral shades to choose from.

  • Evasion!!!! Think that may be my next purchase!

  • I have Evasion but still have to try it. I might do that today 🙂 I also like Romance <3